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12 Jan
What We've Learned (so far) thread

We started looking for 4 rioters who dragged an officer (#5737) into the mob and beat him before and after he lost consciousness. We thought he might be officer Brian Sicknick, who later died. We know now he was officer A.P. Wayte who survived.
In the hunt, though, we found video of a guy (GrayPack) who threw a fire extinguisher at a group of police. One of them had had his helmet knocked off by a different guy who checked him over a ledge. The extinguisher hit one cop in the head, bounced into the helmetless guy.
We know that Officer Sicknick was hit in the head by an extinguisher, "walked it off," then collapsed later and died, presuably from brain bleeding. Those facts fit the helmetless officer, but we don't know yet if he is Sicknick. He turns his head; they don't look that similar.
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12 Jan
New project: The Commander. (ID him and find him in video and in Parler dump). He clearly leads the assault on the tunnel - gives orders and people obey. He cycles fighters in and out of the tunnel assault mob. @bellingcat
Wears a thick white sweater-jacket (Cabelas?) which he takes off around the one hour mark of that InfoWars video. These good folks are working on him: @Endless83734883
@IwriteRosie @hubbtones73 @h_Sanatorium
Let's make a poster/graphic of his distinctive marks version num pls).
You can see The Commander's leading role in the battle of the tunnel on InfoWars video in white Cabelas sweater jacket 58:52 giving orders for fresh troops in on right, out on left. More orders: Jacket off by 1:02:00
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12 Jan
OK, here's a bit of timing (deep weeds, but significant) on the Fingerman / Scallops attack that took down Officer Wayte (we're pretty sure, but you'll see.) @bellingcat

There's a gap in the videos, between the long stretch that includes the tunnel crush melee - 1hr 30 min -
@bellingcat = this video from InfoWars ("action 8 news") -- and the stretch somewhere from 2 to 20 min later (I guesstimate) when the Fingerman / Scallops coordinated assault started, with pulled out two cops (5737 and 5586).
The second stretch is covered by many videos, including the Yahoo video, but the one that starts the earliest that I've found is by "Black Conservative Preacher" (#9 I Can't Breathe) The attack starts at 0:56 here, so there's a little buildup.
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10 Jan
It's clear that there are two separate evets here:
1) the officer somehow knocked unconscious at the mouth of the West entrance tunnel, then dragged into the crowd and beaten;
2) this guy throwing a fire extinguisher at police.
We don't know if either is Officer Sicknick yet. 1/2
If anyone has contacts w/ law enforcement investigating this, it would be very helpful to get confirmation whether either one is. But both are crimes and both are worth pursuing.
The officer dragged out may also have been struck by a fire extinguisher: we saw one used right there
We haven't seen yet how the officer who's dragged out loses consciousness; the crowd obscures it.

He may have been pulled down, then hit from behind by a held or thrown fire extinguisher or some other weapon; one report says a brick. Police gave imperfect data too.
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9 Jan
OK, new project: Let's find the people who beat the policeman to death. Someone sent me a photo of the scene but my notifications are getting flooded. Can anyone who has photos or video of that scene post them in the replies here?
Here's the photo I was show, apparently of the late Officer Sicknick. 3 people I'd love to ID:
1) CAT Sweatshirt (did he use that crutch as a weapon?)
2) Orange Sweatshirt (with helmet and baton)
3) Scalloped Backpack
One at a time. Perp #1, let's call him CAT Sweat. Presumably a Caterpillar (Tractor) sweatshirt, grey hoodie. Yellow shape on back, maybe a "Don't Tread on Me" triangle. Looks like a club or knife on his hip, some other gear?
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7 Jan
Operation Get Wild was clearly planned in advance. We should piece together the elements, from online fash organizing chats to Oval Office help (minimizing security) to police collaboration.

Pence finally called out Natl Guard w/out Trump, after Pelosi and Bowser were denied 1/2
I'm focused on the US Capitol Police who opened the gates & let the mob in. Any IDs? Add'l photos or video? ImageImageImageImage
"Shortly after rioters breached the Capitol, Phil Godlewski took to Facebook to claim that Pence had been arrested."

Given the photo of the attacker with a bunch of zip ties, was that the coupsters plan? Like Michigan, to "arrest" and possibly "try" and "execute" leaders?
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