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1 Aug
OMG. Modern "conservatism" is like a giant Krakken, with tentacles reaching into every aspect of our lives. #cdnpoli #IStandWithTrudeau #BetterOffWithRachel #WhoElectedTheseCouncilorsAnyway #Thread This is going to be a long and disturbing thread. Get comfy.
At the federal level we have unprecedented dirty tricks from the CPC, trying to topple the Liberal government with continuous made-up scandals...…
At the provincial level, here in Alberta, and in other conservative-led provinces, the provincial government is pushing through policies that are aimed at generating profit for their friends rather than for the public good... For-profit healthcare, education, no protests...
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29 Jul
For awhile I thought that it was Andrew Scheer... That he had convinced himself that if only he could lie loud enough and hard enough and often enough, he might topple the government and the CPC would let him stay and he could be PM... 1/25
But then other pieces began to come together. Why do you suppose the CPC is engaged in a say-anything, do-anything hell-bent panic-stricken drive to get the Liberals out? Power, certainly. But they had power before... 2/25
They didn't do nearly half of what they wanted to, and much of what they did has been reversed. Quite a bit of legislation has been overturned in constitutional challenges. 3/25…
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16 Jul
So, here's a "what if..." Bear with me. What if the CBC is rife with employees hired during the reign of the Harper appointed board who are in place to pursue character assassination of any PM who is not CPC? #cdnpoli 1/9
What if the RCMP is rife with conservatives who are reluctant to investigate conservative shenanigans like Jason Kenney's leadership campaign? I mean, yeah, they go through the motions for the optics, but stall and hope public interest fades away... 2/9
What if the former ethics commissioner, Mary Dawson, is a Harper loyalist who turned a blind eye on Harper's ethical shortcomings but has suddenly become a vocal critic of PMJT despite the obviously unprofessional and unethical position it puts her in? 3/9
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16 Jul
Wild fires and floods get people's attention. You can see them happening. And people act. But there are other threats that move along under the public radar. There's an announcement here and there, but it seems many people are not stringing them together... 1/20 #ableg
The UCP set up a War Room, ostensibly to counter foreign threats to Alberta's oil and gas sector. But what else are they doing? We see them on Twitter, shouting down criticism of the government. But what else are they doing? 2/20
Also, let us not forget that the War Room is set up as a black box independent corporation, immune from freedom of information requests or public audit. So we can't know what they are doing with our $30M each year. 3/20…
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10 Jul
So, if I am hearing Scheer and Singh correctly on @PnPCBC they feel WE should have been eliminated from consideration for this program automatically b/c Trudeau has some ties with the organization. That really isn't how things work. 1/12
People in government have a lot of ties with a lot of people and organizations. Governments on the right tend to have ties with big businesses, governments who are more progressive have ties with charitable organizations. 2/12
Effectively, the PM is being attacked for having a family who does charitable work. I would not be surprised if various members of the Liberal caucus have strong ties with many charitable organizations. 3/12
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5 Jul
I am regularly accused of being "partisan" - along with a lot of other things that, I suppose, are meant to hurt or offend me. I would like to explain a few things.

Political parties are made up of human beings. Generally, at any given time, one party forms government. 1/25
Since parties, and therefore governments, are comprised of human beings, and human beings are fallible, no government is perfect. Someone will always find fault with something.

