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19 Dec 20
Tweetstorm: Weekend Learning

Having a growth mindset.

Covid-19: people went broke-people also saved much
spending would be unleashed
supercycle coming
Innovation cycle of digital revolution
U r the architect of ur own life
TML: True Market Leader
How many TML's are extended?
Concern: short term excesses
long term: super-cycle
Economic boom-secular supercycle-FED-people wanna spend.
Short term super volatile pullback~f(rapid ascend)
Currently, there is institutional adaption is high in Bitcoin
Never violate the trend.
Be very cautious about people who become ur mentor.
position sizing
shortening losses
sector allocation
keep these as ur guard rail.

Crypto Update: Etherium might jump back.
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19 Dec 20
Tweetstorm: Weekend learning

Make trading strategies ur own.

We r in the interpretation business rather than a prediction business.
Rule: not to sell based on fear of losing profits.
Look for psychological indicators, put-call ratio etc.
Its just competition vs ourselves.
Your eyes wud b walking through the patterns after ur big practice for time.
Know the character of the stock.
No matter how great the fundamentals if the stock if its not forming setups it just doesn't matter. If u wanna look for character, look at the left.
Up on vols
Ipo scan
Industry group

RS line: New highs before price
Buy stocks early nd pyramid final position at traditional breakout.
Have a tight and logical stops.
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19 Dec 20
Tweetstorm: Weekend learning

How to protect profits by being a risk first trader ?

Look at the watchlist candidates and analyse how many are above 50dma.

Progressive exposure: u scale up when markets and stocks r doing right.
When things get wedged up, u get few flushes.
U have to learn everything to be able to do by urself.
Importance of mistakes and learning from them.
People have bad habits. They want to be how great traders are but, don't do they don wht they do. Remove bad habits.
Building the case apart from technicals helps build the full picture: conviction.
Read all signals, signs and the chart.
Its just a big game and u ride on the shoulders of the big funds.
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19 Dec 20
Tweetstorm: weekend learning

The art of managing winning stocks

Have plan to reduce on weakness
Best companies wan to up.
Best stocks can't avoid indexes
Market always fool u
Focus on wht u own and wht u wish to own.
Don't try to read too much into markets.
As vaccine goes out, more traditional companies getting into limelight.

Great trades don't require predictions.
U just have to see it and take action.

-->>Have a consistent routine:
-> weekend study
-> all fishing on weekends
-> u have full weekly bar
-> Sunday afternoon
U r always 4 days away from a potential rally(FTD).
Keep urself on the toes and keep training.
Once u catch a big name one time, u get hooked. U want to do that again.
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20 Nov 20
Repeating the same mistake is self sabotage.

By monitoring ur mistakes & continuing to work on urself u can minimise their impacts.

Key to generate above avg profits.
Your reality is shaped by your beliefs.
U don't trade the markets, u trade ur beliefs about the market.
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18 Nov 20
Market Snapshot: 18.11.2020

4WDDC: 0
5WDDC: 0 Image
Chart: Image
Internal meters: Image
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17 Nov 20
So, the setting is as follows currently: I got an interesting stock chart in just 18 secs.

NDP: Near Darvas pivot Image
FSL: VCP 3T Image
JASH: crazy deliveries for some time now. Image
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15 Nov 20
IPO Base: Oriental Aromatics (OAL) Image
Matrix: F&F Image
Before that, the weekly chart(OAL) Image
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11 Oct 20
MIDCAP 50: All set. End of the downtrend nearing. Just 1-2 weeks away. Key level marked. Image
Monthly: Image
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6 Oct 20
I created a tool and launched this weekend amongst the investor/trader community, particularly in a small group. This is intended to bring my terminal nearer to a layman who doesn't understand much of trading zingers. Sharing some of the snapshots from the sector analysis part.
01.10.2020 Image
These two charts show the strength of different sectors based on the stocks ranked in my terminal and the count of them. Image
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27 Sep 20
ANUP engg: A combination of all:
1. Spin-off and new listing.
2. Initial 1st base formation
3. Darvas box formation
4. Wedging up handle.
5. Vols reducing on weekly
6. BDS new high/divergence. Image
it shows the strength of the stock to nifty. so if a stock is stronger than the index, this line wud go up. if the index is weak and the stock stable then also it wud go up. other cases also valid. so when there are opposite moves btwn the stock move and relative strength line,
we call it divergence. Now, BDS: Big daddy scan gives u point where the stock shows strength. Consider it +ve factor.
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27 Sep 20
Tweetstorm: Weekend learning Ross haber notes part 2:
@RichardMoglen did a fantastic job in this one. Relating concepts with charts is just so great.



