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15 Sep
Here is a list of 20 things YOU can do to save democracy, other than give money to candidates & vote:

1) become a poll worker
2) run for elections supervisor
3) run for school board
4) join the League of Women Voters
5) join your local Dem party
6) volunteer on a campaign
7) show up at a protest
8) volunteer as a health clinic escort
9) help a candidate petition to get on a ballot
10) get to know your neighbors
11) choose your next move around making an electoral difference
12) plan to volunteer in a swing state during ‘22
13) wear Dem message
T shirts and swag
14) put a Dem sticker on your car
15) put a Dem sign in your yard
16) if you have property on a high traffic road, put up a BIG SIGN
17) remind friends & family of key election dates
18) study up on candidates and become a source for others
19) join a postcard
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14 Sep
Dear @Twitter @TwitterSupport @verified

Here are some suggested changes you can make to dramatically curb cyber-bullying and fake-pack-attacks on your platform.

They fall into two categories: 1) platform limitations, and 2) account setting limitations.

1) Limit the number of accounts that can be formed by any single IP address (not just an account) to five.

2) Place a cooling-off period for any newly formed account before its activity can be seen.

It would look like this: “Welcome to Twitter.
We’re glad you joined us. Your activity will be publicly visible in 72 hours.”

3) Place a cooling-off period for activity from any account that has been dormant for more than a year.

It would look like this: “Welcome back to Twitter. We missed you.
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11 Sep
I need to explain something:

If you join the military and you simply fail to adapt or perform during your basic training phase, you can SOMETIMES get processed out without negative consequences.

We call it “for the good of the service” discharge.

That is NOT the same thing
as refusing a lawful order or going AWOL at any point in your service.

You do NOT have the freedom to “just say no,” in the military.

Even if you claim a deeply held religious, there is a whole process for that, and it ain’t easy.

Trust me, the military has LOTS of
experience with people who claim a religious reason for not wanting to do something.

We need to put an immediate end to the canard that our service members can refuse the COVID vaccine.

They can, but not without very serious lifelong criminal or administrative consequences.
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7 Sep
DO NOT be impressed by Merrick Garland’s “splashy presser” announcement about protecting women’s rights with the FACE Act!

It is complete HORSESHIT!!

Is he planning to send troops into TX to escort women to clinics or to patrol around them?
Is he planning to use DOJ assets to defend the women who get sued by their nosy neighbor?

Did he even BOTHER to intervene in the TX case, and litigate on behalf of the women of TX & the United States?

The KING OF PASSIVITY hasn’t, and won’t do a DAMN THING that is meaningful.
Just ask yourself what Eric Holder would be doing right now.

The AG has the power to open civil rights and criminal investigations in STATE LEGISLATORS! I would be suing the shit out of TX, and looking into criminal conspiracy to deprive people of civil rights.
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7 Sep

Can you clarify whether DOJ plans to put federal troops on the ground to protect women and clinics?

Is Garland going to legally defend women who get sued for having an abortion?

In what way does this announcement make ANY impact on TX women?
This is yet another example of Merrick Garland’s penchant to make “splashy” announcements that don’t amount to a hill of beans on the ground!

Did he ACTUALLY sue any states for voter suppression?

Did he ACTUALLY do anything about DOJ spying on journalists and members of Cong?
He COULD have fired people.

He COULD sue individual law makers.

He could sue entire states for civil and constitutional rights violations.

He could implead into the TX suit and ask for a stay, or something.

Surely, at this point you must be seeing the pattern of inactivity
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1 Sep
Back in the day, Black people live in fear of bands of lawless white people who would threaten them, often at night, burn crosses on their lawns, and, from time to time, kidnap & brutalize their men and hang them from trees.

These bands of lawless white people made
minor attempts to hide their identities, but everyone knew who they were.

They bragged about their deeds. They encouraged and defended the terror.

And law enforcement would sit back and do NOTHING (or worse, participate).

Everybody knew that the terror marauding was illegal.
But the people who were supposed to enforce the law, just would NOT do so against those people, because prosecutors had an affinity and alignment with them.

That is the story of Emmett Till.

That is also the story of 1/6.
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31 Aug
A person who is truly unsure, and debating whether to vote D or R, is not a person whose thought process can be counted on.

We can poll to try to figure them out, but that person is likely dishonest with themselves, and will thus mislead a pollster.

It is both easier & FAR
more reliable & predictable to MOTIVATE to vote the person who is clear in their thoughts & values…

than to persuade someone who isn’t.

Our obsession over “the middle” is about courting white suburban middle class-ish-ness.

No vote matters more to BOTH parties than that one.
And while all votes count the same at the ballot box, the efforts & money we put into getting certain folks to vote D or R are by no means equal.

