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Team https://t.co/HgojceVOmh (@earndrop_io), https://t.co/ohYxNXq7fv (@AlphaPackedHQ). Sharing cryptocurrency news, yield farming, DeFi, & airdrop strategies.
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Feb 14 15 tweets 4 min read

2 mins ago, @Starknet finally published airdrop data. Checker is live, but claim is in 1 week.

Thread: all you need to know about the so-hyped launch.

🧠 Hint - StarkNet users are getting a portion, as the leaked front end suggested. 🧵👇

Check how much STRK you are getting:

Claiming goes live on Feb 20th, for 4 months.

Official tweet below. ⚠️ Be careful with impersonators that will create fake links, double check everything with official twitter @Starknet

Dec 21, 2023 13 tweets 4 min read
FUD for Ethereum? ⚡️

Some projects to stake $ETH, potentially getting an airdrop. 2024 is speculated to be a big airdrop year.

Blast, EigenLayer, Morpho, Kelp, MEV, Diva, EtherFi, Swell — they will all have a token.

Let's counter ETH FUD with an alpha Airdrop ETH thread 🧵 1️⃣ BLAST @Blast_L2

Created by Blur's founder. Backed by Paradigm and other angels. Almost 1B TVL

I saw big whales deposit, so I sent a few ETHs😂. To consider: Blur's airdrop was huge. Note: can't unstake until Feb'24

Non-expiring invite code: (2RFFN) blast.io/2RFFN
Dec 18, 2023 16 tweets 7 min read
Similar to Celestia:

• Avail from Polygon, and
• EigenDA from @EigenLayer

INCENTIVIZED testnet in @AvailProject has already started. Incentivized = token rewards?

TIME SENSITIVE: EigenLayer is increasing restaking caps today!

Information 👇 Image 1/14
What is a Data Availability Layer 💾

A Data Availability (DA) Layer is a specialized layer that ensures data, such as transaction details, is stored and accessible in a decentralized manner.

0xngmi said it best, think Dropbox but for chains.
Nov 30, 2023 12 tweets 5 min read
‼️🚨 Movement in @Starknet in the last 24hs:

• Airdrop claim page deleted, linked to official Starknet's domain

• Alleged eligibility criteria to include Ethereum Users

• Test Starknet proposal was posted yesterday by devs

• New governance portal live

What's happening 🧵 Image A Starknet $STRK airdrop page has been making rounds on Twitter this morning.

Eligibility criteria include Ethereum addresses that interacted with contracts that paid +100 ETH in fees.

Users are questioning its legitimacy as the page is no longer available.
Nov 21, 2023 12 tweets 4 min read
20hs ago a new "L2" launched, it's called Blast, and it already has +60M in TVL.

Investors include Paradigm, @DegenSpartan — and it was created by Pacman, the people behind Blur.

Their airdrop has been confirmed. People are accumulating points right now.

How to participate: 👇 1/10

✅ @Blast_L2 is an ETH L2 incorporating "native yield".

You deposit ETH/stablecoins, and they automatically accrue interest.

• Created by Pacman, from Blur
• Raised $20M
• Backed by Paradigm, StandardCrypto, DegenSpartan
• $63M TVL <24 hs (aping appetite) Image
Nov 4, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
Aave found a vulnerability in their v2 and paused contracts.

Funds seem to be safe, but there might be forks that aren't.

Hackers are probably now analyzing all code to see if they can find the exploit before it gets patched/announced. Get out of all Aave forks, just in case. Image People in mainnet v2 cannot withdraw or deposit for now, out of an abundance of caution they've frozen contracts.

Activity and withdrawals will be resumed in the coming days following a governance proposal
Oct 26, 2023 9 tweets 5 min read
Chainchat by Zapper is a new FT alternative. 💬

Zapper, which is backed by Marc Cuban, has created an application similar to FriendTech, but differs in how it distributes fees.

Airdrop Strategy: exploring Chainchat and the potential for a Zapper token and airdrop. 🪂 🧵 Image 1/7

Chainchat 💬⛓️

Chainchat is onchain group chats or "channels".

To join a channel, you must buy a share.
To leave a channel, you must sell a share.

