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2 Dec
If someone can point to any part of this that is false, by all means, go ahead.
Please spare me with your "America is the greatest country in the world" excuse. This country was literally founded on the backbone of slavery, segregation and corruption.
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1 Dec
Big #GASen news: @ossoff is now on TikTok
Can I just say that the comments to his first video gave me brain worms
Inb4 Perdue and the NRSC say that this is proof that Ossoff is bought by China
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28 Nov
I'd be very surprised if the GA runoffs weren't within 5 points no matter who wins
I think it will 51-49 either way
Eh, I have a hard time envisioning a split result
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28 Nov
Neither side really has many vulnerable Senators in 2022. At most, Democrats have 3 vulnerable incumbents. Johnson is the only Republican who I'd consider vulnerable, though Loeffler would join him if she wins in January (the seat is on the ballot again in 2022)
NC and PA are open seats. I'm not including open seats here
FL, IA and OH are not competitive. Any Dems who run in these races would basically be sacrificial lambs
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26 Nov
Idk who will win the #GASen runoffs and I'm scared to make predictions for either race
Hard to deny that both Loeffler and Perdue start off as the favorites though
Dems suck at turning out for runoff elections but Trump's continuous denial of the election results may depress GOP turnout. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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25 Nov
Coffee tastes like Benadryl mixed with motor oil
I've only had it once and have not had any since. Tastes awful
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23 Nov
Very likely that Bourdeaux is a one-termer. Not because of the midterms, but because of redistricting.
If you think Republicans care about long-term implications when it comes to gerrymandering/redistricting, I will sell you a cow and two chickens
This map from @Redistrict draws a Dem "vote-sink" in North ATL and keeps the surrounding districts at Kemp+20
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23 Nov
Seems like 1976 was the last election where everyone can agree that both nominees were genuinely decent human beings. The aftermath of Watergate just made it difficult for them to restore trust in our government.
I would add this too but half of the country still believes that Obama wasn't born in America
Just think: it's hard to say anything bad about Carter or Ford as human beings. You can disagree with their politics but it's hard to dispute that they wanted to restore calm and trust to a country that didn't trust its government anymore
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21 Nov
Ossoff is literally Jewish. I don't think you're in a position to lecture him on what's anti-Semitic and what's not.
I'm not defending Jeremiah Wright but Loeffler has no right to tell a 33-year-old Jewish man what's anti-Semitic and what's not
If anyone is being anti-Semitic here, it's Loeffler
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21 Nov
I don't know if I'd say that Warnock and Ossoff are running awful campaigns, though I do wish Dems had better candidates.
I wish Jen Jordan and Lucy McBath were running instead
Yeah, this is one thing I'll criticize. Voters simply do not care about corruption.
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20 Nov

To my knowledge, this will be his first press conference since the election. #gapol
Given that Biden has won the state, Kemp is tasked with certifying the @GeorgiaDemocrat Party's 16 electors as Georgia's votes in the electoral college.
My sources are not expecting anything major at this press conference.
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19 Nov
Looks like Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby will be announcing in January whether he'll seek re-election in 2022. He'll be 88 in 2022 so a retirement seems likely.
Even more interesting: he could retire as early as next year if the GOP loses the GA runoffs. If they lose those, they will lose the Senate and Shelby will no longer chair Appropriations. He apparently wants Katie Britt, his former Chief of Staff, to succeed him in the Senate.
In case you all were wondering what type of Republican she is
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18 Nov
Mucarsel-Powell makes a really great point here: while she lost re-election, she outperformed Joe Biden. She lost by 3 while Biden lost #FL26 by 6. Donna Shalala, who lost re-election in neighboring #FL27, underperformed Biden (he won the district).
This thread is worth your time and I highly recommend reading it whenever you have time.
I can't see Shalala running again because she's old. But Mucarsel-Powell should absolutely run again in the future. Not only is she not old but she's proved that she can outrun the top of the ticket.
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18 Nov
I can see the ads now: "Nancy Pelosi and Washington liberals going all in on Jon Ossoff because he'll be a rubber stamp for their radical socialist agenda"
🤣🤣🤣 (h/t @bigstacc77)
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18 Nov
Look, if I can forgo an on-campus college experience and not have Thanksgiving dinner with my extended family this year then politicians can damn sure give up their fucking dinner parties
This really pisses me off. Americans are suffering and having to make big decisions on things like work, school and holiday celebrations. But politicians are having these stupid dinner parties. This is a slap in the face to every American.
Politicians wonder why voters hate them and then they go and do shit like this
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18 Nov
Meanwhile on Laura Ingraham's show:
The entire GOP platform at this point is just random culture war shit
Ingraham's voice is so irritating
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15 Nov
Would be crazy if Pelosi can't get the votes for Speaker
She's looking at a single digit majority so she doesn't have much room for error.
Slotkin and Sherrill aren't going to vote for her, and Golden probably won't either
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12 Nov
The sheer ineptitude of government officials and the general population to take this virus seriously is utterly disgraceful. It did not need to get this bad. Had we done what we were supposed to do, we could have been out of this pandemic by summer at the earliest.
The same people who are whining about not getting back to normal are the same people who aren't taking it seriously.
Just stay home, wear a mask and wash your hands. What is so complicated about that?
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11 Nov
Will any of the defeated House Dems run again in 2022?
Harley Rouda basically said that he is. But most of the ones who lost are in states where Republicans will control redistricting.
And it will likely be a GOP- favorable year
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10 Nov
Gonna try to stop sharing my opinions on everything and just stick to maps and polls
I really shouldn't tweet everything that's on my mind, but seems like every opinion I share is scrutinized or criticized in one way or another. I get that not everyone will agree with what I say but seems like no one else gets this type of scrutiny when they weigh in on something
I fully expect this to be used against me down the line so I'll just leave it here for everyone to see Image
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