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Support and advocacy for families with children who think they are transgender. Our Duty is to protect our children from serious harm. 🛡️ https://t.co/Pd6ILF5ldj
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19 Jul
Chase Strangio has tweeted a thread presenting one point of view on opposite sex imitation medicine (OSIM) also known as 'gender affirming care' (by those that don't). A response from Our Duty to each 'fact check' is provided next each tweet.
Twitters censorship algorithms are hiding our replies beyond even the 'show more replies' button. Sinister.
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12 Dec 19
We had representation at The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust governors' meeting today. Much of interest was covered. We asked questions. Full report later.
I'll skip the stuff that's not relevant to our cause (e.g. 100th anniversary celebrations, progress at their school, budget report, etc. etc.)
Highlights of the CEO's report:
There is a GIDs improvement plan being implemented.
Focus on: (a) Safeguarding, (b) Consent at the endocrine clinic, (c) Documenting the outcome of assessment.
What do you see from these?
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