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The first Solana VM chain. Built on Cosmos. Serving as the gateway between @Solana and @Cosmos Discord:
Nov 15, 2022 6 tweets 5 min read
🏁 #NitroGrandPrix Stage One 🏁

The time has come and race is on.

To start off #NitroGrandPrix, the first task is to join a team in Discord and create a Solana wallet or Cosmos wallet.

Completing stage tasks qualifies you for exclusive NFTs and rewards 👇 🚦 2/ To kick off the first stage of #NitroGrandPrix:

Join Discord and pick a team:

Team #Solana ☀️ vs Team #Cosmos ⚛️
Sep 28, 2022 12 tweets 4 min read
1/ EVM won’t scale.

EVM tech is incapable of handling over 30 tps, which cannot compete with web2 speeds. @Solana's SVM solves this issue.

A thread on how SVM will help onboard the next wave of blockchain users at scale. 👇🧵 2/ Before diving into the solution, it's important to understand the problem.

Ethereum is the biggest smart contracts blockchain, surely validators can add more servers to make Ethereum faster? Right?

Wrong. Think of Ethereum as a queue system with only one teller.
Sep 15, 2022 9 tweets 3 min read
Introducing Nitro 🚦The first Solana scaling solution

Nitro is building an L2 for Solana that combines Solana’s powerful execution environment and developer community with the thriving Cosmos and IBC ecosystem

A 🧵 on why Solana DeFi users and developers should be excited 👇 Nitro will serve as the gateway between #Solana and #Cosmos.

In the past, Solidity and EVM have grown to become a development standard across crypto. Nitro is taking the first step in making the Sealevel VM (SVM) a core development standard like the EVM.