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Sharing airdrop, yield farming, and DeFi strategies. Team @earndrop_io / Alpha Discord: https://t.co/bX7UxaIrg3
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Sep 23 14 tweets 7 min read

How to potentially get $OP:

• Governance participation (delegate)
• On-chain profile building (follow Optimism's quests)
• Alpha-research *protocols* that got $OP grants

These opportunities only exist in crypto. Take advantage 👇 1/11

It's really simpler than it looks:

• Optimism already published their first airdrop criteria
• Optimism confirmed that new airdrops will be launched
• We should complete these criteria in advance

100% speculation, but a good one in my opinion

Sep 21 7 tweets 4 min read

Today, @optimismFND published their own series of Quests, similar to what @arbitrum has been doing

Users that complete Quests can get 18/18 Optimism NFTs

Note: 14% of $OP is still ready to be airdropped 🪂

Quests below 👇 1/6

There is no relation between these quests and any $OP future airdrop, this is speculation.

By performing these on-chain tasks you are getting to know the ecosystem and building your on-chain profile, something that we know helped with Optimism's past airdrop
Sep 19 16 tweets 9 min read

Today's birds: @ArrakisFinance, @AtlendisLabs, @SyndicateDAO, @rocifi, @0vixProtocol

What's the Strategy? Prepare USDC and start earning DeFi passive income, while potentially getting airdrops

Strategy time: 1hr

Let's start 👇 Quick Announcement 📢

I'm part of @earndrop_io's team

It's a site where you enter your wallet and it shows if you have airdrops to claim 🪂

Also, with a free account, you can monitor 2 wallets and receive emails as soon as new airdrops launch

Try it: earndrop.io
Sep 16 7 tweets 3 min read
We might have been right about $INFURA

Today, @infura_io announced plans to decentralize its offerings (Web3 API services)

🦊 @MetaMask uses Infura to connect all wallets to Ethereum: both products are owned by Concensys

A thread on Infura's future 🧵

To address concerns that they are too centralized (@ChrisBlec, I know you'll like this as much as me, if done right)...

Infura announced plans to launch a decentralized infrastructure protocol early next year

(BTW, Infura is also used in IPFS, MATIC, STARK, OP, ARB, and more)
Sep 15 8 tweets 7 min read

Congrats to the Ethereum community for their hard work all these years.

Record this moment - a few historic POAPs / Mints right now 👇 1.

Claim the 4th official Merge POAP by sending 10 USDC/DAI/RAI to stateful.eth address (Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, or Optimism). I'd use Mainnet

No ETH accepted, 24hs to send

They will take 1-2 weeks to filter sybil attackers, so donate responsibly as you might get excluded
Sep 12 15 tweets 6 min read
3 days for the Ethereum Merge 🚀

ETH will be forked, that's a fact. Everyone will have ETH and $ETHW in their wallets

Can $ETHW be sold?

Short answer: yes
Long answer: it's simply an unnecessary risk, and probably not worth it

Here is how to do it - and why you shouldn't 🧵 bordel.wtf predicts the Ethereum Merge to be on Sep 15.

Some other sites are saying Sep 14!

The Ethereum Foundation is doing a viewing party live on Youtube:

This is a major milestone
Sep 11 13 tweets 3 min read

The future of finance is not risk-free - especially in this early stage.

Avoid getting hacked: minimize risk by taking precautions and by having discipline.

9 ways on how to do that 🧵 1. Do not install any unknown extensions

They can contain malicious code. Even if they are legitimate, their Google/Firefox's accounts can get hacked and someone can push malicious code.

For e.g., your clipboard could get hijacked and when you copy your wallet, it gets changed
Sep 10 22 tweets 14 min read

14Birds1Stone, Gitcoin edition v2

What is the Strategy? Choose your favourite causes on Gitcoin, donate, help out web3 expansion, and maybe get airdrops in the future

A curated list of 14 Gitcoin birds 🧙‍♂️

🧵 Important points:

• Gitcoin #15 lasts until Sep 22
• One of $OP criteria was Gitcoin donor (on Ethereum)
• Besides Ethereum, donating via zkSync + Argent can be a good idea $ZKS $ARGENT
• All birds here have "Quadratic Funding": this means that your donation is matched
Sep 2 10 tweets 3 min read

20 minutes ago, @sudoswap published a new $SUDO article

A thread on tokenomics and eligibility criteria 🧵 Initial supply: 60,000,000 $SUDO

• XMON holders: 25.12M, 41.9% coingecko.com/en/coins/xmon

• 0xmons NFT holders: 0.9M, 1.5% opensea.io/collection/0xm…

• Retroactive LP airdrop: 0.9M, 1.5%

• Treasury: 15.08M, 25.1%
Aug 30 9 tweets 3 min read
Pika Protocol Airdrop CONFIRMED! 🪂

I first shared @PikaProtocol in April 2022

Check if you are eligible to claim here 🧵 Verify if you are eligible: pikaprotocol.com/#/reward

(claimable from Sep 2, 2022)

Pika applied to receive a grant from Optimism in the form of $OP.

This application was accepted and the vote passed in Snapshot, so Optimism sent them 900,000 $OP tokens, almost 1,000,000 USD
Aug 29 12 tweets 4 min read

5 days ago, @Zerion_io published a new post: "Another Step Towards Decentralized Future"

In DeFi, usually decentralization > governance > community-owned tokens

What we know about $ZER so far, and how to maximize airdrop chances with on-chain interactions 🪂

Thread 🧵 A reminder that this is all speculation, and nothing is confirmed unless I directly quote an official source / screenshot / tweet.

