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Have healthy babies 🍼 🥇Our first-of-its-kind test quantifies how your genetics will impact your future child 🧬 Get access 👇 ➡️ https://t.co/8GHqCLYCIk ⬅️
7 Apr
We believe every couple that wants to conceive, should be able to do so confidently.

Announcing Orchid, a first-of-its-kind, ultra high resolution genetic testing system for couples.

Orchid’s focus is to help couples have healthy babies.

Today, couples go into the most consequential moment of their life—conceiving their child—blind.

Couples have no visibility into how their genetics will impact their future child’s health.
Couples with family members who suffer from diseases like schizophrenia are so consumed with fear around passing on the condition that some forgo having children at all.

We’re here to change that.
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