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13 Mar
DMK's manifesto sidesteps critical environmental justice issues. The planet is going to hell in a handbasket; whats proposed is tree planting, CNG buses, ban on wallposters. Meanwhile mega thermal power plants in wetlands in Cheyyur/Udangudi r to be revived. #Disappointing
What's said is more disturbing than all that could have been said but has been left unsaid. No mention of protection for sanctuaries -- only upgradation of tourist facilities and research. Vedanthangal denotification; threat to Pulicat find no mention. 2/n
Barring one worthwhile mention of climate crisis via forming agroclimatic zone level advisory grps to advise farmers and avert crop loss due to extreme weather, no cognisance of the rapidly approaching ecological collapse. 3/n
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10 Jan
Adani now wants a big chunk of Tamil Nadu to build a port that no-one wants, in one of the most ecologically diverse, sensitive and vibrant fishing grounds of the state. Thank you Smrithi Amarendran, @Yuvan_aves. Adani #WapasJao #StopAdaniSavePulicat 1/4
Besides disturbing biodiversity, Adani's port will harm Chennai by compromising the city's water security and making it more vulnerable to floods. P.S. Small error. The Green Turtles shld actually have been Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. 2/4
Erosion triggered by the port will breach the narrow sand barrier separating Pulicat Lagoon from the Bay of Bengal. If that happens, the Bay will merge with Pulicat drastically altering the shape of India's map. #StopAdaniSavePulicat 3/4
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