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3 May

I have carried out my independent findings and I find the following as facts and true...
1. That behind the Army Barracks, Hausas an Fulani numbering over 3,000 are occupying the Army Barracks land and built houses there where the live.
2. That the fulanis/Hausas that we saw 4days ago who were arrested and transported to Akure by Amotekun, didn't come that day, but have been coming in batches day before that day.
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2 May


The ILANA OMO OODUA and all its affiliate organisations wish to express our profuse gratitude and appreciation to the teeming Yoruba public for their massive support during the just concluded...
Abeokuta Mega Rally.

The rally commenced in front of the Alake Palace grounds around 10:30am after an initial refusal of the police high command to allow us.
We prevailed on the police by emphasising the peaceful nature of our rally and our inalienable right to free association and free assembly, especially while paying homage to our father, the Alake of Egbaland.
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1 May
11 Arrested as Yoruba Nation's Agitators defy Police, Hold Rally in Abeokuta

Says "Yoruba Nation or Nothing"

"Our Arrested Members Were Released Were Police Saw Massive Crowd moving Towards Eleweran to Secure Their Release" - Ilana Omo Oodua

Saturday May 1st, 2021...
The Police on Saturday clashed with members of Ilana Omo Oodua in Abeokuta, Ogun State Capital during a rally organised to drum-up support for the actualisation of Yoruba Nation.
Ilana Omo Oodua, under the leadership of a
renowned Professor of History, Banji Akintoye, is the leading organisation agitating for the emergence of Yoruba Nation.
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1 May
We will never be intimidated. Yoruba nation now. This is not #Endsars child's play, it's #YorubaNationNow o gbóná fẹ̀lifẹ

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1 May

200 Armed-To-Teeth Policemen Arrests 25 Pro-Yoruba Nation's Rally Organisers in Abeokuta

"They are currently being detained at Eleweran Police Headquarters" - Eyewitnesses

Saturday May 1st, 2021

Acting as if they were battling Boko Haram Terrorists and Bandits in the War Zones of Northern Nigeria, Officers of the Nigerian Police Force from the Ogun State Police Command, on Saturday waylaid

And arrested 25 members of Ilana Omo Oodua as they were preparing for a peaceful rally
in solidarity with the actualisation of Yoruba Nation in Abeokuta, the state capital.

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30 Apr
Ilana Omo Oodua to the Police: "We Are Not Going Back On Our Pro-Yoruba Nation's Rally in Abeokuta Tomorow"

Invites Amnesty International, NUJ, HURIWA, NAWOJ, IPC, SERAP, CDHR, NBA, others to observe rally...
Says "Any Attempt to Stop Our Peaceful Assembly Shall Be Challenged Logically, Legally and Internationally"

Friday 30th April, 2021
The apex body of Yoruba Self-Determination Groups, Ilana Omo Oodua, has described the threat by the Ogun State Police Command of the Nigerian Police Force to stop the Pro-Yoruba Nation's rally being planned by the organisation tomorrow in Abeokuta
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15 Apr
CHARACTERISTICS OF A CONQUERED RACE/PEOPLE; Is the Yoruba Nation and other ethnic nationalities apart from the Fulani hegemony conquered people within Nigeria?

1. Conquered people do not have the ability to secure and defend themselves...
2. They do not have the right to use their indigenous language for education, science and administration. Their mother tongue are only use to communicate in markets, ghettos and within the confines of their rooms.
3. Conquered people cannot control their resources, tax system and border control. The sovereignty of their ancestral lands are controlled by another race or ethnic nationality with the use of force, violence and assimilation.

4. Conquered people are regarded as minorities.
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15 Apr
Not less than 1,000 Yoruba Women from Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico, United Kingdom, Papua Guinea, Venezuela, Spain, France, and other countries on Wednesday visited the Ooni of Ile – Ife...
His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II in his Palace to express themselves on the need for the Yoruba Nation.
The Ooni in his response maintained that “Our Struggle for Self-Determination Can not materialise without Women’s Support.”
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11 Apr
If not in Africa amongst black people where greed, insanity and mediocrity abound, why should a Yoruba presidency be more important than outright self determination for the Yoruba Nation?
Why should the political ambition of a man be more important than the survival of the entire Yoruba Nation as a race and as a people? The way and mannerism black people reason is why we are where we are.
Right in our eyes, the caucasian race (Britain) gave power to the semitic race (Fulanis; a landless minority) to control, manipulate and subjugate more than 350 indigenous negro ethnic Nationalities in the name of one Nigeria?
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10 Apr
Releasing Wakili May Lead to War – Oyo OPC Warns Police

The Oyo state chapter of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), on Thursday warned the state command of the Nigerian Police force never to keep its detained members in custody while police planning to release the alleged Fulani
kidnapper, Isikalu Wakili.

OPC decried the actions of the police toward the detained OPC members, calling for immediate release of the three of it members arrested by the police in the State.
The trio OPC members who had earlier arrested Wakili for alleged terrorising the people of Ibarapa land were detained after handling him to police.
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10 Apr
If Awolowo had insisted on an independent Yoruba Nation before independence using every means possible including armed struggle, we won't be in the mess called Nigeria today....
It is on record that the Fulani North was the most violent region in the contraption called Nigeria before independence.

