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22 Feb
Dear Journos,

I hope I am not teaching grandma to suck eggs, but for anyone trying to form a view point on kids and covid may I recommend the following. 🧵
To assess the strength of evidence:

👶🏼 Look for asymptomatic testing in kids. This is important as children usually have no symptoms at the time of infection.

👶🏼 Check to see what other mitigation might be affecting results, like economic shut downs, and in school mitigation.
👶🏼 check to see if the situation the kids were in, in the study, are the same as the situation you are about to face as a society. Look for mask use, ventilation and filtration use, and think... is this what we are doing? Can I expect the same results.
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20 Feb

So you have rejected mitigation have you?


(and may have to face the consequences of this, which may be,but are not limited to:

Paediatric PACS Compensation

Criminal proceedings for negligent homicide of family)
The following is required and is non-negotiable unless zero covid is achieved&maintained.

@NAHTnews @NEUnion @NASUWT
🔴CO2 meters needed in
🔴Masks K-12 in class.
🔴Filtration if ventilation is not possible/avoid those areas of the school.
Adult PACS compensation.
Worldwide embarrassment.
Further production of resistant strains.
Borders being closed to UK for breeding vaccine resistant viruses.

You have been warned, by every conceivable means.
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20 Feb
“My country, my country for a freezer.”

-86 C ultra cold Aus Std approved freezers for $10k

teammed.com.au/shop/furniture… ImageImage
I must declare my conflict of interest in this. I need the population to stay healthy so I can put my feet up at work.
Please do not remind me that two of them say “no stock”. I am fairly certain if we had put the order in six months ago, we might have got lucky... we still could get some by mid year I think.
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16 Feb

I got some very bad news for you. All the metro hospitals in Australia are using airborne precautions, including negative pressure rooms and N95 masks, for EVERY COVID19 case.

Our excellent results are not due to national guidelines.

Do not judge Australia’s outcomes based on federal/national infections control guidelines.

Look at these images. How many FRSM’s do you see?
Your rapid review of the “literature” was too superficial.

Protect your staff. I guarantee you if you have fit tested your staff, you will have outstanding results like this.
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14 Feb

There is something wrong with you.

It is negligent to force school attendance, without full mitigation, with an airborne disease that causes chronic disease in children and can kill their parents/carers.


You will be paying compensation for decades.

If they think they can open schools without mask mandates K-12, CO2 monitoring and filtration at 5ACH... they need to be taken to court.

Someone needs to take the entire government to court.
@NASUWT @NEUnion @NAHTnews


Masks K-12
Ventilation, with CO2 monitoring
Filtration at 5-6 ACH if CO2 high
Distancing/Reduction of crowding.
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13 Feb
Ok Tweeps! I need a cheap and effective HEPA filter that hangs above beds and reduces covid particles. Like a mosquito net shape maybe, or a cooker range hood.


For open bay ED departments and patients that can’t wear masks 24/7 while stuck for days.
What Twitter hashtag should I use to reach out to inventors/engineers/manufacturing?
Other characteristics I would like, but not essential are

Pleasant looking /paediatric versions.
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12 Jan

On the subject of vaccines.. 🧵

Please don’t read this thread if you have a mindset that vaccinations are dangerous. This thread is for Aussies that are curious about the vaccine debate.
Firstly, and most importantly, the vaccines are all safe enough when compared to other vaccines. Yes they have happened faster that usual, but this is mainly because researchers didn’t have to write hundreds of applications for funding, and volunteers were ready to try...
What don’t we know about the vaccines?

The things we don’t have data on yet are what might happen to you ten years after a vaccine (because no time travel machine). This is highly unlikely to be something major or common (& compared to COVID19 long effects prob ok.)

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11 Jan
About COVID19 and the road out of this mess.... 🧵

We have a situation where we are using vast quantities of resources, creating tonnes and tonnes of garbage (masks, swab sticks, other PPE) and also not winning....
We have out of control COVID19, deaths and new disabilities every day...

COVID19 has made it onto every continent on Earth.

It’s mutating faster than we can adapt and variants that are close to escaping cover are being found.
There is however hope, and believe it or not, it has been under our noses the whole time.

We need to dust off our old measles and SARS Airborne disease control plans. We need to aim for human elimination of COVID19....

WHAT?! This is impossible you say? Maybe, read on.
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11 Jan
@CollignonPeter a short lockdown helps contact tracers get ahead.
Yes, these two clusters in Sydney are “new introductions” thanks to very poor infection control guidelines.
Predictable responses are useless in a fast moving pandemic... you need to be flexible. Yes it’s exhausted people, but we are just going to have to toughen up a bit.

You can’t go to a meeting, make a bunch of rules and expect covid to play fair until the next meeting.
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26 Aug 20
Round 1 Hong Kong research.... very detailed. Sars1 was strongly suspected of having aerosol spread. Plumbing, toilets, indoor situations all cropped up. Hong Kong have redone the research for sars2 but did not ignore their findings for sars1->
and why should they?There particle size weight and composition of sars1 and sars2 are not very different,and sars2 is more infectious not less. Proper scientific extrapolation indicates that similar precautions required,and last time only airborne worked.I know.I was wearing it.
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25 Aug 20
Male reproductive hormones changed by #covid19.

Study finds damage to cells that produce sperm in patients that suffer #covid19.

Testicular pain as a presentation of #covid19

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14 Aug 20
@ScottMorrisonMP I have done a reality check today, and decided that reality sucks. Covid positive elderly patients alone, sedated and dying, abandoned in their own faeces, while others are being crawled over by ants is well below “excellent standards” demanded by Aussie’s.
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27 Jun 20
@apsmunro @kerrysmith654 Teachers in Aus stayed in minimum weekly contact with all families during lockdown. Phone and if available, video calling. Anything similar in UK?
@apsmunro @kerrysmith654 Specifically, they contacted parents *and* kids...
@apsmunro @kerrysmith654 They did virtual schooling, initially with just work sent in email, easy things children could do by themselves, followed by video lessons either once a day or all day, depending on stage of schooling. On top of that teacher phoned and asked how we were going. It helped.
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