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May 11 15 tweets 4 min read
Have healthy respect for Surajmal & Badan Singh.

1. As descendants of Karauli Jadauns from a Jat concubine, hence they inherited the genes of bravery of their paternal lineage.

2. Both throughout their lives remained loyal vassals to Amber Kachawahas & fought for them. However, #Dilli_Jiti is more of a abusive jibe than a historical fact.

Facts speak otherwise. Sardar Jang who had usurped power in the reign of young Mughal Emperor had antagonised almost everyone of the Mughal Grandees, his treatment of the Emperor & his self aggrandisement…
May 9 6 tweets 2 min read

“गुजरेस गम्भीर नीर नीझर निझरीयो, अति अथाह दाऊद बुंद बुँदन उब्बरीयो।

घाम घूँट ‘रघुराय जाम’ ज़लधर हरि लिंहव, हिंदू-तुरक तालाब को न कर्दमवस किंहव।

कवि गंग अकबर अक्क अन, नृप-निपाण सब बस करिय।

राणा प्रताप रयनाक मझ, छिन डुब्बत, छिन उच्चरिय।।

(सूर्य रूपी अकबर ने… Image गुर्जरेश्वर गम्भीर पराक्रम-जल को नीझार दिया, दाऊद का अथाह जल था उसे भी निशेष कर दिया, जाम देश रघुराय का जल भी हर लिया, हिंदू-तुरक कौन बचा जिसका मान मर्दन नही किया अकबर रूपी सूर्य ने, किंतु यह अकबर रूपी सूर्य भी प्रताप रूपी रत्नाकर (समुंदर) में क्षण क्षण डूब गया)

Apr 26 15 tweets 4 min read
Chandelas were the only one who successfully fought off Mahmud of Ghazna in his 1018 raid across central India.
Islamic Invaders had brushed aside Rajyapala, Pratihar ruler of Kannauj who fled but met a formidable foe in #Bida as called by Ibn al Athir, or Vidhyadhar Chandela. Rajyapala Pratihar was killed by Arjuna, the Kachachagapata feudatories of Chandela Vidhyadhar, as per the Dubkund inscription for his cowardice against Mahmud.
Muslim chronicles have not been truthful about Mahmud’s failure against Vidhyadhara Chandela. However, Ibn al Athir…
Apr 24 5 tweets 3 min read
Interestingly, there are NO contemporary sources which speak of Teg Bahadur being executed in 1675, no Persian or even Sikh sources exist except those written at the end of 18 century on “testimony of trustworthy Sikhs”.

Gulam Hussain in 1780, Siyar ul Mukhtaram, a 100 years… afterwards speaks of him as a refractory leader. But the account is not very convincing.

JS Grewal in Cambridge History of India, “he was released on intercession by Kunwar Ram Singh, son of Mirza Raja Jai Singh of MEWAR 😂”
And then went to Assam to fight on Mughal side…
Apr 23 11 tweets 3 min read
Babu Kunwar Singh, immortal hero of the First War of Independence. He’s credited with most victories against British than any other Indian General.
This miniature was found in the bedchamber of Nawab of Farrukhabad.
Belonged to Ujjainiya Parmaras who moved to Bihar in 14 Century. 80 years had not dimmed his love for his country nor vigour for a good fight, howsoever strong the opposition might be.

British judicial officer thus described him, “Kuer Singh was a tall man about 7 feet, with arms reaching his knees… a first swordsman, spears man & a rider…”
Apr 22 5 tweets 2 min read
Ever since Karauli erupted in communal frenzy & Hindus faced violence, there has been a concerted anti Rajput narrative being peddled by ONE CASTE & SANGHI STOOGES !

Interestingly, they are questioning an organisation which came into light for protesting against a Movie for… wrong depiction/portrayal of Rani Padmini.

Firstly, Organisation has never claimed itself to be some Hindu Saviour like RSS.

Secondly, it has always been vocal about its role as a community based organisation.

Thirdly, it has no pretensions to Sainthood like #Khaki_Chaddis !
Apr 9 6 tweets 2 min read
That’s a Lie !

We’d love if this guy really criticised Modi but this guy has deep rooted Abrahamic Hatred for Hindu Religion & Hindus.

No, he doesn’t speak for Dalits but spews Hate for Others. Dalits in India have most Discriminatory Rights vis a vis Others.

You’d be jailed.. if you called a Dalit by his Caste name.
If a Dalit accuses Others of any Crime, it automatically becomes evidence, nothing else is required under Indian Laws.

A Dalit can get you jailed for looking at him, if he doesn’t like you, ask anyone in India.

Dalit can send you to …
Apr 8 8 tweets 2 min read
A disconcerting thing about this tweet is the obnoxious comparison between the two poles of “धार्मिक आचरण” & yet cumulative of them is a 20 century contrivance which has become the Call Sign of Sanghi Stables !

Mewar has a history in antiquity from 6 to 20 century uninterrupted. Guhilot Rawals & Sisodia Ranas are standard bearers of Dharma, their conduct is not sullied by crimination of rapine, plunder & loot of fellow Hindu, especially as henchmen of Islamic invaders.

Never bowed down to the Islamic Hordes nor paid obeisance of ‘Paibos’ or ‘Sijda’ !
Apr 6 15 tweets 3 min read
16 July 1679 🙏

Raja Jaswant Singh of Marwar had died without an heir on 28 Nov 1678, however two of his wives were pregnant.
Jadaun Ji & Naruki Ji, both were not allowed to commit Sati. Rathores marched from Peshawar to home & wrote back to avoid conflict with Emperor, to… keep peace as long as heir is born to the pregnant Queens, also asked the representative to request for Sojat & Jaitaran if Emperor doesn’t agree to give Jodhpur to the future heir, while they marched home through hostile territories.
Rathores at home started building up force..
Apr 3 12 tweets 2 min read
A remarkable confession is attached to the engagement of Nine Articles given by Balaji Bajirao & Chimna Ji, his uncle by Peshwa’s own hand reads thus, “that Ballajee intended in future to do everything candour & sincerity dictated to obey Emperor’ wishes as appeared best…” Nine Articles of the 1743 Treaty with Mughals. Following is the translation of Articles of Agreement of Ballajee Row & Chimnajee Row.