There is no need to explain to any brain damagedd Yoruba man or woman on why the Yoruba Nation must flee from the Fulani controlled Nigerian contraption.
It's an exercise in futility. It's human nature to adapt and prefer slavery and bondage after so many years of bondage.
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10 Apr
This letter was sent by the

To one of our Yoruba Coordinator we would like to inform the state Intelligence Bureau that the international law allow us to self determination..
and also peaceful rally and awareness in every part of Yoruba land.
We would like to bring this letter to the world 🌎 that nothing must happen to anyone in any Yoruba land or being threatened by any security force for individuals doing the rightful thing regarding this Movement.
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10 Apr

As at the beginning of our Journey of Oduduwa Son's and daughters freedom, breaking away from a system that isn't working...
Not favourable to those who should benefit most and standing alone as our dream Nation name implies(YORUBA NATION)...

There is a need for solid and consistent information to go broad and feed the listeners with latest informations and updates.
When it comes to self determination, just as every Oduduwa son's and daughters all over the world are being sensitized about the need for freedom,
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9 Apr
The Yoruba nation is the only nation within the contraption called Nigeria that does not need any ethnic minority to push for its political, economic and self determination interests....
We don't need any ethnic minority land to sustain our civilization, We have more than enough. We are unique, humane and internally sustainable.
We want a Yoruba Homeland for Yoruba people. We must never forget this. There is no southern agenda within the Nigerian contraption. Not a inch of Yorubaland will be controlled or manipulated by any other ethnic group.
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9 Apr
Yesterday, I tweeted about the evil of this people to the Yoruba Nation, some of them were playing innocent while some gullible Yoruba youths were telling me to delete the post because they want to make a forceful relationship with people who see them as rivals/enemies...
Go to all their pages and groups on Facebook, the only thing they're doing there is to curse the Yoruba people and Biafra agitators. I don't know if the Yoruba people are responsible for their misfortunes.
The last time I checked, their wretched kingdom is not even up to a street in ibadan. They are insulting Oonirisa and Alaafin but they would be threatening to kill you if you try to insult their Oba. They have been doing this nonsense for a long time but we kept quiet for them...
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9 Apr
The Yoruba Phenomenon Of Akudaayas.

According to the Yoruba people, an akudaaya is a supernatural entity who journeys to a new place to start life again after being confirmed dead in a previous place...
The Yorubas say this happens when someone dies untimely. They begin to roam the earth until they settle in a place far from where they lived when they were alive.
The akudaayas start to lead seemingly normal lives, never revealing themselves to anyone in their past lives except through dreams.

The existence of the akudaaya is usually terminated when someone who knew them in their former life discovers them.
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8 Apr

When the Yorubas and Igbos were clamouring for independence from colonial british, the Fulanis said they were not interested in getting free from British imperialist.

It is on record that the Fulanis and the Hausas never fought the British for independence and none of their elites were jailed for an independence Nigeriia.
We must never also forget that the Fulanis were ready to break away from Nigeria if Aguiyi Ironsi was unable to implement the unitary (centralized) system of government.
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8 Apr
Kidnapping indigenous people, destroying farmlands, rapiing of women and slaughteriing of people in the country side of any host community are all ancient but effective war strategies used in medieval times against indigenous people.

This is one of the technical definition of War of attrition.

If any Yoruba man or woman thiinks the Fulanis do not know what they want or they do not know what they are doing across Yorubaland and the middle belt, you are joking.
After the Fulaniis start their killiing spree, kidnapping, rapiing and destruction of farmlands across Nigeriia, the next thing their leaders and elites ask for is "LANDS" in form of RUGA. Are they not smart? They create the problems and also dictate the solutions.
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8 Apr
Awolowo tried a lot to promote Yoruba patriotism and freedom amongst Yorubas in Kwara, Kogi, Delta and the south west. Unfortunately, he was antagonized by internal traitors like Akinjide, OBJ, MKO, Akintola, Fani Kayode, Olunloyo etc...
The people mentioned above called Awolowo a tribalist in order to paint themselves as liberal, open minded and finally a "patriotic" Nigerian.
They ruthlessly pursued power by aligning with the Feudal Fulani Oligarchs in order to become relevant. They accumulated wealth, power and affluence for themselves and their families at the expense of their people.
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8 Apr
Adewale Adeoye writes:

This is a story that should touch the heart of any Yoruba leader that is conscious of Yoruba history and who understands what power is.

From last Friday to Monday, I barely slept for 3 hours...
all night it was calls and calls and meetings because of this issue- Small me!!!

The newly picked Olu has a Yoruba mother. Emami and co were opposed to him.
When the President of Itsekiri Congress called me that I should do something, so that they wont stop the man with Yoruba mother, I knew the meaning.
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8 Apr

The kind of confusion being perpetrated by Bini people in Southern Nigeria today is paranoidal.
If they are not cursing Oduduwa republic agitators today, they are threatening the Biafra agitators tomorrow....
If you want to understand the "ethnic minority complex", just try and study this people.
The irony of the matter is that, the Bini people as a nation is virtually mapped out for assimilation and extinction by the caliphate if not for the presence of the other major ethnic Nationalities in Southern Nigeria.
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