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Don't believe the landlord lobbyist lies.
6 Apr 20
That relationship with Cohen isn’t the only ethical pall over Novartis. Novartis faced a number of bribery scandals. In 2017, the company faced allegations it bribed physicians and other public officials to boost prescriptions and company sales in Greece
In August 2016, Novartis executives in South Korea were indicted for allegedly making $2 million in payments to physicians in exchange for prescribing Novartis medications.
In November 2015, Novartis agreed to pay $390 million to settle a civil lawsuit related to the kickback payments to specialty pharmacy companies that distributed the drugs Exjade and Myfortic.
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2 Dec 19
"there are on average 160,000 households facing court eviction in California annually"
#California #Homelessness
"Currently, California law allows landlords to evict tenants without providing a reason for eviction. Tenants live in fear of eviction in retaliation for repair requests or organizing with their neighbors against rent hikes and displacement"
#California #Homelessness
"An estimated 1.5 million Californians faced court evictions
over the last three years"
#California #Homelessness
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1 Mar 19
Here's a little thread about the man baby I encountered a few minutes ago.
I was driving down Telegraph and took a right on Parker, and saw a parking spot, so I rolled up and parked (google street view of the parking space). Score!
The front of my car is almost at the meter, when suddenly this Suburu comes flying backwards (apparently it was in a driveway?). I honk at the guy, because he doesn't stop until he is inches from my front end.
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29 Oct 18
Gaetz invited a right wing internet troll to the SOTU in January 2018.
Johnson was permanently banned from Twitter after soliciting donations to help “take out” prominent Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson.
His Florida colleagues invited hurricane survivors, and the family of a hostage in Iran. Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, however, invited Chuck Johnson, a alt-right troll who’s been banned from Twitter and accused of Holocaust denying and white nationalism.
Matt Gaetz is a terrible person
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