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14 Jan
Here were my 2020 Trading Resolutions (last year) and a rundown on how I did following them:

1) Avoid FOMO & Follow Stops
2) Hide P&L
3) Gameplan the open
4) Define swing trades
5) Introduce a new feature for
1) Avoid FOMO - Failing grade, I can't do it.

For me this is $TSLA or the SPAC craze or the EV/Battery/Charging runs.
A stock or a sector gets on fire.

It feels like everyone and their idiot cousin is getting rich on these stocks and I'm the only moron sitting on the sidelines missing out on all the fun.
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13 Jan
What's your definition of 'Fuck you' Money?

I'll go first:

Throwing away the lotion without fishing out the last 1/4 that's stuck in the bottom
Give examples

(The more ridiculous the better)
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18 Oct 19
$BA Boeing Six-Figure Friday Trade Opportunity

FULL DISCLOSURE: I DID NOT MAKE SIX FIGURES ON THIS TRADE (and I'll fully explain how I butchered this massive opportunity)
Another Monster Trade Opportunity on an Expiration Friday.

When news breaks we trade options to take advantage of their immense leverage power to maximize profits.

Never is this more apparent than on Expiration Fridays when we can purchase cheap options, and ride them into the money where their value can explode exponentially.
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1 Oct 19
Some thoughts on the best trade I ever made.

It was the closest thing to a perfect trade I have ever made and I've never felt that way about a single trade before.
I was the perfect set up for my favorite style of trading, day-trading news using options.

You have an unknown event, that leads to a violent move in the stock and options and it all occurs on an a Friday, so I can buy cheap expiring options in size.
The news I'm referring to is the rumor the White House was considering de-listing Chinese companies, reported by BBG.

And while this trade was available across a large number of Chinese ADRs the one I focused on was Alibaba $BABA
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31 Jan 19
I find it utterly shameful the current trend of how companies are treating the public markets and investors these days
From the late stage Bagholder IPOs as a means for insiders and executives to cash out, to Companies eschewing traditional GAAP earnings for their ever changing Non GAAP reports, to now deciding to stop reporting certain metrics altogether
$AAPL will no longer divulge iPhone, iPad or Mac #s
$FB will soon no longer divulge user #s
$GM & $F will stop with monthly sales #s
Trump wants to end quarterly reports altogether (and Buffet and Dimon support this)
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