Governing is hard. There are a lot of moving pieces and even the best-intentioned government can make mistakes, miss doing something someone needed, have to backtrack and tweak programs to make them better. 3/25
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8 Jun
I get it. Our society has a short memory. The older people who lived through things are becoming fewer and fewer. Maybe they didn't pass down their wisdom, or maybe the younger generations were too busy with all the amazing new technology to listen. #cdnpoli 1/14
People have forgotten what it was like before vaccines. They don't remember and were never told how almost everyone knew a family who had lost a child to now-preventable diseases like smallpox, polio, whooping cough, measles, diptheria, influenza... 2/14
Scarlet fever, tuberculosis, chicken pox... Whole families were decimated sometimes. And when vaccines became available, mothers lined their children up to wait for hours to be vaccinated, because they didn't want them to die. 3/14
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3 Jun
We have not cut our lawn yet. We are doing what we have been told to do to help the bees. Also, we have been busy creating a garden. We have a lovely dandelion field for the bees. Our neighbours are aggressively mowing their lawns EVERY DAY now. 1/5
One neighbour, immediately to the west of us, has his lawn so short you can see the soil. He keeps bees. Let me say that again. He keeps BEES. What the hell does he think his bees live on, anyway? 2/5
Today, after scraping the last of the grass off his lawn, he applied what I suspect is weed and feed. Honestly, I don't get it. 3/5
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2 Jun
This morning at the PM's press briefing, a CBC reporter, Tom Parry, threw the PM a loaded question. He asked what the PM thought about the actions of Donald Trump, then asked what message his unwillingness to answer would convey. @CBCNews #cdnpoli #cdnmedia 1/10
The Prime Minister took a full 21 seconds to ponder his answer. Vassey Kappelos, Rosemary Barton and some other CBC guy seemed positively delighted that one of their guys had made PMJT so uncomfortable. What are they using for brains? 2/10
I am fairly sure the Prime Minister is shocked and angry and outraged by the US administration's response to the protests. But he cannot say that. It is all well and good for Germany and France to condemn the US administration, they do not share a border with the US. 3/10
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1 Jun
Like many Canadians, I am watching in horror as our neighbour falls into chaos and disorder. And, after reading so many Tweets and news posts about what is going on down there, I feel moved to ponder the situation. #USAonFire #cdnpoli 1/25
What I am seeing is a country built on slave labour, that fought a brutal and bloody civil war before slavery could be abolished. And even with the abolition of slavery, many continued to treat people of colour as inferior. 2/25
Then there was a civil rights movement, which demanded that people, black and white (and brown) be treated equally under the law. And some changes were made to the laws. But legal changes alone do not change the way people think. 3/25
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29 May
Jason Kenney has people on the payroll whose job it is to intimidate and silence criticism of the UCP government. Albertans are, through their provincial taxes, paying for people whose job it is to silence any criticism of the government. 1/7 #ableg
We are literally paying people to tell us to shut up and F*ck off. That doesn't seem very democratic. In fact, it seems, well, fascist, to be honest. 2/7
The wrecking ball that is the UCP is on a rampage in this province. Kenney has a job to do and he is getting it done while suppressing any dissent. 3/7
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28 May
I can no longer bear to watch @VassyKapelos on @PnPCBC . The show was once a source of, at the very least, an understanding of who was saying what. @CBCOmbud 1/20
It seems to have turned into a "bash the Liberal government" free-for-all. This is not journalism. This is more of a blood-sport. Where the aggressors have traps, lures, and telephoto infra-red sights. 2/20
I would like to point out that responsible journalism is not simply attacking the sitting government. It is not just giving everyone a podium to bash the sitting government. 3/20
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27 May
Canadians, language matters. Conservatives know this. They have been deliberately changing our terms of reference for years. We have seen them reframe lobbyists as "partners", and regular folks with local concerns as "special interest groups" (negative connotation) 1/17
In this pandemic it is even more critically important for us to consider the well-being of others. We need to recognize the community we belong to. I would like to suggest a push-back against one of the most insidious changes to popular speech championed by conservatives. 2/17
For many years now, conservatives have referred to Canadians as "tax-payers". This has been done deliberately and consistently. And that choice of words has consequences in the way we think about one another. 3/17
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27 May
Listening to an episode of Ideas on CBC radio. The topic is Euclidian geometry. It is completely fascinating. We need a national broadcaster. Where else can you find radio like this? @cbcradio #cdnpoli
It is not dry or boring. Not like maths classes people may remember. It is about history and meaning and how this geometry has affected the world we live in today. It is thought-provoking and important.
Ideas is a wonderful program. If you want to broaden your mind, I highly recommend listening. Not all subjects may be of immediate interest to you. But just listen. You will learn, you will think, you will gave your understanding of the world changed, expanded.
