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24 Jun 20
This is ludicrous. So the LPC Govt should interfere in the justice system? Make up your damn minds #cdnmedia media and #cdnpoli. When JWR was asked to consider something that was tantamount to judicial interference but apparently this interference is ok. What a farce.
Allowing, through hostage taking, the Chinese Govt to force our Govt to override a independent judicial decision is - to me -much more dangerous to the integrity of our judicial system than asking JWR to consider sending a directive, as was within her power, to the DPP. Wake up.
We all wants these two Canadians home. I’ll be damned though if our Govt should bow to China and corrupt our judicial independence in the process. All those former Parliamentarians can crow all they want from the peanut gallery but I hope the #LPC Govt doesn’t bend. #cdnpoli
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18 Mar 20
If you're in regulated #cannabis sector -- whether you're small, medium or large -- it's time to reach out to your elected reps. I've listed a number of areas where @GovCanHealth can assist this industry, as well as where we need help in terms of eco stimulus. #cdnpoli/1
Key steps #cdnpoli must take to help small, medium & large regulated #cannabis producers:

➡️Moratorium on paying 2.3% revenue share (confine to Q1, forgo rest of year revenue)
➡️ Temp lowering of excise taxes on cannabis
➡️ Access to all stimulus funding, incl through
Regulatory tweaks that @GovCanHealth can take to assist the regulated #cannabis sector ensure business continuity during #COVID19: /1 #cdnpoli
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