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Feb 25, 2023 10 tweets 2 min read
I wish someone would give me a load of cash so I can start my dream... A live-in therapeutic service. Like a hotel but you go there for 3 months to heal deeply embedded chronic trauma. Daily therapy is the only mandatory activity but you choose which you want. Therapists available would specialise in a range of therapies from art to psychoanalysis. The 1st week is spent trying each one to see what works & which therapist you bond with. Then there's a range of optional activities like massages, yoga, art, music lessons, on site library
Feb 24, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
I asked a few nights ago if nothing was making sense on here for others as it wasn't for me. It turns out, it's still not.

Now I find myself unable to pick up satire, jokes etc. Unless it's obv, I'm not getting it anymore.

It's like something has just broken in my brain. The only thing I can think is that after feeling like I might be autistic, I've unconsciously flipped a switch to unmask or something and not much about human communication is making sense anymore.

Is this anyone else's experience? One day it becomes obvious after masking?