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16 Oct
@Dr_Why8 It is somewhat complex. Kelly was born at the time of Eureka, a likely influenceThe police force that pursued & captured him was populated with ex miner inspectors known to be corrupt. The first Royal Commission in this country after his execution found them guilty of misconduct.
@Dr_Why8 Kelly was also raised in poverty. His mother's/family's experience against squattocracy landowners who dominated the land angered him. His father had died & his mother & her sisters set up a tavern accomodation business in Kilmore that improved their circumstances for a time.
@Dr_Why8 There was criminality in his family. The uncle/brother to his mother on release from prison returned & in a drinking bout he caused the tavern to burn down. His father - an ex convict - had died of dropsy & was also alcoholic. Ned is not reputed to have been an alcoholic.
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