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Oct 18, 2021 10 tweets 7 min read
🇯🇵🗳️🚨The campaign for the 49th Election to the House of Representatives started today in Japan.

13 days left.

This will be the first national election I follow since I became interested in JP politics. Sadly It won't be in Japan, but let's learn & have fun together from afar! ImageImage +1000 candidates:
18% women♀️

9 main political parties:

465 seats:
289 Single-Member Districts
176 Regional Proportional list seats

✅233 seats for a majority Source: https://www.asahi.c...
Aug 30, 2021 109 tweets 93 min read
🚨The exciting part of the year for Japanese politics is rapidly approaching: with the race for the leadership of the LDP upon us, the general election for the Lower House is getting closer and closer.📆

Reports say that it could take place by Mid-October! Thus, this project:➕ Image I would like to make a rundown on the 289 Single-Member Districts that compose part of the Lower House of the Japanese Diet.

Let's see the conditions of each district, the candidates & how the Japanese media & history see the race. Join me and follow along! In for a long ride🎢
Jun 2, 2020 10 tweets 4 min read
This are big news. The CDPJ will support Utsunomiya Kenji for Governor of Tokyo this July against Yuriko Koike.

Kenji, a former head of Japan's Bar association, already run for Governor in 2012 & 2014 supported by the Communist Party. #宇都宮健児 Not surprising but: Tamaki Yūichirou, the leader of the DPFP, has confirmed that his party will not endorse Utsunomiya Kenji. The ghost of the failed Party of Hope experiment, to which Koike and the DPFP belonged in 2017 still haunts the Opposition. this.kiji.is/64080088590110…