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4 Aug
If this tweet gets 20 retweets I will cash the crypto right now and blow it all in a week. On video.
Oh shit.
T minus 7 hours.

It begins.

The greatest thread in history.

How to spend 500,000 dollars with your friends.

Buckle the fuck up.
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18 Jul
Hold a bone infront of a dog.

See that laser focus?

See how NOTHING ELSE matters?

Dogs are OBJECTIVE focused.

If you could do the same thing, for only a few hours a day.

You’d have everything you’ve ever wanted.…
My honesty prevents modesty.

I am simply too established.

I have genuinely achieved too many remarkable things.

Matters of historical record.

I am not normal, average.

I am exceptional.
992 vs huracan.
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13 Jul
Just had two big guys (my size) stand behind me at the gas station

Way too close. Weirdly close.

I stood sideways to pretend I wanted chocolate to watch them.

One reached in his pocket.

I walked off right away like I forgot to buy something.
He took his phone out his pocket.

I’m paranoid af in London.

I gotta leave.

It’s a fucking war zone and when I pull up in a Lambo I’m a target.

I’m constantly on edge.

What kinda city is this?

Flying out tonight.
Difference between me and everyone else is I’m paranoid enough to not die.

Fucking sheeple walk around absolutely killable.

All of them.
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11 Jul
Will Smith is a perfect example of a man with a strong position making every single tactical error possible.

His wife fucked another man.

His kids and liberal weirdos.

All because he tried to do things the “right” way in a society which is designed to destroy men.
If he was a tactical thinker - he would have gone to Russia at the height of his fame and cash.

Got a 19year old 10/10.

Had kids. Had them raised in Russian society so they wernt crackpots.

Cheated as much as he wanted and his wife woulda stayed loyal anyway.
“Oh but what would him and the Russian woman talk about? What about chemistry?”



Women are pleasing to be around. Give sex and kids.

Intellectual convo comes from your homies.

Strong Male team.

Let the female do sex kids and back rubs. No more.
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29 Jun
Any woman who thinks a woman sleeping around is the same bas a man sleeping around doesnt understand historical context, biological differences, assurances of paternity and...

1000% shes a HOE.

REAL women dont WANT to fuck alot of men anyway.
Hoes are great fun.

Hoes only become a problem if YOU fall in love with them.

HOES arnt the problem.

YOURE just an emotinal little bitch who falls in love with anything he fucks.

Any man crying over girls being "sluts"

Is an emotional bitch.

Fuck n chuck. Keep good ones.


She fucked YOU?

And youre a loser?

who fucks losers? HOES!

What you surprised for?
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27 Jun
Broke boys buy a bottle of champagne to drink.

I buy 50 to pour on the floor 🤷‍♂️
“Who am I bringing to the house?” @real_lucky_luc


“No those girls don’t like each other...”

Imagine sitting with dudes and talking about girls 8 times a week and never ever putting a pic or video up with actual girls.

Tates > wannabes
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19 Jun
You dorks don’t know this so I’ll tell you.

If you’re a millionaire athlete verified on Instagram with huge numbers of followers - you end up part of a global cool people club.

All those chicks men drool over and men they actually want to fuck get added to Instagram groups.
Have you ever noticed that super hot girl from Texas and that super hot girl from Russia are in Tulum at the same time?

Dubai at the same time?

The entire year is planned. WEEK BY WEEK.

One week Monaco is full of the young hot cool people, the next it’s not.
There is an international Schedule for genuinely desirable men and women.

Women = 10/10

Men = big strong and rich.

No other “playboy” or “dating coach” will mention this of course because they’re not high value themselves.
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16 Jun
As mixed race - there are times I feel black or feel white.

I feel blackest when I see white people doing white people shit.

“Wanna strap a rubber band to your legs and jump off a dam? It’s called a bungee jump”


“Lol cool bro man cool. Wanna swim with sharks?”
“It’s called free diving”

It’s fucking stupid.

Ocean is full of things I CAN NOT FIGHT.

I won’t go where I cant resist slaughter.

Swimming pool is fine.


Ok. Go have fun.

I’ll fuck your girl while you’re gone.
“Wanna jump out of a plane my brown friend?”

“Hey my nigga bro wanna go climb mountains or kitesurf my bro”

No. You go do white people things.

I wanna do black people things.

Where the bag at. I need a 13th super car.
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14 Jun
The worlds gone nuts.

So I’ve decided to drive 7 hours into the mountains in my super car and chill for a week.

I’ve planned a holiday inside of Romania as if I was from outside of Romania.

And I think it will be fun.
I’m hearing stories of all the Romanian kings who fought the otomans.

One man had his 6 sons decapitated infront of him for not converting to Islam.

SO MANY kings nobody has heard of.

And endless peasents.

In today’s world. Which one are you?
Sometimes is lambos and champagne.

Sometimes it’s a 3 mile run and sitting in an ice cold stream.

