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17 Jan
5 phrases that turn prospects into clients in just one call

// THREAD //
Work on these phrases to fit naturally with how you currently do your calls.

These are powerful and have helped close $3000-4000 offers with one call.

Let's begin.
1. Set the agenda

" how this call will go is first XYZ, then XYZ...."

>> give yourself the power
>> keep yourself organized
>> be straightforward with prospects
>> use in the beginning
>> prospects will know you mean business
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15 Jan
Build a cold email lead gen agency from scratch

// THREAD //
You've already seen it on this side of twits.

People who have transparently built $10k/mo. agencies with a few resources.

I'm going to reveal exactly how you can start this agency today and the ONLY resources you'll need for it.

Let's begin!
1. Core service

A cold email lead gen agency gets leads using cold email

>> scrapes the emails
>> writes the emails
>> sends the emails
>> books appointments
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13 Jan
Write a free ebook and make $25,000 from it

// THREAD //
You've heard it before
>> write an ebook
>> charge $10 for it
>> sell to 10 people
>> yay you made $100

This is entirely different.

Let's start.
1. Think big

You're not going to create a twitter growth guide.

You're going to create the most insane lead magnet to get you an innumerable amount of leads for your business/agency.

That's when your ebook becomes worth it.
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12 Jan
Absolutely KILL it this year in 6 steps

// THREAD //
*this does not just apply for 2021

You can do this at anytime but this is what my content will be focused on this year.

1. Agency work

You're going to
>> learn a skill on the side
>> learn a few outreach channels
>> learn how to close clients
>> learn how to price your skill at $1500+ min.
>> learn how to automate the process
>> learn how to outsource work

Est. time?
3-6 months
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4 Jan
Turn one time sales into MRR without changing your offer

// THREAD //
For the sake of this example let's say you set up websites to local businesses or build funnels for Ecom brands.

*this concept can be applied to most skills

Let's begin!
1. Current flow

Client pays monthly for some hosting and platform
>> click funnels
>> instapage
>> wix
>> wordpress
>> etc...

And pays you to build using the platform.

What if you owned your own web/funnel building platform?
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21 Dec 20
46 local business niches to work with

and why local biz work is a POWER MOVE.

// THREAD //
Before we begin

Understand that your niche is not as important as your offer.

You can have a terrible offer in the *best* niche but it will yield 0 results.

Your first step after your niche picking is your market research to determine your offer.

Alright let's begin!
1. Move quickly

Local businesses make decisions a lot faster than corporate businesses.

No crazy bureaucracies in place.

If the owner makes a decision, that's it.
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17 Dec 20

*stop wasting weeks on step zero

// THREAD //
If you spend three weeks making your website look nice, outsourcing your designs and logos, and trying to set up systems...


You should be focused on your business.

Here are the ONLY tools you need:
1. Carrd

Set up your carrd landing page that is more functional than aesthetic.
>> VSL
>> Testimonials
>> Clear offer

Spend a few hours playing around with the platform and get to work.
You can also use webflow but that's more advanced.

Website done.
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16 Dec 20
CLOSING the "I'll have to think about this" prospect.

*you will get this objection

// THREAD //
You've done your call but your prospect is hesitant and says, "I need some time to think about this."

95% of the time you'll probably respond with "sure, how much time do you need?"

And 95% of the time you will NOT get the sale.

Let's change that.
1. Affirm + Redirect

Affirm that their response is normal.

Then, go straight into asking exactly what they need more time to think about.

Without this, you'll be helpless in ANY followup.

Don't be afraid to push to get this answered.

"Awesome so what's holding you back?"
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13 Dec 20
Grab your share of the $1 BILLION gaming industry, even if you hate video games.

*the gaming world is popping off right now

The eSports world is growing ridiculously fast.

Is this about you turning into a pro player and making money?


Offer hot services to the general gaming community and get paid potentially $1000s in exchange.

Listen to this.
1. Understand the landscape
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10 Dec 20

*this is not magic

// THREAD //
Most people don't see results in their niche because it's way too broad.


>> online businesses
>> restaurants
>> sports trainers
>> dentists
>> blue collar services
>> agencies

Are way too general.

Let's dive in and see how niching down makes money.
1. Better research

Narrowing your niche gets you more specific and targeted research.

>> Understand your exact audience
>> Pinpoint their exact problems
>> Learn in depth about the industry
>> Better learn your client's customers

The more you know, the better you'll sell.
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7 Dec 20

// THREAD //
1. FB ads + Landing Page + Email Marketing

$3000-5000/mo. retainer:
>> build a landing page
>> run FB ads to page
>> collect leads
>> create email sequences
>> create follow up sequences
>> book appointments
>> make money
2. SEO + Content Creation

$2500-5000/mo. retainer:
>> perform keyword research
>> do site audits/optimizations
>> work on link building
>> generate SEO-friendly content
>> learn content marketing
>> learn local SEO servicing
>> make money
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6 Dec 20
Get businesses that can't afford monthly payments to still pay you $2500.