My point is…people whose lives & livelihoods count on OUR policies are a better election bet, IF they believe we will COME THROUGH.
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30 Aug
Dear @Oprah @willsmith @KingJames @Beyonce

I can’t overstate how frightening & dangerous the right-wing LURCH & hostile takeover of rational media is to our democracy.

All of you, individually & collectively, have the power to create a REAL media alternative.
Would that not be your greatest contribution to society? To save it from a default reality driven by lies, white male supremacy & corporate profiteering?

Each of you has made an impact in our national discourse & made this country a better place.

I am begging you to step up!
We NEED a global network that informs people based on science, evidence & facts.

We need a network that embraces MODERN, inclusive, equality-based values.

We need a network driven by a sense of social responsibility to make the population INFORMED, not outraged.
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17 Aug
So you fully grasp the passivity of FL Dems, we have ONE special election in the entire state in Sept.

A good Dem candidate is running for mayor of FL’s 7th biggest city & an anchor of a key swing county.

The FL GOP has raised more than 100K for their candidate + lots of help
Our party has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I mean NUh-ting!

No emails to donors. No help with expenses. No staff or recruitment of volunteers.


But next year, the FL Dems will go into paroxysms of need for money for ads.
The reason we consistently lose by small margins in FL is because…


We abandon candidates to their own devices& tisk & groan when they can’t bring enough to fight the GOP machine.

FL Dems are only a team for their favorites.
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15 Aug
The ONLY reason the @GOP is already working up its plans to gerrymander Dems out of existence in their states,

is because they count on Dem states not reciprocating in kind.

Let’s CHANGE that calculation.
Since our corrupt & illegitimate SCOTUS has said that it’s perfectly cool to have districts that look like Rohrshach tests to steal political power,


171 Congressional seats are in states controlled entirely by Dems.
The bulk of GOP seats (100) come from 5 states:


Which have MASSIVE DEM populations that would make it hard to completely eliminate Dem seats.

So the fight would be for PA & OH.

PA is getting more blue, while OH is getting more red….
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15 Aug
Think back to January 7.

On that date, as you were trying to process what happened the day before, was there a micron of you that believed that after 8 mos, not a single mastermind, financier, inciter or Congressional shill would be even INVESTIGATED, let alone tried for it?
On 1/7/2020 the ONLY thing that was more unthinkable than the horror of what happened to our Congress…

was the idea that we would CHOOSE to hold NONE of the leaders accountable.

Sure, we’ve gone after the low level gullible minions with mostly light cases & weak efforts.
But the power, platform, toxic reach & influence of not a SINGLE ring-leader has been curbed in ANY WAY!

Eight months later and not a single one has been restrained from his/her constant divisive lies or advocacy on behalf of sedition.

On 1/7, where we are now was UNTHINKABLE!
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14 Aug
Marc Elias is NOT the DNC.

Marc Elias is NOT the DOJ.

It is absolutely RIDICULOUS that the entities that are supposed to be standing for us are deferring to Marc, as good and effective as he is.

It is also INFURIATING that so far, the entire Dem plan to stop the @GOP….
Is to impress upon US how important it is to stop the GOP,

as if we don’t already know that.


I grant that he is so obsessed with infrastructure and the totally imbalanced and useless goal of “bipartisanship,” that he is putting EVERYTHING else
on the back burner, most especially things that might piss off the GOP votes he wants for infrastructure.

But that plan can only go so far.

At some point, the @POTUS is going to have to demonstrate that he has the will to do more than tell US how important voting rights are.
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13 Aug
I am so so sad for Afghanistan, most especially it’s women and children.

I pray for the helpers and allies, and hope they get out safely.

But the fact remains that Joe Biden is DOING THE RIGHT THING!
If the years and money we have already put in to train, prepare and resource Afghan forces couldn’t make a strong force,

another decade’s worth of taxpayer resources will not do so.

I pray another approach to usher Afghanistan into the world community can be developed.
But the bottom line is this…

NO foreign force has EVER been able to organized & stabilize Afghanistan.

We tried our best, in a far more benevolent way than the Russians.

But it is time to stop that effort, and bring our troops home.
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12 Aug
One of my niche expertises is in the law applicable to airlines & rail transportation when it comes to labor & employment.

We have a totally different statute that covers transportation industries, because we wanted to avoid work stoppages that would disrupt interstate commerce
Because of the nexus between interstate carriers and interstate commerce, the federal law gives a LOT of room for government intervention to avoid chaos, both from the safety perspective & the operations perspective.

What I’m getting at is the FAA could and should mandate
that ALL airline employees who interface with the public be vaccinated by the middle of September or be suspended from such work.

It not only CAN do that, but not a single carrier would have a leg to stand on in objecting.
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11 Aug
Hey guys!

Remember back when the TFG-ers kept insisting that in just a few (weeks, months, days) Hillary, Obama, Comey, Pelosi were all gonna be indicted?

‘Member how RIDICULOUS that was to us because we saw a whole lot of NOT MUCH going on to indicate that was ever happening?
We were able to see that DOJ wasn’t doing a damn thing to make that happen, even if the TFG-ers were not.

