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10 Jun
Law student cleared any wrongdoing after saying “women have vaginas”

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A mature law student at the University of Abertay subject to complaints after saying women have vaginas and are physically weaker (olumorocktv.com/two-men-jailed…)than men has been cleared of wrongdoing by her university.
29-year-old Lisa Keogh also expressed concern about trans women's participation in women's mixed martial arts at a video seminar on gender feminism and law held at the University of Abertay.
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10 Jun
Siblings who force-fed a man while he slept on a train have been jail for manslaughter.

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A brother and sister were sentenced to prison (olumorocktv.com/south-african-…)for manslaughter after forcing-feeding their friend a kebab while he slept.
34-year-old David Noble and 24-year-old Nicole Cavin were on the train to Barrow, Cumbria in March 2019 when they began to stuff meat into the sleeping 56-year-old David Clark’s Mouth (google.com/amp/s/www.dail…)
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9 Jun
Kanye West and Irina Shayk are dating: They’re ‘into each other’

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Kanye West and Irina Shayk are dating, multiple sources (olumorocktv.com/kim-kardashian…)confirmed to Page Six. (pagesix.com/2021/06/09/kan…)

The duo had been seeing one other for a brief time while on vacation in France for his 44th birthday.
“Kanye and Irina are seeing each other. It’s casual at the moment, but they are into each other,” an insider shared.

“It’s been going on for a few weeks now.”
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9 Jun
A South African mother sets a new record by giving birth to ten babies at once.

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According to reports, a South African (olumorocktv.com/32-year-old-so…) mother has given birth to ten babies at the same time, breaking a global record set just last month.
37-year-old (google.com/amp/s/www.afri…) Gosiame Thamara Sithole is already the mother of 6-year-old twins. At first she thought she would have eight children.
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8 Jun
French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped in the face during crowd walkabout (Video)

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French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped in the face by a man. (olumorocktv.com/french-preside…)
According to BFM TV (google.com/amp/s/news.sky…) and RMC radio reports on Tuesday, June 8, the embarrassing incident occurred during a crowd walking meeting in the Drom area in southeastern France.
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8 Jun
1,833 girls aged 10-19 impregnated in Tororo, Uganda within 90 days

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The Tororo region of Uganda reported that teenage pregnancy (olumorocktv.com/44-people-arre…) rates suddenly increased within three months, threatening to shorten school-age girls’ pursuit of education. Daily Monitor UG reported on Tuesday, June 8.
The information was contained in data presented by the district bio-statician, Mr Ali Mugerwa (monitor.co.ug/uganda/news/na…), during a district stakeholder’s dialogue held June 4 by National Association of Women Organisation of Uganda.
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8 Jun
Brazil: 7 naked and hungry children were found locked in a “horror house”

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Seven starving naked children were found locked in a dirty apartment in Brazil and rescued (olumorocktv.com/brazilian-poli…)
The children (google.com/amp/s/www.dail…)belong to two mothers and are between 3 and 7 years old. They are taken care of by a 13-year-old girl who is the sister of the children’s mother.
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8 Jun
US recovers ransom payment made after colonial pipeline hack

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The U.S. Department of Justice stated in a statement on Monday, June 7 that U.S. investigators have recovered millions of dollars in cryptocurrency paid to Russian ransomware (olumorocktv.com/russian-crimin…)hackers in colonial pipeline cyber attacks.
“Earlier today, the Department of Justice has found and recaptured the majority of ransom Colonial paid to the DarkSide network in the wake of the ransomware attack,” said Lisa Monaco, the US deputy attorney general, during a press conference.
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8 Jun
British Police admitted to kidnapping and raping Sarah Everard and took responsibility for her death

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Sarah Everard was kidnapped and raped by a Metropolitan Police officer (olumorocktv.com/sarah-everards…), who has pled guilty.

At The Old Bailey on Tuesday, Wayne Couzens,48, accepted responsibility for the death of Ms Everard,33, but was not asked to enter a plea to a murder charge.
A post mortem last week revealed that the marketing executive died from a compression of the neck, after going missing in south London (metro.co.uk/2021/06/08/sar…) on March 3. Her body was found in Kent woodland a week after she was last seen leaving a friend’s house in Clapham.
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7 Jun
Fitness fanatic mother showed her body changes after giving birth in the jaw-dropping transition

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A 35-year-old fitness model revealed (olumorocktv.com/malin-andersso…)how it took her 11 months to recover after welcoming her second child.

Emily Skye boasts 2.5 million followers on Instagram (dailystar.co.uk/latest/instagr…) where she uses her platform to open up about her fitness regime.

Now the Australian, who is the creator of Emily Skye Fit, took to social media to share her postpartum journey.

The mum-of-two wrote: "#11monthspostpartum.

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7 Jun
A man who raped and killed two schoolgirls could be set free.

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The Parole Board has determined that a man who raped and killed two schoolgirls (olumorocktv.com/serial-rapist-…) could be released from jail.
After strangling Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth, both 15 years old, in Leicestershire in 1983 and1986, Colin Pitchfork was sentenced to life in prison.
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25 May
Kanye West and Irina Shayk dating rumors sparked after US gossip site links Kim Kardashian’s ex with supermodel

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Kanye West, 43, has been linked (olumorocktv.com/kim-kardashian…) to Irina Shayk after his split from Kim Kardashian.

The rapper and Russian supermodel, 35, are "dating", according to US gossip site DeuxMoi (instagram.com/stories/deuxmo…). Image
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