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16 Oct
COVID is a killer, it’ll kill any and all theoretical benefits of Brexit, levelling up is dead, reducing child poverty won’t happen, full employment is a decade away, balancing the books is a fantasy and a return to a manufacturing super giant is a goner.
The union will fall apart and the structural and political flaws in Northern Ireland will have to be addressed. Our banking prowess will fall away as the EU takes back control.
We’re facing a degree of structural and social change that’ll challenge any political theory to destruction. The fragility of our economy will be tested by growing competition from Eastern Europe and elsewhere.
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3 Apr

The misunderstanding of the ventilator issue has reached epic proportions, it’s nearly all fake news and misdirected. We do need ventilators but not just any ventilator, the general public are woefully ill informed, virtually illiterate.
The ventilators that have been ordered are a new design specifically aimed at this disease. We don’t have enough trained staff and beds for high end equipment. To understand the issue you need to read the spec drawn up by clinicians to enable continuous use outside an ICU.
The NHS has ordered the required units and manufacturing is under way. Mercedes UCLH have a great solution, as does OxVent. GKN Rolls Royce are working on a paired back ventilator, Penlon and Smiths Industries have an enhanced CPAP device in production.
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23 Jan
The Brexit negotiations must conclude by the end of June, the Brexit panic has yet to set in.

The UK is staring down the barrel of its own gun.

The EU are just waiting for us to pull the trigger.

They won’t flinch.
The EU isn’t in a panic, they don’t need us, they’ve already decided to endure some minor economic fall out, to bridge the EU budget gap, to continue to integrate, to reduce barriers further.

They want us to stay but not at any price, if we want so called liberty then off we go.
We don’t hold many cards, almost none, we can’t sit across the negotiating table like an enraged BXP moron and expect to be taken seriously.

EU citizens aren’t out rioting on our behalf, they’re simply amazed at our stupidity.
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