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28 Jun
How to be the Man that Society needs?

The Path to Self Reliance

Most men in their 20s or in late 20s are not Men

They are boys

They got the age in number but lack the Maturity
They are the lost kids who lacked great Role Models

Their Dads forgot to instill the Man skills in them

That's why dudes are in a miserable spot today
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21 Jun
How to deal with procrastination?

4 Practical frameworks that work

NOTE: Don't procrastinate reading this thread by adding it to your bookmarks

1. Important Necessary Urgent

Categorize your tasks in this way

Important tasks - Put them on your calendar with a deadline

Necessary tasks- You have to do them in your waking hours no matter what happens

Urgent - These are the tasks that must be done in your mornings
2. Use the calendar

Procrastination happens because you don't define a proper timeslot for every task

Start using google calendars


-Expected time to finish

To every task

-Wake up
-Check your calendar
-Get shit done
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15 Jun
A guide for increasing your self-awareness

The quality of life you are living right now is an outcome of your self-awareness


Look back

and you ll find 80% of your LIFE DECISIONS were not yours
You see most people will never know what they want in their life

They want to live like someone else to impress someone else

So that they can feel good in front of someone else

this shit is hilarious & it's happening all around
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12 Jun
If life is happening to you

and you lost control over your Health Finances & social life

Likes to stay in the room

Stalking random chicks on Ig

This is your go-to guide for getting your life back on track

Note: basics never change

-THREAD- Image
Either I can give you the advice that really works or

I can give you the fluffy Duffy shit that makes you feel good but is not actionable

AS you know me

I always go with the first one
1. Stop hanging out with losers

You learn by osmosis

There is a reason why you do the things you do?

there is a reason why you think the way you think?

I'll not get into the neurological details
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11 Jun
How to be fearless?

3 Knowledge packed principles

-Heavy Thread -
So over you is the greatest enemy a man can have and that is fear

I know some of you are afraid to listen to the truth

You have been raised on fear and lies, But I am going to preach you the truth until you are free of that fear - Malcolm X
I don't like quoting someone else but this was necessary

You see

An average man never makes big in his life

It's not that he don't want to

It's just that his real Thoughts Actions Words are constrained by fear
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10 Jun
How to persuade people?

Advanced Version

1. Anchoring

Ever watched a standup comedy

Comedian takes one punch line

and repeats it 10 times in the same show

But still

People laugh their ass out on it

Why is that?

Why does it happen?

Is the comedian that funny

NO !!

He uses anchoring
He anchors his audience

He pairs an EMOTION with a WORD

and you get anchored on it

Next time you listen to that word

You feel the same Emotion
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8 Jun
How to persuade people?

-THREAD- Image
You are either manipulating in a conversation
or you are getting manipulated

You are doing it all the time

With your friends family even with your kids

Normies won't accept it

But this is the truth
I'll not tell you the whole Robert Greene stuff here


Here are some practical tips that you can use in your next conversation for

persuading people
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7 Jun
The truth about Self Mastery & Darkness

A letter to my younger self

From your deepest core

There is one trait that makes you a human being

It's your need to belong with other humans

You want it

I want it

Everyone wants it

That's why the biggest punishment a human can get is
Solitary confinement

But think of the man who has mastered being alone

Who doesn't fear the company of himself?

Whose body has accepted the fact that

The resources will come & Go

There is no point in getting attached to a

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6 Jun
How to read people and avoid getting manipulated?

Have you seen those dudes who seemed to just get
other people

They exactly know the right set of words that will unlock
the other human

Honestly speaking

They are no different than you and me

They have just mastered a skill

Here is how you can do that too
1. Grasp on the motivation

People behave the way they do for a reason

Their is a motive behind every action

You are reading this thread for a reason too

Once you can grab the motivation behind someone's words

You can Predict their actions
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5 Jun
Understanding the Dark Triad


Humans can do anything for winning

They can go to any fucking extent if victory is promised

Be it using Manipulation or breaking the rules

You can pay any price for the prize if you are driven for it
People who are charismatic & good at persuading others
scores high on Machiavellianism

Those people are called MACHS

Machs are highly driven people

You'll always find them at the apex of their game
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4 Jun
Understanding the Dark Triad

Taking a deeper dive into your dark psychology

Humans use & abuse each other all the time

People around you are waiting to take some advantage of you
in one way or another

In every situation of your life
You are either Manipulating or getting manipulated

NO one ever taught a newborn baby to cry

He cries for his survival

he knows that he can get anything just by crying
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3 Jun
Why @LoganPaul 's performance dropped by 50%

Before even entering the ring?