Users can buy/sell multiple shares, but only 1 share is necessary to be a member of the channel. Image
Oct 3, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
Starknet $STRK Delayed

StarkWare has delayed the first unlocks of Starknet $STRK token to April 15th, 2024.

With that said, these tokens belong to core contributors, early supporters of the StarkWare ecosystem and employees of StarkWare, and NOT to the general public.

1/5 Image 1/5

Contract 📝

Looking at the contract, we can see the unlock date was pushed to April 15th, 2024, from November 29th, 2023.

Sep 28, 2023 9 tweets 3 min read
The Arbitrum DAO approved a budget of 50,000,000 ARB so that protocols and community members can request grants.

+100 protocols applied for more than 120M ARB tokens, meaning that not all will get their request

Communities and protocols expect a kickstart of ecosystem activity: Top 10 current asks are:

1. GMX - 14M ARB
2. Gains - 7M ARB
3. Lido - 5M ARB
4. Radiant - 3.3M ARB
5. Camelot - 3.09M ARB
6. Jones - 3M ARB
7. Wormhole - 2.5M ARB
8. Beefy - 2M ARB
9. Magpie - 2M ARB
10. Pendle - 2M ARB

Note that these are maximum values, final could be lower
Sep 7, 2023 11 tweets 4 min read
13,000,000 USD and 50 victims of SIM swap attacks in 2023.

The cryptocurrency space has been a big target for criminals and the SIM swap attack vector is something important to consider.

TLDR: do not use Cellphone 2FA in any service, ever.

Learn how to protect yourself 👇🧵 Thanks to Zach for the image. 1/9

What we will cover on this thread:

• What is a SIM swap attack❓
• Telecom Provider's affected 📞
• Protect yourself 🛡️
• App & Hardware-based 2FA Options 🔐
• Examples 📖

Bookmark the first tweet above if you don't have the time right now ⚡️
Aug 29, 2023 16 tweets 9 min read
zkEVM Airdrop Strategy:

Scroll 📜, Taiko 🥁, & Kakarot 🥕

zkSync, Linea, Polygon zkEVM, are all live on Mainnet today.

Still, there are 3 additional zkEVMs on the way.

Let's explore each of these upcoming zkEVMs and what you can do today to interact.

🧵 Image 1/14

What we will cover on this thread:

• How to interact with Taiko testnet
• How to interact with Scroll testnet
• Kakarot glimpse, not much to do right now
• zkEVMs status

Bookmark the first tweet above if you don't have the time right now ⚡️
Aug 25, 2023 11 tweets 8 min read

1. BRICS abandons U.S. dollar.
2. FTX & BlockFi claimant data compromised.
3. Optimism planned downtime on Monday.
4. zkSync airdrop strategy.

Alpha-packed, coffee-ready information on the latest cryptocurrency developments.

Read time: ⏰ 4 minutes

🗞️👇 Image ⚡ ALPHA⚡

• Lens protocol invites sent to some Lens accounts.

• EigenLayer's EigenWorlds NFT mint is live.

• Caldera Bootcamp Week 3 campaign is live.

Aug 18, 2023 12 tweets 9 min read
1. Evergrande files for bankruptcy.
2. $1B+ in liquidations amid market volatility.
3. Exactly Protocol exploited for $7M+.
4. Connext $NEXT airdrop revealed.
5. ...

Alpha-packed, coffee-ready information on the latest cryptocurrency developments.

Read time: ⏰ 4 minutes

🗞️👇 ⚡ ALPHA⚡

• zkSync's LIBERTAS OMNIBUS experimental NFT is claimable.

• opBNB Odyssey; new tasks added.

• Clipper Adventure 4; last chance to sign-up.
https://t.co/oe302z3PZf https://t.co/T2skGsilLe

Aug 11, 2023 9 tweets 4 min read
friend tech is getting a lot of hype today, with top personalities' profiles swinging in share prices.

A similar dapp to Bitclout has emerged on Base. Bubble?

Let's explore:
• What is @friendtech ❓
• How it works ⚒️
• Get started ⚡
• Airdrop? 🪂

🧵 Image 1/7

What is ❓

Friend tech is a new decentralized social media dapp built on Base, that "tokenizes" X (Twitter) personalities.