Just gotta live every single day.
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4 Jun
I’m near every “poor” country - Vietnam to Serbia.

There are millionaires living a millionaires life.

A western wage can make you comfortable if you move abroad - but outside of war zones and shit holes - you’re still not a top level baller.
Average wage in Romania is 650 usd per month.

Yet I know 20 millionaires with lambos 5 wives 11 kids and mansions.

Moving here on 3k a month and thinking youll “run” the city is a joke.
There will be a life you don’t have access too - in near every country in the world - if you’re not a millionaire

You can not change country and crack the elite on a western wage

There are millionaires in Cambodia doing what you can’t

Every single poor country has ultra rich
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4 Jun
Nagging celebrities untill they say sorry for shit is the new national sport.
When I said depression wasnt real the TV station I worked for in romania got over 500 emails saying I’m a racist and I should lose my job.

I came into work and the owner said “Americans are idiots”

We laughed and had a coffee.

The end.
I told him this shit works in America and people lose their jobs.

He didn’t believe me.

“But. Anyone can email this bullshit? What is this bullshit?”

This bullshit is the WESTERN world.

Doesn’t fly over here.

But it flys big time in clown land.
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3 Jun
Hot Take: The majority of racism is subtle

The same person who fears a man at night just because hes black, would treat the black person with respect in everyday life

99% of people are perfectly nice and kind to the people theyre hold racist views of

Only 1% are OVERTLY racist
Hotter Take: If you experience trouble or trauma repeatedly from a particular colour of person.

You will naturally fear said group of people.

Some call this racism.

Pattern recognition is normal in humans. Its how we evolved to not stroke the lions.

Cops are human too.
If I arrest 4 purple people and 4 green people per day.

And 3 of the purple people are aggressive and only 1 of the green is aggressive.

I will naturally be more weary of purple people.

I will be more afraid and nervous.

More hard handed.

I will shoot purple people quicker.
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3 Jun
Black people are more dangerous to other black people than white people are dangerous to black people.
Statistics show black people should be most afraid of other black people.

Not white prople.
That said. American cops have ego problems.

Black or white. They need checking.
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2 Jun
The government closed your business and convinced you it wasn’t safe to go outside.

They destroyed your job and income.

And now everyone’s rioting and closest possible contact and NOBODY is sick.

Legit clown world.

You’re a pawn in a game.

Everything is a lie.
What’s crazy is how many of you instantly accepted the virus lie.


Without any resistance.
I never bought into the virus lie.

I’m not an easy man to trick.

Unfortunately the rest of you are.

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2 Jun
Rich people only speak to rich people.

The rich whites and rich blacks and rich mexicans get along just fine.

Its only the poor people who divide themselves by colour.
I’m mixed race.

But I don’t see myself as white or black.

I see myself as rich.

People will always take me seriously. Because of my bank balance.

White vs black is how amateurs view conflict.

Professionals know it’s rich vs poor.
Ever considered...

That both sides are wrong?

Both sides have bad actors.

Nobody is right.
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2 Jun
UNDERSTAND the ENERGY of people can be STOLEN from them.

If you make somebody angry, so that they THINK about you.

While you REFUSE to think of them back.

They are converting calories into thoughts which have YOUR name on them.

They are GIVING you power


Everybody knows that guy whos just "lucky"

Nobody considers WHY.

WHY does he have money and women and things always go his way?

HOW does he force the universe to provide, consistently?

I AM that guy.

YOU are NOT that guy.

Because its very easy for me to make people envious of me.

World title belts standing over a demolished opponent.

A Lamborghini drop top with a model in the seat.

People stare and see what they COULD have been.

They THINK of me. I never, ever, think of them.
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2 Jun
I think all those famous people checked out in 2016 because they had inside info the world was gona go to shit
Its not about black and white.

its about rich and poor.
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2 Jun
Emotionally reactive people are the easy to control

Those who get angry or excited quickly



The same fool

Never trust these people. Their minds are open to becoming puppets

You can not manipulate the man who doesnt give a fuck
There are people who will catch a life sentence, for murder, if you say the wrong word around them.


Theres also people who get hyped up and end up doing dumb shit in the name of "fun"

Nobody on my team is highly emotional.

You can not trust these people.
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1 Jun
Every black person in Romania is out on the streets tonight.
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31 May
I don’t know my exact net worth.

I don’t know know the total cash I have banks/crypto/cash. I can guess plus or minus 500k

I never know how much is in my checking account.

I just know the card always works.

You could plus or minus 10k I’d never be shocked when I checked.
The more money you have.

The less you track it.

I spend huge sums. 100-300 a month.

Huge sums come in. Every hour I check it changes.

I could “track” it all.

But I focus on MAKING and ENJOYING LIFE.

I save by accident. Whatever doesn’t get spent.
An important reminder below. Read it.

Then DM me and I’ll tell you how to get rich.

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31 May

Clown worlds on fire. Boo hoo
The riots are super super funny.

Amazing entertainment.


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