Zerion has been hinting a decentralized future for some time.

Recently they introduced a 0.5% fee for swaps made using Zerion Swap
Aug 29 12 tweets 3 min read
My opinion on testnets

Lately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to filter out and follow airdrop alpha

From what I gather, I classify airdrops into three categories 1. retroactive, non-expected airdrops (usually DeFi, Ethereum protocols). Example: $DYDX, $RBN, $1INCH. The best, IMO

2. announced airdrops. these could be a bit scammy, and I usually do not cover them. especially if they require RTs/sharing/inviting friends, a waste of time.
Aug 27 12 tweets 5 min read

@arbitrum recently published a series of on-chain quests.

I think this is currently the best chance of getting an $ARBI airdrop, besides the Odyssey, which is coming soon

A thread: how to prepare 🧵 1/

Let's start with the updates for Arbitrum Odyssey

There's still no official date for the Odyssey to resume.

However, we know Arbitrum Nitro is coming next week (31/8), and Odyssey resumes shortly after.

Nitro will be a new version of Arbitrum, faster and more efficient
Aug 24 7 tweets 3 min read
DogeChain $DC airdrop confirmed 🪂

I'm not a big fan of this meme chain, but if you interacted between (01 Aug 22 - 23 Aug 22), then you have a retroactive airdrop ready in 12 hours

You only have 5 days to claim, then it's lost

Check if you can claim here 🧵 I. WHAT IS DOGECHAIN?

Devs launched (dogechain.dog) 10 days ago: 14M TVL

It links the real $DOGE with Web3 using Polygon technology. The Doge Chain is an EVM compatible blockchain, proof of stake Image
Aug 18 6 tweets 2 min read
How to get 500 $APTOS

Aptos is a new L1 blockchain that is launching this year.

Tomorrow, Aug 19, there's an opportunity to participate in what they call an "incentivized testnet"

How does this work? you run a node for 10 days, and then you get 500 $APTOS when they launch.

🧵 Aptos is currently on testnet. As opposed to mainnet, it means that it has not fully launched yet.

You can install a wallet and interact with the testnet blockchain, but money/tokens are not real.

If you are unfamiliar with Aptos, here's a thread I made

Aug 18 6 tweets 2 min read
$SAFE airdrop confirmed 🪂

25 minutes ago @gnosisSafe published the eligible wallet address list.

50M tokes airdropped (5%). Half available right now, half vested for 4 years.

Check if you are eligible: Image Wallet list: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…

Criteria: forum.gnosis-safe.io/t/proposal-saf…
Aug 14 17 tweets 13 min read
Airdrop Strategy #29: RabbitLens 🐰🌿

An opportunity to:

• get a .lens profile if you don't have one (no token)
• interact with @rabbithole_gg (no token)
• interact with @ourZORA (no token)
• interact with @prtyDAO (no token)

Save it for later or get started 👇 1/15

What is Rabbithole?

It's a platform that lets users complete web3 "Quests". For example: mint this NFT, swap this token...

When a Quest is completed, the user gets a reward. It could be: an NFT, POAP, crypto token...

In this case, the reward is an NFT, and a Lens profile
Aug 11 15 tweets 4 min read
Regarding ETHPoW: An Ethereum hard fork could be on the horizon.

Yesterday a made a thread on what it could mean.

This is a follow-up:

(i) what is a hard fork
(ii) risks of interacting with a forked chain
(iii) what happens with L2s?
(iv) why would a hard fork happen?

🧵👇 This is the original thread, in case you missed it.


Spanish version:
Aug 10 18 tweets 6 min read
An Ethereum Hard Fork is coming. You might want to:

• Maximize on-chain ETH for when it happens (withdraw from CEXes)
• Take an ETH loan
• Dump all PoW assets for ETHPoW
• Have a ready-to-go account on the greedy exchanges supporting the sh*t-chain

Thread on ETHPoW 🧙‍♂️👇 1/13

If you were here for BCH/BTG Bitcoin forks, then you know these were amongst the first airdrops in history 🪂


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - Mkt cap: 2B. Price: $140
Bitcoin Gold (BTG) - Mkt cap: 500M. Price: $30

BTC price: $24,000

BCH, BTG and BTC have the same supply, 21M
Aug 9 16 tweets 9 min read
Airdrop Strategy: TheKraken 🐙

There's a new NFT AMM player in town: @sudoswap

No token yet, but $SUDO coming 🪂

• it works with liquidity pools
• you add liquidity (NFT/ETH)
• earn trading fees
• place limit buy/sell orders

A breakdown: how it works and how to try it 🧵 1/15

Sudoswap, by @0xmons and team, was born as an OTC tool for NFT trading. Built on top of 0x protocol.

You can still use the old product: otc.sudoswap.xyz

We are here, though, to talk about the new sudoAMM. It supports concentrated liquidity provision for NFTs.
Aug 5 18 tweets 14 min read
A Megathread on @optimismFND 🔴

+30,000,000 $OP tokens have been airdropped to multiple different protocols

• How to earn some of those 30M $OP
• What protocols got/will get an $OP airdrop to distribute 🪂
• Governance updates

Several opportunities in a bear market

1/15🧵 On this thread:

1. Info you can use to get $OP right now (via high farming APRs or via potential airdrops)

2. Info you can use in the future when more protocols receive their $OP share

If you don't have time to get to it right now, like the first tweet and read it later ⚡️