The dapp created by @0xRacerAlt is currently only available on mobile and invite-only.friend.tech
Aug 10, 2023 14 tweets 6 min read
Users who followed my airdrop strategies got up to 10,250 ARB.

Others up to 32,000 OP.

You probably already know— BASE is a new L2, built by Coinbase.

@BuildOnBase opened Mainnet 7 days ago. It could have airdrop potential 🪂

BASE Airdrop Strategy: using Arbitrum Criteria 🧵 1/12

Airdrop Strategy ⚡

Arbitrum is the most recent Ethereum Layer 2 to airdrop. Let's apply Arbitrum's airdrop criteria to Base:

On this thread →

Use Base with:
☑ Volume
☑ Consistency
☑ Multiple dapps

☑ Bridge to Base
☑ Trade & LP on Base
☑ Collect on Base Image
Aug 2, 2023 25 tweets 8 min read
Following Curve's exploit, Michael Egorov (Curve's Founder) has an active 80M USD loan, backed by 360M CRV (200M USD) that's at risk of liquidation.

MIM and AAVE are having emergency governance discussions.

1. He has been repaying debt
2. Did several OTC sales

CRV Updates 🧵⬇️ Image 1/23

Jul 31, 2023 15 tweets 6 min read
There's a risk of a black swan event in DeFi.

As per Defillama, if CRV drops below $0.37, there's 300M CRV to liquidate in Aave -most from Curve's founder

The problem? There's not a single Exchange or DeFi protocol where one can sell such a large CRV amount.

Risks explained 🧵 Image 1/13

How did we get here?

As the Curve founder, @newmichwill has hundreds of millions of CRV

Instead of market dumping for liquidity, he supplied it as collateral in other Lending Protocols, like Aave, where he staked 300M CRV and borrowed 60M USDT

🔗 https://t.co/t5Ak2usHCsdefillama.com/liquidations/c…
Jul 27, 2023 19 tweets 8 min read
Airdrop Strategy: DEX Edition 🦄⚡️

7 protocols with no token:

• @matchaxyz by @0xProject
• @SlingshotCrypto
• @Clipper_DEX by @ShipyardSW
• @odosprotocol
• @MangroveDAO
• @bebop_dex by @wintermute_t
• @ambient_finance

Strategies for each DEX below. 🪂👇

🧵 1/16

Maverick was the most recent DEX to do an airdrop

Eligibility criteria:
• Trading
• Liquidity providing
• Governance participation
• Maverick NFT's
• Maverick Warrior Program roles

We will apply this criteria for each DEX strategy👇
Jul 26, 2023 8 tweets 4 min read
Airdrop Strategy: Zora airdrop confirmed? ⚪🪂

@ourZora recently changed their TOS and added the word "airdrops" 👀

• $ZORA token was already confirmed
• $ZORA airdrop confirmation?
• Funding: $60 million 💰

Details, timeline speculation, and strategy below. 👇

🧵 Image 1/6

Recap: what is Zora?

Similar to OpenSea, Zora is an NFT protocol and marketplace that enabled users to mint and trade NFTs.

They recently launched their own Layer 2 chain, built on top of the OP Stack.
Jul 24, 2023 8 tweets 5 min read

1. LayerZero launches on Linea & Base
2. Worldcoin is live
3. Arkham $ARKM airdrop
4. KZG Ceremony extended (contribute to ETH)

Alpha-packed, coffee-ready information on the latest weekly crypto developments.

Don't fall behind, stay informed!

Read time: ⏰ 6 minutes

🗞️👇 1/5

Past Events 📜

LayerZero launches on Linea

LayerZero launches on Base

Linea Voyage NFT's distributed

StarkNet announces Appchains

Jul 20, 2023 7 tweets 4 min read
Rare opportunity: How to be a part of Ethereum History

It could be a good snapshot to take 👀

♦️ The "KZG Ceremony" is a coordinated public ritual that provides a cryptographic foundation for Eth

Users can contribute randomness (free) to help support the chain.

📚 Tutorial 👇 1/5

What do you have to do to "contribute randomness" to Ethereum?

Just go to the Ethereum official website, follow the instructions, and sign the gasless transaction!

Time: 3 minutes ⏰
Deadline: 23 July 📅
Minimum of 8 transactions to participate 🎱
PC required 💻