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May 15 6 tweets 3 min read
Some scary details in this RFA report on measures to stop Chinese citizens from leaving the country.…
Some returning citizens are having their passports clipped by border officials, and students leaving to study abroad are also getting passports clipped. Police in central Hunan posted notices telling [government?] employees that their passports must be handed to local authorities within a week. The police confirmed the measures to RFA and stated that it was part of a nationwide initiative.
May 12 5 tweets 2 min read
Putin's War -- The Ukraine map briefing for May 12th.
Several significant changes in the past 2 days.
- Ukraine reached the Russian border near Kharkiv;
- Russia fully captured Rubizhne and most of Vojevodivka;
- Slight Russian advances near Popasna and Adiivka ImageImageImage Russian forces are also advancing through the forest near Novoselivka, east of Izyum, and have reached the town, along with fully capturing Yampil (a town that they originally claimed on May 1st) Image
May 12 7 tweets 3 min read
This map shows the geolocated positions of both IDF troops (blue) and Palestinian militants (orange) during the raid where Shireen Abu Akleh was shot and killed.
The lines show approximate movements of both parties.

Shireen was not within 100m of an armed position. The geolocations used in this map are the work of:
May 9 7 tweets 3 min read
Putin's War -- The Ukraine Briefing for May 9th
- Russian troops have withdrawn from several villages around Kharkiv, and now only control a small strip near the Border, West of the Donets River.
- Ukrainian recon and saboteur units are harassing Russian forces near Izyum. - Russian force captured the town of Seredje and have been able to enter Shandryholove on the Lozove axis.
- Russia set up two pontoon bridges across the Donets River between Yampil and Kreminna. Both have been destroyed, but small units of Russian troops were able to cross.
May 7 4 tweets 2 min read
Several days ago Ukrainian troops in Kharkiv launched a counter-offensive towards the strategic city of Izyum. Satellite imagery from Yesterday shows dozens of fires (likely from shelling) approaching Izyum from the west. The closest is 600m from the city.… Both Yesterday and the day before lower resolution satellite imagery showed fighting closer to the city, and I've been mapping it accordingly, but I'm still shocked at the apparent ferocity of the fighting around Izyum and how close it has gotten to the city.
May 6 12 tweets 3 min read
Every day is the day to reckon with the fact that the birdwatching and citizen scientist communities have structural barriers preventing people of colour and women getting as involved. Birding isn't a white male hobby, and we need to make it safer for everyone else. I'm LOOSING my mind over all the people replying to this as if there's like a "racial-sciences" reason that less people of colour are interested in nature and not like people of colour are far more likely to get attacked for walking through the woods by themselves at dawn.
May 5 5 tweets 2 min read
It's high time I start an ongoing thread on the many many ways that the US is broken and suffering from institutions being taken over by authoritarianism, inhumanity or fascism.
Starting with this law that would make IUDs or the morning-after pill murder.
A similarly extremist law is ready in Missouri for when/if Roe v Wade is overturned.
May 5 22 tweets 6 min read
Putin's War - The Ukraine Briefing on May 5th
Today Ukraine announced that it was launching the 2nd, offensive phase of its war with Russia, after claiming Russian forces have 'stalled' in their own offensive moves.
Let's look at both parts of this statement. First, we need to look at the area surrounding Kharkiv. In recent days, Russian forces have withdrawn from large areas to the West of the Donets River, blowing up bridges behind their retreat.
The main road bridge across the Donets was blown up around May 3rd, east of Rubizhne.
May 5 4 tweets 2 min read
Crypto-bros are just a whole different species but goddamn this is funny. and as a bonus
May 2 5 tweets 2 min read
Putin's War - The Map Briefing for May 2nd.
Relatively few changes since the last update.
- Russia has advanced to the outskirts of Lyman and out from Lozove, pushing remaining Ukrainian forces North of the Donets River.
- Ukraine has advanced near Staryi Saltiv, unknown how far. Details for the Russian push near Lyman:
- Fighting has reached the railway line to the east of Lyman town, along with the outskirts of Ozerene and Dibrova.
- Russians control at least some of the town of Yampil.
- Russians have also reached the outskirts of Stavky.
May 1 7 tweets 2 min read
In March an account appeared claiming to be a Canadian Volunteer in Ukraine. Since then he's published several claims that I see as suspicious.

