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Another human doing my best to make sense of our world. Former Dem political hack, 1992~2020. Po' white trash with a JD. #freeperegrimmer #freedrrollergator
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16 Jan
Interesting story. John Sullivan cd be a sincere "revolutionary" with shallow/vague "burn it down" politics, an Adderall habit, emotional dysreg, love of adrenaline, & bad impulse control. Or one or more other things cd be going on with him.…
Evidence is a mixed bag. RadLeft are prone to paranoia for obvs reasons. & some of their complaints are silly. Stole a chant without attribution?? πŸ™„

But sounds like he was repeatedly reckless, caused grief, wdn't acknowledge it (a def type.) So locals wanted him out.
Anyone else notice this correction at the end? Was the original identification of Kevin J. Sullivan an error? It's unclear.

Since when do family acquaintances have standing to ask for a name to be withheld? What's the justification or rationale? I don't get it.
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16 Jan
CLARIFICATION: p sure print on frmr Rep Ford's wall is a Warhol (#1 in SS.)

Times like these try men's souls, make us more vulnerable to confirmation bias, & make us more prone to false positive identification of threats.

So a) check sources, & also b) allow grace for errors.
Ford was born into the corporate Dem political class. Yes, a bunch of those folks & various int'l orgs & oligarchs keep using similar, vaguely Commie-sounding rhetoric. But if you smack a Commie label on a DLC Dem over that & a Warhol, you'll lose persuadables.

Do not recommend.
I DO feel a bit inspired by my search for Warhol Maos tho.

How much fun would it be to troll TH outta the CCP by flooding Twitter with Warhol-inspired (but definitely mocking) Xi memes? 🀭
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15 Jan
A Truth & Reconciliation Commission, but for the CIA.
A Truth & Reconciliation Commission, but for Twitter.
A Truth & Reconciliation Commission, but for Facebook & the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative.
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14 Jan
Is this legit or disinfo? I'm not finding reliable Norwegian sources reporting on it, but I don't know Norwegian sources, let alone which ones are reasonably reliable.

Ping me back if you've seen anything on Norway changing their vax recs that is seemingly verified/verifiable.
I suspect as much, but given certain quarters' success in remarkably constraining & policing bounds of narrative here & constrained narratives' strange alignment w CCP political preferences, am also aware of possibility that similar issues cd occur in EU

Hoping one or more of my European followers can help provide insight/links to decent sources reporting on the claim & maybe context abt any platform's known biases one shd take into account.
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14 Jan
For folks familiar with Armie Hammer's background - things that make ya go hmmm.

(IOW, get ready, bc this is gonna set some Q anon folks *off* when they catch wind of it)
No need to Google - it's trending right here on Tw
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14 Jan
Holy cow - listening to an Eric Swalwell floor speech from today. He is such a phony doofus.
Ugh - the Castro twin is just as bad.

Painful levels of phoniness.
Next one's a more performatively histrionic phony:

"This hateful rhetoric is another deadly virus. It is time to remove it from its host. To heal, we need accountability & truth. That begins by acknowledging the President's dangerous lies & their deadly consequences."
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19 Dec 20
I don't think zeitgeist is going this way, but jic it might - I'd resist welcoming in concentration camp-happy overlords, FWIW.

(Xi's culturally genociding Muslim Uighur minority right now. CCP aren't freedom loving people)

Always thought this song random (lyrics are nuts) 🧡 Image
It could be serviceably fashioned into an anthem, no? (As could Uprising. & Resistance. 🧐

This song was always such an odd & disjointed notion.

Step 1 Crap leaders & oligarchs who warmonger & plunder

Step 2 GLOBAL GOVT of *crap leaders & oligarchs who warmonger & plunder* & now will ignore our concerns even harder

Step 3 MAGIC!

Step 4 peace & eco-topia! πŸ˜‚ ImageImage
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