You see 2 fighters in this video

I see a hunter & prey

Here is the complete video breakdown

how @FloydMayweather frame crushed this kid ??

1. This is not a fight its an exhibition

2. I love the logan kid, he got some amazing energy

3. This 50-sec video will teach you more about FRAME than any other piece of information

Keep reading
1. First 3 second

Logan backed off

Mayweather claimed that it's his territory

Area lost

First Clean Punch landed
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2 Jun
How to use Non-Verbal Communication to your advantage?

Decoding the body language Game

-THREAD- Image
90 % of communication is non-verbal

Attraction for women is based on sub communication game

Words can lie but your body cannot

Here is how you can master this art
1. Don't lean in

Leaning conveys neediness

It conveys that you are overly excited to talk to that person

Your value drops when you do that
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1 Jun
How to regain your lost Masculinity?

4 habits to adapt to become a man that society needs

It breaks my heart

When I see dudes in their early 20s wasting their gift

-In doing dumb shit
-Being depressive
-and dangling around life with no purpose

If you feel like a trapped piece of shit & want to take action

then & only then read ahead
1. Jerk off to life

If you masturbate like a degenerate this is for you

Understand that masturbation is not the problem

the problem is you want to feel high by wrong methods

Instead of going after fulfilling stuff

you just hammer your dick
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30 May
How to become an Alpha Male?

5 principles that will make you the man you were born to be

1. Becoming the highest self

A lion will never eat grass

it's just not his standards

he knows he is built for hunting & eating raw fresh meat

The same goes for an alpha male

he knows for a fact that the greatest experiences of life are waiting for him
If he wants to seize them

he has to continuously work on himself

and make his body & mind a lethal weapon
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29 May
I have been writing threads consistently for the past 60 days

Some of them did okay

Some of them did really well

And almost 2 of them got kind of viral

Here is my complete writing process


You have to understand that in a narrow way there are 2 kinds of threads

1.Truth threads

2. Provider threads

Truth threads are kind of threads in which the writer shares his own

-Certain hacks
-His view of the world (idea dissection )
The latest example of such kind of banger truth thread is

@Yannick_Veys SEO thread

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27 May
How to become an entitled mofo?

3 secrets of having GOD like congruency

-THREAD- Image
Let's start with the truth my boy

It's great to be humble

To be respectful to everyone

But the truth is 90% of people are shit

They live in their own crafted reality

Their circle of life just comprises of themselves
If you want to persuade them for something

You have to breach their personal space

You have to display a certain sense of entitlement

What I mean by that is

Your words & actions should convey that

This mofo is some real deal
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26 May
If your so-called Girlfriend is losing interest in you

Not replying to your texts as usual

Do these 5 things to reignite the fire

Most girls start losing interest in you because

You have been a little bitch somewhere

The level of your bitchiness matter

But let's see
1. Remove your attention

Your attention is her currency

Stop texting her

stop calling her

If you are filled with neediness &

It will be hard for you
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24 May
How to raise your self-esteem?

The truth about having insane confidence

🚨8k celebration giveaway🚨

1. The right thing

Whatever you think is right to do at this very moment
is actually the stuff that you should do

If you choose to do it without any judgment

Without fear

Without letting your ego seep in
When you do it

You prove to your brain that you are confident

This is fucking it
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23 May
How to flirt without coming across as creepy?

3 mistakes you are doing unknowingly that kills the vibe of an interaction

Okay my boy

So when you flirt with girls

You didn't get the appropriate reaction that you want



You say shit for yourself, not for any approval or validation

But you have to be aware of what's going on

Else you'll kill the VIBE
1. Logic

Flirting is not logical

It does 'not have a structured format


Stop talking too much logical shit

It doesn't make you look cool

You look like a socially awkward person

who doesn't know what to talk?

Stop doing that
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22 May
How to ignite her feminity when she is with you?

5 Simple hacks that no one knows about

1. No small talks

Instead of having a generic boring conversation

Isolate her

Ask her open-ended questions

Let her talk about herself

Know her better

Make her feel good about herself
2. Be Congruent

Don't try too hard

this is the real pandemic among guys

Have the best interest for her

Speak in a way that demonstrates it

Don't use pickup lines & routines

It will make you look like a pussy
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