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26 May
They were talking about #labourlaws on the radio this morning. About whether people could be forced to go back to work if they felt unsafe. Apparently, yes. Provided the employer is doing what is required to ensure staff safety. 1/10 #cdnpoli
They also touched on a trend that is happening, where employers are calling staff back, but telling them they are going to be either taking a pay cut, or having their hours cut. 2/10
The rationale from the employers is, they have missed a couple of months of business and they need to reduce wages in order to continue to operate. 3/10
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26 May
"Money doesn't buy happiness" is something rich people say to keep poor people in their place. 1/15
I dare say, there are lots of unhappy rich people. But their grievances are so far higher up Maslow's hierarchy of needs as to be completely unrelated to the grievances of the poor. 2/15
To be poor, to be truly poor, is stressful beyond anything anyone with a comfortable income can imagine if they have never been there. I have been there. I have been homeless. I have been so poor the scraps people leave on their trays in food courts looked pretty good. 3/15
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26 May
Adventures in gardening - May 25.
So, I went and got 8' long 2x2s and twine because I ran out of stakes and twine to mark my rows. Waited a long time at Home Depot, but eventually made it home with my stuff. 1/11
Learned (again) how to operate the cut off saw and cut some 2' stakes (at an angle so they would have a point to go into the ground). Got busy finishing staking the rows. 2/11
Well, the garden is EXTREMELY wet still, after all the rain. It was going ok, but the further north (and downhill) I went, the gooier the mud got. Second to last stake, my boots became thoroughly stuck. I was pounding the stake in and didn't notice at first. 3/11
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24 May
So, if your partner, who you live with, decides to go and get a haircut, for instance, while you don't think it is safe yet... Or does other things you don't feel are safe yet, how do you deal? Because if they get infected, they are bringing it home... #COVID19
To be clear, my S/O has only just suggested he might want to go and get a haircut. But I think this is something a lot of families are going to be facing in the coming weeks. One wants to err on the side of caution, the other, not so much...
And if there are autonomous kids, teens, young adults, involved. How do you reconcile what you feel is best with the family with what some family members want to do?
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24 May
Ever have a day on social media where you just wish you had a stock meme to direct at any & all conservative trolls and cultists? Something like "You're wrong, and you're wrong, and you? You are especially wrong!"? This trying to explain basic things is exhausting. #cdnpoli 1/10
I am so done with conspiracy theorists. No. No one is trying to insert tracking devices in your body, or monitor whether you have had all the vaccines they want you to have. 2/10
No. The country is not being destroyed by the Liberals. Real people are being helped by the COVID programs. Your political masters may prefer that everyone is desperate and destitute, but that is inhumane, nasty, and not what Canada is about. 3/10
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23 May
I, like many people, have found more time lately to work on hobbies. Since it has been pouring rain for days, I have had extra time to dig around in genealogy. Over the past couple of days, I have made an interesting discovery. #genealogy #UnitedEmpireLoyalists 1/14
My Mum and grandmother always maintained that a direct line of our family was descended from UELs - United Empire Loyalists - people who fled to Canada after the American War of Independence. But before the internet, it was very difficult to chase down records to prove this. 2/14
I have, honestly, been much more interested in my ancestors who were really nobody significant. There's a lot more detective work involved, a lot more challenge to track the poor, since back in the day, no one took much notice of their comings and goings. 3/14
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19 May
Wow, Interesting. I just noticed that there seems to be a belief that the "illegal gun problem" in Canada is (partly) because of First Nations. 1/ #gunban #cdnpoli
Now, I don't generally travel in the sort of circles that have any knowledge about gun smuggling, So, perhaps, as one <25 follower responder told me, my ignorance is showing. OK. Fair enough. I have always believed if you don't know something, it's good to ask questions... 2/
Apparently, in some people's minds, it is bad to ask questions. I wonder if these are the same people who never asked questions in school when they didn't understand something and, because of that, wound up with a less fulsome education? 3/
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