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11 Apr
It's always tricky to try and diagnose celebrities or public/historical figures.


A gifted kid who could only focus on things which interested him, who was deemed defiant and institutionalized. One who developed special interests and poured himself into them. An artist, /
with a strong sense of Justice, and a way of thinking and communicating that often seemed to come at things sideways. Who developed an addiction to stimulants, and struggled against that his entire life, until it killed him.

I can't diagnose him, but I recognize a lot in DMX.
I think about how many kids like him get ground to nothing by the mechanisms of our school system.

How many Black Boys, in particular, get called "Defiant" and get fed into the meat grinder of mental institutions, juvie, and prison.
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11 Apr
TIL that raccoons riding wild boar on trail cameras is a /whole ass genre/. A raccoon on a boar's back, from a trail camera.A raccoon on a boar's back, from a trail camera.A raccoon on a boar's back, from a trail camera.
Really makes me wonder what happened the last time someone let the Pig into the Raccoon room.

Anyway your TTRPG needs Raccoon-folk riding battle boar.

@snickelsox and @LluisAbadias, this seems relevant to y'all's interests.
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10 Apr
Listening to @OffMenuOfficial, and wondering what my perfect meal could be.

A magic restaurant, where I can order anything, from anywhere I've been.

Drink, bread, starter, main, side, and dessert.

I'm thinking about what that might be for me.
I think I'm going with a different drink for each portion.

So to start - cold ice water with a bit of lavender and lemon, just on the table in a decanter.

A basket of artisan rolls. Sourdough, jalapeno cheddar loaf, focacia, pumpernickel.

Salted butter, honey, pimento cheese.
The starter - The Caesar salad from Ted's Montana Grill (just an expertly prepared version of a classic), with a small selection of quick pickles.

(Garlic and dill cucumber, sharp vinegar red onion and habanero, southern pickled okra).

For a drink... shikwasa soda.
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6 Apr
Literally the only good thing about the weather I would describe as "on-ramp to hell"

The sundresses are coming back out.

And God Almighty, does she have the legs for them.

(Shared with permission)
It hit 81 degrees today, and I'm /almost/ okay with that.
Legs to make any skirt look "mini."
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5 Apr
Starting again from here, I guess. Trying to pick back up, watching the #StarTrekDiscovery Episode...

"Unification III?"


As in continuing the Unification I and II from TNG?


(Brief explanation here. I'm going to try to get as much done as I can, then I'll break, and finish this evening.)

Trek, with sex in it. Not titillation, just... sex. As a natural part of what people do.

I love it.

Also, Booker baring himself first, and then being the one to help her take off the uniform?

His being open to her, but having to help her do the same?

aaaaaah visual language💗 Book taking off Burnham's uniform.
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5 Apr
"Populists," who are definitely interested in restricting access to the vote. Populists. Definitely.
If only there was a word for a far-right political ideology which tries to define sections of the population as being worthy or unworthy members of the state,

Which wraps itself in tradition, makes supporting the military a religious act, and praises Nationalism as patriotism.
Who work closely with the business community, and are willing to shit all over civil and property rights for business,

But only so long as those businesses support the power of the Party and the State.

Who view "critique" as an attack to be parried.

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5 Apr
I'm reminded of a moment where my (NASA Engineer) Grandfather leaned over to me during thanksgiving and went,

"Just to let you know how odd this is getting. You're Mark's son, right?"

After I nodded,

"I only knew that because you're too old to be Ben or Eric."
He was simply aware of the state of his mind. He lived with family, was taken care of, and was able to simply exist.

He'd work on projects. Genealogy, mainly. Things he could pick up and familiarize himself with as he was present with them.

Too much fox news, too, regrettably.
I hope to be able to exist in my own twilight with the same grace, and comfort.
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5 Apr
Was talking to a Real Estate dude during an apartment tour. He mentioned they were doing Denver's first "Micro-apartments," pretty much the Japanese 1LDK style. 200 sqft.

I go "Oh, cool, yeah there's definitely a place for those in the rental market."

Then he told me the price.
We, by the way, are touring one- and two-bedroom apartments, with 500-900 square feet, and we're looking at between $1200 and $1600 per month.

These motherfuckers are selling walk-in closets for $1300.

The price of a two-bedroom.
Can you miss the point any goddamn harder.
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4 Apr
What jargon from your field gets used wrong in a way that bothers you, or pulls you out of something you're reading/watching?

For instance: Circa means "approximately." It's a good guess. It doesn't just mean "I'm about to say a date in the past."
Oh, here's one. Not my field, but


A quantum leap is very, very, very small.

That's the point of it.

Stop using it to mean a huge and swift advance, ESPECIALLY politically, you're accidentally being more accurate than you mean to be.
Like... we know where the cases came from. We warned you they would happen. This is not a small change happening suddenly, this is a huge and obvious change happening while being continuously commented upon.

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1 Apr
That's an awful nice lap desk you've got.

Probably were going to get some drawing done.