This is how I closed three $2500 sales in just 11 days.

// THREAD //
I would say 99% of your clients that pay you $2000-3000/mo. for any retainer make $20k/mo. or more.

But there's a HUGE market to help businesses that are making less.

They can't afford mo. payments and aren't willing.

How do you go about helping them?

Let's begin.
1. Frame your Offer

For this example let's take FB ads as your service.

Usually you charge $2-3k/mo. to take care of a client's ad campaigns.

But this time, you're going to charge a one-time fee to teach how to run FB ads to the businesses themselves.

Price: $2500+ one time
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4 Dec 20
Get past the receptionist and speak directly to the business owner.

Here's how to do it.

// THREAD //
"Cold calling is a waste of time!"


It is the best way to conduct direct market research.

It is also an effective way to close sales if done correctly (not this thread).

Most of the time people get stuck speaking with a receptionist.

Let's change that.
1. Requirements

Only cold call a few times a day.

It's like sending cold emails.

You don't send 500 a day.

You send a few, hand-crafted ones.

Secondly, only call leads where you know their name.

Otherwise, it's 10x harder and not worth it.

Let's get started.
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2 Dec 20
If you like talking why not get paid $20,000+/mo. for it?

// THREAD //
This thread is going to show you how to become a sales closer and close calls for your clients for a 15% commission.

15% of a $3000 sale is $450

15% of a $5000 sale is $750.

15% of a $7000 sale is $1050.

Close a few calls a day and BOOM.

Let's begin.
1. Become good at sales

To become a sales closer you need to be good at sales.

Practice with your own offer or by helping someone you know.

Get on 100s of phone calls and understand the most effective way to diagnose and push for a sale.

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1 Dec 20
How to do less and make more, like 10x more.

Let's scale your business.

// THREAD //
For the sake of this thread let's assume your business/agency is making already 10-20k/mo.

If you want to see how you can get to that point, check this master thread out or read to the end!

Let's begin!

1. What is your REPEATABLE process?

You must have a repeatable way of running your biz.

It can be simply:
>> outreach
>> sales
>> service fulfillment

>> Break it down task by task
>> Which ones give you the HIGHEST ROI?
>> Those are the ones to focus on
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30 Nov 20
Build one page, help a business, and stack cash.

// THREAD //
You probably don't think local businesses need landing pages.

But here's how I explained and created this one page for a client and boosted their revenue by 26% in just 2 months.

Sold this service for $1600.
Upsold another service for $2000/mo.

You can do this too.
1. Benefits

Many local businesses don't need a website to generate sales.
>> HVAC/plumbing
>> Roofers
>> Repair shops
>> Barbers
>> etc.

So how will a landing page benefit them?
>> collect local emails ($$$)
>> brand awareness ($$)
>> immediate sales ($)
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29 Nov 20

*continually updated

// THREAD //
If I had to start all over, here's what I would do for the next 12 months.

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28 Nov 20
Turn your Instagram crave into a $15,000/mo. business.

*you can do this even without the craving

// THREAD //
1. Find some awesome brand and theme accounts on IG

>> Go to Google
>> "Best IG theme pages"
>> Look through plenty of examples
>> Screenshot grids that stand out
>> See how they styled each image
>> How are graphics used
>> How is text used
This part is about creating a swipe file of posts and grids that work well.

Saving these screenshots into a folder is what is called a "swipe file".

Build this up for ideas and inspirations later on.

Let's move on.
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25 Nov 20
Making your DMs worth $1000s with ZERO skills.

Let's begin.

// THREAD //
This is NOT about sending DMs begging for money.

If you're offended by that, stop reading.

If you want to turn your DMs into a goldmine without even having something to sell, keep reading.

I'll show you how.
1. Choose a skill/service to provide

If you have your own PERFECT.
>> consulting
>> coaching
>> design work
>> etc.

If not, do this
>> go to fiverr
>> find a skill with a clear deliverable
>> talk to freelancers
>> see if they can do a trial/mockup of their service
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24 Nov 20

// THREAD //
You watch Youtube.

You have a list of your favorite influencers and channels.

Some have millions of subs.

Some have only tens of thousands.

We're focusing on the latter.

Let's dive in.
1. Find a micro channel/influencer

Find a Youtube channel with fewer than ~200-300k subs.

See if their channel is themed.
>> Finance
>> Gaming
>> Entertainment
>> etc.

Check their description.

Do they have their own course?



If not, MONEY.
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23 Nov 20
We are living in a DIGITAL WORLD.

The big money is in helping transition businesses into this new real estate.

>> Learn a skill
>> Apply it to a needing business
>> Get paid to do it

In just 4 weeks my course has helped folks make 30-80x ROI doing this EXACTLY.

And some more...
And a few more...
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