1. What a chart looks like
2. Then drop down to fundamentals
3. Earnings acceleration
4. Sales picking up
5 annual: earnings
Bill told: estimates are conservative

ROE: 17%
Institutions sponsorship: pickup
Insurance, cos, trusts increasing their sponsorship
Quality of them is also important
Top notch mutual funds buying it.
Idea is to ride their good tails.

How many funds ?
-big sponsorship
-increasing for quarters

*How much as too much?
Use it as secondary indicator
Smart & successful funds
Not necessarily the funds own the stock it doesn't mean that manager is great.
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27 Sep 20
Richard Haber part 1: Notes
Weekend learning with @RichardMoglen

Click & stick
Bill was the ultimate teacher
Stay +ve & follow the rules
Don't keep being right or wrong
Keep ego out of the process

1. Trading in the zone:Mark Douglas


Your last trade has 0 correction with ur next trade.
Cutting ur loses early.
2. Reminiscences of stock operator
3. The Alchemist
4. Darvas
5. Stan Weinstein

Lessons learnt:
1. Watch the leaders:

Health & breadth of leadership
How healthy leadership look loke

At what stages of the market
Rotation going in: super defensive, flight to safety
Something that is related to bull market
How many stocks could fall apart
Nothing to buy: something is wrong

2. Going back and looking wht u have done right or wrong.
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25 Sep 20
Market Snapshot: 25.09.2020

4 WDDC: 7
5 WDDC: 7

Low vols rise: Day 1
Jumping off the 200DMA.
lOW is important. Image
Charts: Image
Internals: Image
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23 Sep 20
Market Snapshot: 23.09.2020(worse->worst)

4 WDDC: 7
5 WDDC: 8

ADX: Rising(Downtrend getting stronger)
RSI: weakened(Bearish territory) Image
chart: Image
3/ Internal meters: Image
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23 Sep 20
@RichardMoglen talks to @RossHaber_ (Notes)

I must say Awesome wisdom, this lion is true to its name.


Insti quality+Big earnings+High liquid stock

Stair steps whole way up
Rule: closing basis
Tight closes
Goal: get into the 1st breakout

Based on vols can sneak in early

Bill waited for end of the week to take decision.
23EMA & 65 EMA r significant.
21ema super extended abv 50dma then sell some.

High RS & respect for moving avg.
Exit completely: 65EMA

Pocket pivot:
Solid clue of subtle accumulation
To buy before breakout
Buy 20%
Pocket pivot vols signature
Vol> down vols for last 10 days
Vol currently > HHV(Vols,10) sell vols
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22 Sep 20
Market Snapshot: 22.09.2020 (Bad->worse)

4 WDDC: 6
5 WDDC: 7

Now its the real deal. Is it a coincidence that ADX was cooling off for the last few days and now rising? Image
chart: Image
Internal meters: Image
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21 Sep 20
Market snapshot: 21.09.2020 (Not a DD today)

4 WDDC: 5
5 WDDC: 6

Though we don't have a DD today, Nifty broken 50DMA for the 1st time in this whole leg of run after FTD. Extreme Caution ahead. Leaders are melting down. David Ryan told the same as shared in weekend tweetstorm. Image
chart: Image
Internal meters: Image
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20 Sep 20
Darvas Weekly breakout list:
1/ Image
2/ Image
cumulated: Image
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20 Sep 20
Trading Psychology: Traits of a successful stock market participants.

If u don't have it then inculcate it through hard work & perseverance.
This would be my suggestion.

3 groups of variables defined:
1. Personality traits
2. Cognitive traits
3. Biographical variables
Based on the above 3 group of variables there are 6 traits which r found to most important ones in a successful stock market participant.

1. Capacity for sustained focus:

Fast thinkers : fast pattern recognition.

Deep thinkers: great deal of research.

One of the above.
3/Trait 1:

Daniel kahnemann: thinking fast and slow. Same kind of analogy talked in this book.

Both requires sustained attention.
Traders or investors: based on above.
Distinctive successful traders r either strong as fast thinkers or deep thinkers and not average of both.
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19 Sep 20
This tweetstorm is inspired from the wisdom of @dryan310 who is one of the all time greats and wisdom beyond all.

David Ryan in his latest appearance:

Leadership is changing dramatically.
Lot of stocks rising first from march lows have started to underperforming.
Expect some kind of pullbacks.
Let the market talk.

-Cyclical start to pick up
-Growth players slow down
-Start to cut moving averages
-Fall with higher vols
In climatic runs raise cash.
Following rules keep u disciplined
4-6 week bases are important.
Trade with a small amount of capital and wind.
Sway with where the wind is blowing.
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