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Dec 15, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
I had a wonderful experience with Marketing Playbook launch on Twitter yesterday

Why should you care?

Lets' face it — not evey founder has a +50K audience to launch their product to.
I was curious how far Twitter launch might take me with my 1K followers.

Lessons learnt 👇 1. First, results:
Twitter — 25
Medium — 3
I still include Medium-related sales bacause I share pieces I write for Medium on Twitter.
Revenue: $459 Twitter, $87 Medium = $546
76% of Twitter sales were with coupon, all Medium sales - full price
Dec 14, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
How I totally messed up my SEO strategy or never do like @NotechAna

5 years ago I started an e-comm project and hired an agency to help me with SEO. They analysed our business case and offered not just the keywords stuff but the whole content strategy. They insisted that my Asian gourmet online grocery should contain a huge section with recipes: text, photo and video. The presumption was that if we get traffic on recipes and link them with the goods people would place orders.

Sounds plausible? It did to me. Fastforward 2 y
Dec 13, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
What made me a person I am today?
Sunday cartoons.

To be precise, the fact that I could only watch them on Sundays.

This fact is non-existent for children, and therefore they are about to change the world. Here is why👇 When I was little, my parents used to buy these TV Guides (have no idea if they still even exist) every weekend.

The guides were for the upcomming week, and I still remember my hands trenblng when I opended them up to check what was planned to be aired next Sunday. Which toon
Nov 24, 2021 11 tweets 2 min read
When I was 27 years old I closed €6M deal with Cyprus government. I had no negotiating experience prior to it (aside from 8 years in India where you have to fight for a better deal at every street market😅)

That's what helped me and might help you as well with smaller deals👇 1. Record every meeting to listen to it again
We operated in a small team. I was in charge of making visuals, presenting them, plus helped with the translations.

During the meeting I was constantly focused on what I was supposed to say next.
Nov 23, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
I rarely tweet about my boring wholesale business but here it goes.

I NEVER do Black Friday sales.
And I'll tell you why you should not do them either. 👇 1. You know those pics with with shoppers hitting stores to get access to Black Friday deals? Well, they are THE KEY to the whole story.

Your x2 price reduction makes economical sense ONLY if you know that you can get this crowd to your point of sales (website, app, whatever)
Nov 22, 2021 12 tweets 3 min read
In my 6 months on Twitter I’ve seen several threads exposing “evil marketers” who create campaigns aimed at getting better access to customers' wallets.

But not all campaigns are evil.

Here are 3 examples of marketers changing the world for better. 1. Douglas Smith was close to a panic attack. He’s just bought this company that sold a promising product but the problem was — it turned out, nobody wanted it. It was used by only 5% of Americans.