“As from beneficence & bounty of Subahdari of Malwa has been bestowed upon the servants Ballajee & Chimna jee, we are willing to perform our…
Mar 22 6 tweets 2 min read
In Hindi, “कहीं की ईंट, कहीं का रोड़ा और भानुमति ने कुनबा जोड़ा” 😂

Inability of the V3 to come to terms to their ancestry in wake of Cheap Sanskritisation provided by rogues for alms has been taken too seriously by the V3s.

Brits for all their faults kept a detailed record… of the shenanigans of these V3s starting at dawn of 20 century. Egged on by organisations like Arya Samaj & rogue elements in Brahmin community, they started the myriad #Mahasabhas, all claiming Kshatriy status & elevated social stratification.

A mere look at the Census Report..
Mar 20 4 tweets 1 min read
The recent killing of a Dalit boy by a couple of Rajpurohit boys is consequence of a Fake Case filed by #Jitendra_Meghwal against the those two, it forced these boys to seek employment in far off Surat fearing police action.

The family of the boys falsely accused by Meghwal… were trying to come to a compromise even offering money but the victim was playing his Dalit Card & threatening the family with jail in a Fake Case filed in 2020.

As is the norm in Rajasthan, those who work outside come back for Holi, even more than Diwali. These two too had…
Feb 23 12 tweets 3 min read
#23_February is a date etched in stone by the blood of Rajputs in what is exclusively a Rajput tradition of Jauhar & Saka.
No race/community in the world has so oft repeated this unheard of & unparalleled feat of Last Stands so readily over centuries.

It was 23 February 1568 ! Akbar had sat before mighty Chitrakoot (Chittorgarh) for months with resources of an empire aiding his pursuit of personal glory & subjugation of #Hindua_Suraj, Rana of Mewar.

Prima Donna of reigning Hindu Princes. Rana Udai Singh sat on the hallowed throne of Kumbha & Sanga !
Feb 21 12 tweets 3 min read
राज बणाया राजव्यां,भाषा थरपी ज्यान ।
बिन भाषा रै भायला,क्यां रो राजस्थान ॥

रोटी-बेटी आपणी,भाषा अर बोवार ।
राजस्थानी है भाई,आडो क्यूं दरबार ॥

राजस्थानी रै साथ में,जनम मरण रो सीर ।
बिन भाषा रै भायला,कुत्तिया खावै खीर ।। पंचायत तो मोकळी,पंच बैठिया मून ।
बिन भाषा रै भायला,च्यारूं कूंटां सून ॥

भलो बणायो बाप जी,गूंगो राजस्थान ।
बिन भाषा रै प्रांत तो,बिन देवळ रो थान॥

आजादी रै बाद सूं,मून है राजस्थान ।
अपरोगी भाषा अठै,कूकर खुलै जुबान ॥
Feb 12 6 tweets 2 min read
PM is factually wrong !

Ambedkar’s father was a Subedar in British Army, a respected post with fine salary.
Ambedkar was only 5 when his mother died & had moved to Dapoli in 1894, where was the well in MHOW, an army Cantonment ?

Ambedkar doesn’t speak of this incident either. Ambedkar developed this theory of ostracism later in life to justify his hatred for Hinduism after failing his political ambitions.
He was given his name by a Brahmin teacher, he was sent on scholarship by Baroda ruler, appointed to Constituent Assembly by Sardar Patel & Nehru.
Feb 10 6 tweets 3 min read
An interesting study by Christophe Jaffrelot in his book, “Religion, Caste & Politics in India”!

He speaks of ‘changing identity of Jats in North; kshatriy, Kisan or backwards ?

Jats have conveniently claimed all three in the last last hundred years of their evolution. Image He says that it was Arya Samaj which influenced Jats into Sanskritisation or Aryanisation. Jats appreciated Dayanand for questioning Brahmins & praised Jats for opposing Brahminism. First Jats who joined Arya Samaj were attracted by Radha Kishan, father of Lala Lajpat Rai, Hissar Image
Feb 2 8 tweets 4 min read
Cursing, abusing Rajputs is modern day phenomenon thanks to our Casteist Politics.
Historically, from times ancient to medieval they have been at the vanguard of Dharma.
They virtually upturned the Vyavastha in ancient times with Mahavira & Buddha standing up for the OTHER ! It’s not just the valour & chivalry but their pursuit of spiritual beliefs are unparalleled in the history of mankind (peoplekind 😂)
Both founded Sects which flourished especially Buddha, the Shakya Prince who broke all geographical barriers to be worshipped across Asia.
Jan 8 11 tweets 3 min read
The Subalternism of history is an ongoing project of @RSSorg & @BJP4India, it’s similar to Sanskritisation & Kshatriyisation of mostly Shudras & Vaisyas in early 20 Century by Brahmins On Hire for the highest bidders.

Among the castes which had their histories rewritten were… Jats, Ahirs, Gujjars, Kurmis… Interestingly, out of these only Jats had a claim to martial traditions of sort in Sind in 8 Century but were FIRST to convert to Islam !
They moved to Punjab in 9-11 centuries & later by 13 century had become petty landholders, had looted Mahmud…