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21 Nov 20
@MosisaAga I know you hear me.

But, why do you insinuate that people who offer such timely and relevant clarification have not moved on? The ideas that have been sown in the minds of people are not going away.They need to be debunked at every turn when/where they show up.
@MosisaAga There is nothing more "timely" than making this clear to the people. NOONE owns this movement but the people. Not you, not me, nor JM. It is the people's struggle.
@MosisaAga It is incumbent upon me and you [if you know how to advance ur cause] to detox the maliciously virulent ideas that continue to wreck havoc in blood and bones from the Oromo minds. Trust me it won't magically evaporate through "silence", that you quietly frame as "moving on."
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20 Nov 20
Ethiopia's Civil War: A Geo-Political War

1/5 For the U.S.:
"U.S. policy, under Trump, has been to give free rein to its key allies in the region—Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE"...including lifting sanctions against vicious Dictatorial regime in Eritrea.
2/5 For Egypt:
"Ethiopia in turmoil is something they desired. A strong Ethiopia challenges Egypt’s control over the Nile Waters and its agenda for influence in the region."
3/5 For the UAE:
"a weakened Ethiopia as a commercial-military dependent would fit in with its overall designs on the region."

#USDefundEthiopia #EUDefundEthiopia @antonioguterres @EUinEthiopia
@SenateGOP @StateDept
@JosepBorrellF @USEmbassyAddis
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