It'd sure be a shame if someone sat down here right before you set it up and started purring, wouldn't it?
A right shame.
Yeah, that's right, fork over the good shit.
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1 Apr
Good morning, the-day-where-all-my-anxieties-about-not-understanding-subtext-and-folks-being-dishonest-with-me-are-actually-founded-in-reality.
April Fools was always something difficult for me. RSD made /getting/ pranked a bitch, realizing only after the fact that I had misunderstood the context of something.

At the same time, the lack of clear boundaries made pranking difficult, when I very much wanted to take part.
So I had no innate sense of how far was too far, especially since pretty much anything other folks did to me felt "too far" by default.

Which was a recipe for disaster.
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31 Mar
Change to ranked choice voting, have five randomized blocks of states vote together on the same days, have actual debates on a twenty minute delay on CSPAN on specific topics, with moderators who give a shit and live fact checking, pop-up video style.
Switch to universal mail-in voting as Colorado has, since it fosters some of the highest voter turnout in the nation and works better for the overwhelming majority of people, and have the polls open on voting day for the folks who want or need to vote in person.
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30 Mar
I'm tired of folks pretending that Celsius is a better system than Fahrenheit.
Fahrenheit is more granular, and describes a 100 point scale between the lower and upper bounds of the temperatures you regularly find yourself at.

100 degrees is a very hot summer day. 0 is a very cold winter day. For most temperate climates, it doesn't get much beyond those.
It describes a centigrade scale of comfortable human temperatures, outside of which they can rightly be called "extreme."

I'm not water at sea level under one atmosphere of pressure, I don't organize my life around at which point I freeze or boil.
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30 Mar
My fellow Americans,

go to sleep

why are you up
this tweet brought to you by a brain that won't connect my desire to get up and go to sleep to the muscle movements involved in doing so
i should drink some coffee. that would help me get to bed.

i am being completely serious, by the way. neurochemistry is weird.
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30 Mar
Cw: food

Been boiling down veggie stock all day, so I had to use some for dinner.

Italian sausage soup. Two kinds of sausage, carrots, onions, celery, bowtie pasta, Italian herbs, and a hunk of hot buttered crusty bread.

I make good food. ImageImage
Actually experimenting with that stock, might be making a new kitchen staple for me, not sure.

I had about a quart of reduced pasta water, thick enough to half-solidify in the fridge.

I've mixed that in, and I might be making a combo stock and thickener. Image
There's probably a French word for "glutinous reduction that is both flavoring and thickener," but I learned to cook because I was hungry, not at a school.

I might just be making a backdoor roux, come to think of it.
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28 Mar
On perfect display: "Elite Panic."

As a child of the Carolinas, I will tell you what happens there after a Natural Disaster:

Neighbors help. Folks cook for each other. If your water goes out, someone sets up a solar shower.

Shame @LindseyGrahamSC thinks so little of us.
Elite Panic, put simply, is the tendency of those with power (money, resources, authority) to be SURE that EVERYBODY is going to GO MAD WITH FEAR AND VIOLENCE the second that a disaster hits.

Perhaps because that's the only way they can justify holding power over those people.
Despite the fact that what actually happens is that people help.

People come together, and make "A Paradise Built In Hell," which is also a book which I can't recommend enough.…
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28 Mar
Cw: food

Y'all, not only do Pinapples belong on pizza,

So do carrots and celery.

Buffalo ranch base, seasoned chicken, thin sliced carrot and diced celery, with mozz, crumbled bacon, and a drizzle of ranch sauce.

And pepperoni on my half, because why not.
It's fucking delicious, by the way.
I think tomorrow for breakfast I think I'll do the leftover Japanese curry as the sauce, with some rice toasted into the cheese on top.
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27 Mar
In line to get dose one of the Moderna shot.

Gotta say, I don't LOVE standing in a lobby full of folks who aren't vaccinated, and who aren't being temperature screened.
Double masked and shallow breaths, I guess.
Well this is a fun view.

Let's See if Nome can avoid saying anything while waiting in line.
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25 Mar
A reminder to anyone who's newly diagnosed, or seeking diagnosis, or just taking their first steps into understanding #ADHD:

There's a huge community here, under #NeurodiverseSquad and #ADHDtwitter.

Also, if you ask anything with the hashtag #AskADHD, @AskADHD will RT it.
When it comes to universal advice, all I've got is this:

Any question you start with "Does anyone else..." is "yes."

Any question you start with "Am I the only one who..." is "no."

Everyone's experience of this is unique, but remember: you're not alone.
In fact, nine times out of ten, the thing you thought made you weird that you've learned to keep secret?

- @HowtoADHD has a video for advice with it
- @ADHD_Alien has two comics on it
- @danidonovan has graph art and a tiktok on it
- @blkgirllostkeys has an article explaining it
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24 Mar
Oh, sweet, Kaiser emailed me, I'll finally be able to get my vaccine, all I have to do is click this link and YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME An e-mail from Kaiser Permanente, showing that it's my turn The KP website, saying "We're sorry, but this feature i
The website worked, briefly, then froze on the "please confirm everything is correct" last screen.

So now I'm just waiting on a callback.
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