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Take one part physical sciences and lots of leadership roles in professional bodies / NHS. Still foraying in hospitality and local government representation.
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Frequency *, a found ** poem on WPSG ***

tourist, 0
visitor, 0
local, 0
community, 0
resident, 0
voter, 0
enjoy, 0

greenspace, 1

FLY Music ^, 3
spokespeople ^*, 3
rockfall ^**, 4
contract, 6

communities committee, 7
festival, 9

major event, 11

officer ^***, 11

council, 19 * Frequency of those words in the 2,230 worded paper, accompanying agenda item 7.7, at tomorrow’s CEC’s culture and communities cttee

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Events *, a found ** poem
two procured annual events in
a mandatory major event ticket levy
for operating events 
of major events

for an evolving events sector
to major event definitions
by smaller event operators and
hosted events of all shapes and sizes for many years. Image in addition to its primary function as a world class public park and greenspace, it is also a key city centre event space

a historic event amphitheatre used for decades
in the Edinburgh Events Parks Manifesto 2014.