I can't prove he is not in Ukraine (just as he hasn't proven that he is), but I can show this graph showing the times of day he tweets. As you can see, from a Ukrainian timezone there is a very bizarre dip in his activity on Twitter from around 11:30am-3pm. A time when pretty much everyone is awake and active.
This coincides with around 4:30am-8am in Toronto, a time when people are far more likely to be asleep.
Apr 21 4 tweets 2 min read
The Russian army invaded Ukraine 57 days ago. This timelapse shows the movement and control of Russian forces across Ukraine over those 8+ weeks. Please view in full screen as annotations on earlier days are not as clear. This shows the situation just around Kharkiv. And the grindingly slow pace of the advances around Izyum (plus Ukrainian forces expanding their control around the city).
Apr 21 5 tweets 2 min read
Putin's War -- The April 21st Map Update
Russian forces have advanced slightly from the town of Izyum capturing a small village, along with advancing in farmland between Chkalovs'ke and Malynivka, both in Kharkiv Oblast.
New info from previous days is detailed below. The situation south of Borova is unclear at the moment, with conflicting claims. I've picked somewhat of a middling way of mapping it, but I will update when more clear information becomes available.
Apr 12 26 tweets 17 min read
The final state of Ukraine's support mural in @Reddit's 80-hour r/Place art mural experiment. It features Zelenskyy, a Bayraktar, the An-225, tractors dragging tanks, cathedrals, and several cross-over references I'll try to explain below. @Reddit This experiment allowed every Reddit user to change one pixel on a massive canvas every 5 minutes. Creating murals like this required communities to come together under a common vision to stake out their territory on the canvas and maintain it in the face of other communities.
Apr 8 5 tweets 2 min read
Putin's War - The Daily Ukraine Map Brief - April 8th.
Russian withdrawal from the North is complete, the region is under full Ukrainian control.
Ukrainian gains at Kreminna, Malynivka and Osokorivka
A number of non-genuine (new info) changes are detailed below. Russia has also increased its presence between Crimea and the Dnipro river, setting up checkpoints around Nyzhni Sirohozy.
Apr 8 8 tweets 4 min read
This morning, the Russian military fired a guided ballistic missile at a train station full of civilians fleeing clashes, killing at least 30 people in an obvious war crime.
Russian soldiers had written "за детей" on the missile, meaning "for the children".
Inhuman. Russia's obvious war crimes in this war have escalated over the past few weeks, to the point that it is obvious that a major part of their strategy has become to terrorise the civilian population of Ukraine, a strategy all too familiar if you watched their actions in Syria.
Apr 6 4 tweets 2 min read
Putin's War - Ukraine Daily Map Briefing - April 6th.
Russia's withdrawal from the North is nearly complete.
The first map, in yellow, shows territory recaptured by Ukraine.
Slight Russian gains around Izyum & Popasna.
Slight Ukrainian gains in Kherson Oblast.
Animations below ⬇️ ImageImageImageImage The caption in the 3rd image should read "April 6th" not April 5th.
Apr 6 7 tweets 4 min read
Last August, a man stabbed his two children through the heart because he believed they had been infected with 'serpent-DNA' after being radicalised by David Icke's conspiracy theories.
After that, @amrwaked and @AJEnglish decided that Icke was worth interviewing and platforming. @amrwaked @AJEnglish The murderer told the FBI that he first started believing the conspiracy theory through Icke's Twitter account. This 'documentary' will now be effectively channeling people towards the same name and Twitter account that convinced a man to stab his own children to death.
Apr 5 5 tweets 3 min read
Putin's War - The Ukraine Daily Map Briefing - April 5th.
Russia's withdrawal from north Ukraine is nearly complete.
🇷🇺 gains from the Donbas & Izyum.
🇺🇦 gains in Kherson.
4th map shows territory recaptured by Ukraine (in yellow).
Download data:… ImageImageImageImage The downloadable data this time includes polygons of the recaptured territory, as used by the Financial Times in this map
Mar 31 19 tweets 7 min read
Putin's War - The Daily Brief - March 31
5 weeks ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. After some initial gains, their progress rapidly slowed. Now, every day for the past week, Ukraine has retaken more territory than it's lost.
See this thread for a series of maps and downloadable data. Image To highlight the significance of the past week, here is a gif showing changes compared to a similar map I made last week. All the areas circled in blue are where Ukrainian forces have gained territory, in red shows where Russian forces have.
(ignore the changing colour scale)
Mar 26 4 tweets 2 min read
This drone photo showing several destroyed Russian vehicles can be geolocated to the village of Novyi Bykiv, in Chernihiv Oblast (50.5946, 31.6752 - see the blue arrow). This shows a significant attack on Russia's supply line to the Brovary axis and threatens their push on Kyiv. Image I first mentioned new Russian efforts to secure a supply line to their forward troops around Brovary on March 23rd.

That they're already being hit by Ukrainian troops shows how effective their campaign against Russian supply lines has been.