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3 Jun 20
In a new QA session Taliban commander for operations against ISIS affiliates ISKP Qari Zia-ur Rahman sheds light into how they came, saw & were defeated in #Kunar & #Nangarhar provinces. /1
The footage is filmed at an undisclosed location in eastern #Kunar province. The commander says, that those affiliates in Afghanistan first they consulted them not to establish a group or foothold in Kunar. And it was Kunar first not Nangarhar, ISKP gained a foothold. /2
And after establishing a foothold they started piercing through Chap Darrah, Watepor, Dangam & crossed over to Nangarhar‘s Achin, Bati Kot, Chaparhar and Pachir Agam. /3
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13 Apr 20
Former TTP - media wing released a documentary, beside unveiling their relationship with the Afghan Taliban, it’s an acknowledgement & declarations of dissolving, joining the Afghan Taliban under their leadership. Confirming the assessments after the death of Hakimullah Mehsud.
This is major development, confirming my sources and reports from Paktika, Zabul & the battles against ISKP in Nangarhar & Kunar. Where former allies turned their guns on eachother. One fighting on behalf of the Afghan Taliban the others in the ranks of ISKP.
And yet once again TTP fooled @NDSAfghanistan , used their feeded intel & support provided to them returned it to the Afghan Taliban to take out NDS officials & spies in their ranks or heads in several provinces. Reducing CIA, NDS activity in south, east to a minimum.
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10 Jan 20
HUGE: Mullah Nangyalai, who was killed in a U.S airstrike along with several civilians was in fact a U.S ally, leading a militia group splintered after a rift with the mainstream Taliban. The group enjoyed CIA-backing according to the @WSJ reporting. (1/n)
The CIA was convinced by the NDS to provide support for this program to help crush Taliban in western #Afghanistan with intel & military skills of the splinter faction led by Mullah Rasool. In return the faction will receive cash, weapons & amnesty. (2/n)
Taliban attacks & assassination devasted the group, loosing part of their leadership & made them flee some of their strongholds in #Herat, #Paktika & #Zabul. Several times they had to call for airstrikes, support from Afghan commandos to rescue them from Taliban onslaughts. (3/n)
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