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A scattered … AS C A TT E RE D Image
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Electron scattering occurs when electrons are displaced from their original trajectory. This is due to the electrostatic forces within matter interaction or, if an external magnetic field is present, the electron may be deflected by the Lorentz force. This scattering typically happens with solids such as metals, semiconductors and insulators; and is a limiting factor in integrated circuits and transistors. Image
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For decades, the possibility to generate Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in biological systems through the use of light was mainly restricted to the photodynamic effect: the photoexcitation of molecules which then engage in charge- or energy-transfer to molecular oxygen (O2) to initiate ROS production. However, the classical photodynamic approach presents drawbacks, like per se chemical reactivity of the photosensitizing agent
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Iron has a strong molecular force of attraction. Hence when heated it doesn't reach its ignition temperature and doesn't burn. Rust is an iron oxide
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So basically treating over 65 years olds with charged particles as a vaccine is beyond stupid. And giving them to children is just f cruel let’s be honest here.
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Image Image
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So following the science the cause of most of the diseases can be attributed to engineered nanoparticle viruses for optogenetic mind control, nanoparticle vaccines to combat the nanoparticle viruses and plasmonic nanoparticles pumped into the sky that become nucleated viruses? What am I missing?
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So in theory the nanoparticle vaccine has the potential to turn people into quantum Ai robots. Who then controls the Ai controlling us? Exactly… someone hasn’t given this much thought but I’m sure the Ai has.
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U.K. police DETAIN Grayzone's Kit Klarenberg at airport over his JOURNAL... via @YouTube So in theory the corrupt politicians who blatantly fleeced the people during a triggered nanoparticle release as a pandemic front and the family of a suspected paedophile and the acquaintance of Jeffrey Epstein are abusing their powers by getting the police to target journalists.
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So now that we know for definite that Hillary Clinton committed the treasonous act of framed a sitting President… what happens next? Do they have to arrest her or something as it’s against the law… I’m confused.
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@Flipp440 @BiffDon @Elmr_Fudd_again @EscanorIsOnFire What is the objective is the question. @Flipp440 @BiffDon @Elmr_Fudd_again @EscanorIsOnFire Objective lens

Quest ion
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Key points
•Scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy can be used to create quantum states of matter through atomic manipulation. ImageImage
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Image 🤦🏼‍♂️ Image
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I mean for a conspiratorial sakes, imagine turning back on a pyramid that recreates a huge winding polarising vortex vacuum continuously cycling as a banging shock wave of tones causing all hell to freeze over? We have to give this notion some serious thought. Image
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Shall we? Image Shall I remove it?
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@144x10Kali Iris was the Goddess of the rainbow. @144x10Kali Ēostre (Proto-Germanic: *Austrō(n)) is a West Germanic spring goddess. The name is reflected in Old English: *Ēastre ([ˈæːɑstre]; Northumbrian dialect: Ēastro, Mercian and West Saxon dialects: Ēostre [ˈeːostre]), Old High German: *Ôstara, and Old Saxon: *Āsteron.
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SPIE Photonics West via @YouTube 🤔
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Hot today. Image Just saying.
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So if the government sprays nanoparticles and charge them up by way of knocking off electrons and or causing dipole moments the ULEZ scheme is fraudulent and in theory a crime has been committed. I think we need to put these people to task and call them out for this especially that Sadiq Khan.
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Janus particles are special types of nanoparticles or microparticles whose surfaces have two or more distinct physical properties. This unique surface of Janus particles allows two different types of chemistry to occur on the same particle. The simplest case of a Janus particle is achieved by dividing the particle into two distinct parts, each of them either made of a different material, or bearing different functional groups.