So I am befuddled by DEMS who are looking at a whole bunch of NOT MUCH happening at DOJ to indict TFG & his GOP sedition crew, but buying that indictments are on the way.
We are seeing a whole lot of:

NOT Grand Jury activity.

NOT flashy defense counsel being hired

NOT subpoenas for key records

NOT witness interviews

NOT leaked stories to the media

NOT PR firms being hired

NOT GOP recruiting candidates to replace folks
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10 Aug
My last thought for the morning is on a topic I’ve mentioned before, but needs to be revisited:

I call it: Tactical Transactional Messaging (TTM)

Basically, it’s speaking to achieve an outcome, without ANY INTENTION or requirement for the words uttered to be true.
I think of it as «using words as bullets»

TTM-era are engaged in a higher purpose or mission, that makes them believe that every social norm about honest, accuracy, credibility & logic can, and should be dismissed outright.

Their aim is to win the transaction. That’s it.
The need to achieve the goal is so strong, that literally ANY LIE is acceptable in achieving that goal.

TTM-ers cannot be shamed, corrected, proved wrong or reasoned with.

They aren’t speaking to be RIGHT!

They are speaking to be successful.
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10 Aug
I want you to understand that law firms, no matter how big, are functionally partnerships.

Each partner is responsible for bringing in business, but the partnership as a whole has the ultimate say on what clients the firm will take on.
I KNOW there are both partners and associates at @BakerHostetler who have ZERO desire to represent @GOP gerrymanderers.

But they really don’t have the ability to stop it, without clear risk of backlash to the firm brand that would be necessary to turn down good money.
We need to help those good Baker Hostetler people out.

Let’s give them the fodder to shut down the anti-democracy partners in their firm.

Let’s create the «damage to reputation» that most «reputable» big firms run, not walk, away from.

We can start by increasing chatter
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10 Aug
I honestly HATE this @TheJusticeDept more than the last one.

The last one was a criminal enterprise. Obvs.

But at least it was consistent & honest about that.

It served TFG. Period.

This one COULD have been transformative.

It COULD have restored our faith in justice.
It COULD have sent the strongest possible message to reinforce our belief in democracy and the rule of law.

Instead, it is the PARAGON OF PASSIVITY, doing absolutely NOTHING, other than splashy press conferences and OpEds, to actually protect our voting rights.
It is the ICON OF INCOMPETENCE, unable to piece together absolute slam-dunk-cases against absolute criminals because they are powerful white people.

It can’t & won’t keep us safe.

It can’t & won’t call out @GOP lies that are devastating our population & sabotaging our security.
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9 Aug
I am flummoxed by the idea that “compromise” on voting rights makes sense.

There is NOTHING in the Constitution that sets Election Day as a work day.

I fail to see how making it a holiday harms ANYONE, so I fail to see any merit in your objection to making it a holiday.
The objection to voter ID is about placing obstacles and barriers in front of voters… especially obstacles that can be pricey or logistically difficult to overcome.

It would be AWESOME if you acknowledged that voter ID rules were put in place to fix something that wasn’t broken
They also were implemented in CONJUNCTION with closing ID offices in communities of color, increasing cost for IDs, and increasing the amount of time before the election that one must obtain ID to stymie last-minute deciders.

You aren’t really asking for a compromise, Joe.
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9 Aug
Dear @FBI

I would like to reframe something for you.

You did NOT save America by refusing to help TFG in his scheme to defraud and steal the election.

You BETRAYED America by refusing to STOP HIM! Your silence allowed him to whip up that angry & criminal mob.
Every day, for WEEKS, you watched him lie to the American people and divide this nation.

And you said NOTHING!

For weeks, you saw Intel and chatter about the 1/6 attack, and you allowed Congress to be sitting ducks, hoping (or not) that they could protect themselves, when YOU
would not!

I don’t give a flying EFF who the president was.

You NEVER EVER worked for HIM!

You work for US!

And you betrayed us.

Chris Wray, as your leader, is the singular most corrupted & failing FBI Director in American history, and his choices and yours, should send
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8 Aug
If you don’t underhand what the term “for cause” termination means… let me clarify.

It is a LOWER standard than for “just cause termination.”

The legal term: “for JUST cause…”usually requires a crime, misconduct, or serious violation of a company rule or policy.
The term “for cause,” means any kind of misconduct, OR, an act or omission that violates policy, corporate VALUES, or harms the enterprise, either materially or reputationally.

So a Board members who KNOWS the CEO is a serial sexual assaulter, but chooses to do NOTHING about
it, can be dismissed FOR CAUSE, because that failure to act brought negative exposure to the enterprise

Catching someone BREAKING CRITICAL EQUIPMENT to harm the entire operation of the enterprise, but doing NOTHING to STOP him,
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