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30 Jun 20
Another interesting observation of our monitoring work in people with low back pain (year in their life, every 3 mths): alot report seeking 'treatment' for a 'flare-up', but actually, its something they always just do b/c its part of their identity now (its there every 3 months)
it's informed alot of my change in practice/teaching-what are we doing as clinicians that might be reinforcing a negative perception? as ex professionals, its the words we use 'weak spine' 'unstable spine' 'firing problems' that reinforce this, and we need to change that
while we want 'clients' to come to us for our long-term prescription, maybe a problem is those in ex-rehab simply aren't that good at long-term prescription and need to keep their simple, reductionist programs in place long-term? @MitchTGibbs @GregLehman
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23 Jun 20
I've been looking at data from probably over a thousand people with back pain in last 4 years since I changed tack with tackling this problem (cross-sectional, clinic data, monitoring, interventions etc) and a few things have jumped out (I’m getting onto publishing) @GregLehman
1. we CAN fix this, people do get better 😀, 2. Catastrophizing isn’t a consistent ‘mediator’ for changes in disability, it’s certainly linked to pain, but seems influenced by what patients choose to do
3. there’s something going on with treatment that is messing around with the beliefs of a lot of patients, 4. there are lots of clinicians with ‘repeat service business’ models, who don’t really help, 5. Exercise by itself isn’t the answer😰 6. Neither is anything else 😰,
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