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24 Nov

I just had a flash back to the days of the Danegeld

“If once you have paid him the Danegeld, you never get rid of the Dane.”

See Jacob in the below

9th March 2018…
Now since he isn’t going for this spelling
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24 Nov
Here is Matt on 23rd January 2020

"The public can be assured that the whole of the UK is always well-prepared for these types of outbreaks and will remain vigilant and keep our response under constant review in the light of emerging scientific evidence."…
"The wearing of face masks is not deemed clinically necessary now. Of course we keep that under review, and we will be guided by the science."
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23 Nov

The most difficult thing I find is writing the hook into a thread

There is a simple word

It is called Imagine

But first I want to focus on a different topic


And I want to focus on this sentence

"Priti Patel sought to publicly intervene three times on behalf of an offshore company which has been accused in a British court of obtaining a £100m contract from the Nigerian government through corruption."
*three times*

not once

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20 Nov
[thread] on her words

"I am sorry that my behaviour has upset people"


"I am sorry that my bullying has upset people"
"I have never intentionally set out to upset anyone"


Sentence removed.
"I work with thousands of brilliant civil servants every single day"


"I only bullied a few of you. Come on it was only a small percentage (see Toby Young for help on % 's)"
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20 Nov

"The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2020 is: United Against Bullying. Anti-Bullying Week will happen from Monday 16th - Friday 20th November and will start with Odd Socks Day to mark the first day of Anti-Bullying Week. "…
"Last year 75% of schools in the country took part, reaching well over 7 million young people. "
"Bullying has a long lasting effect on those who experience and witness it. But by channelling our collective power, through shared efforts and shared ambitions, we can reduce bullying together. "
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18 Nov

I did some threads recently in praise of Liz Truss and Douglas Ross

Today I am going to do something new

I am going to do a thread in praise of Boris Johnson

First of all

I wish to congratulate Boris Johnson

The take up and promotion of the messaging around the "green industrial revolution" has been more successful than "boutique PR" or the craven cult cowering before Cummings


To distract from

His comments on devolution



And nepotism

And Priti Patel bullying

And so many others

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17 Nov

"Conservative & Unionist Party"

Leader - Devolution is a disaster

Scottish Leader - Devolution has not been a disaster

I am going to write a thread where I agree with Douglas Ross

On an obsession
SNP Accused Of 'Misleading' Public Over School Cuts
In an extraordinary move, the statistics watchdog says "exaggerated" claims "do not give the full picture".
Special needs pupils being failed by system 'on verge of crisis'

Rising demand puts councils in Scotland at risk of bankruptcy
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16 Nov
[thread] on a plan

A reminder of Dominic Cummings
A reminder of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove who said they had a plan
A reminder of Michael Gove


‘One of my concerns when I was out of HMG & on backbenches is we triggered A50 w/o a proper plan. I have a proper plan to deliver Brexit.’
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11 Nov

I would like to say.

I am so so sorry for Kate Bingham.

Michael Gove cannot play the ball.

So instead plays utter hollow bullshit instead.

Since Michael doesn't know where to start.

I will.

Now first of all.

There is the fact that other than Boris.

The heaviest hitter in the cabinet is sent out to bat for Kate.

That should be reassuring to Kate.

I would say the opposite.

It is a sign of the desperation.
Now I could go into a bit on Michael

But I honestly can't be bothered

I have covered him in depth previously

This is a man who cannot recall his role in the Vote Leave campaign

Weird that

I should warn you - this is a long thread on Michael

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9 Nov
[thread] "The Government will propose"

The state of this utter fucking bullshit
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29 Oct
[thread] on the "great news"

and "listening to the people's priorities"
Now first on the great news

Oh dear

My apologies

Looks like I read the wrong story on the northern echo…
Oh yes and also

great news for road traffic accidents in wintery weather

" a 40 per cent cut in its spending power due to government austerity cuts has made it “impossible to provide some of the programmes that we previously did”.…
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29 Oct
[thread] I am going to do a thread

Where I praise Liz Truss

She is truly a courageous individual

She has changed her mind…
So first of all

Let's go back in time

To Spring 2016…
"The minister warned that leaving the EU would be a leap in the dark for British agriculture, and could put the country’s European food and farming export market – worth £11billion each year – at risk."

The damage to food prices *ALREADY*

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21 Oct
[thread] on a “masterful deception” (we will come back to that at the end)

Just a comparison from history

There is an echo of numbers across the ages

The two numbers




You may already guess their contemporary relevance

But the story begins over a century ago
“In the early days of the war in 1914, the government sought to raise 350 million pounds -- about 38 billion pounds today -- through the issuance of a War Loans, with 250 million pounds of that coming directly from the public. “
A reminder on that 350 million figure
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19 Oct

I remember it being "normal" that a senior Conservative MP accused a Prime Minister of being a threat to the country

Because of their faith & and because of them caring for the common good

I am going to focus on the "common good"

With a side focus on the sectarian mention from Claire

You see Michael Gove once accused Theresa May of being a threat to post-brexit Britain
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18 Oct

On this

And I want to say thank you to those back bench MPs and ministers back in June 2020 who admitted to this

For several reasons.....
Reason 1

It shows you as an MP or minister know what a no deal
Brexit is

Therefore you know the selling of it as an Australian deal is a lie
Reason 2

You are honest enough to admit internally that Brexit will damage the U.K.

Whether you know this from horoscopes (as Mogg recommends) or from economists I don’t really care

You admit it to yourself
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27 Aug

Did you know that Pixar's UP used 20,622 balloons for the house lift-off sequence

I am going to focus on that number

But first before we do

I am going to talk about "intensity and clarity"…
So Pixar

There are lots of great movies there

They are entertaining

And also educational…
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17 Aug

Now I want to clarify this from Sarah

As it needs to be taken in context of the question she was asked

I am coming to the defence (initially) of Sarah
A reminder of her newspaper…
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3 Aug
Attend COBRA to help out

Learn from Operation Cygnus to help out

Don’t suppress Operation Cygnus to help out

Cabinet ministers to read Operation Cygnus in 1/2020 to help out

Don’t cut pandemic stocks to help out

Don’t abolish pandemic preparedness committees to help out

Be well prepared to help out

Don’t practice herd immunity to help out

Don’t lie about protective rings to help out

Don’t lie about EU ventilator programmes to help out

Don’t lie about PPE to help out

Don’t lie about testing to help out

Don’t lie about shaking hands with covid patients in a hospital to help out

Don’t tamper with and try and suppress BAME report to help out

Don’t gag journalists at daily briefings to help out

Don’t gag scientists and medical experts at daily briefings to help out

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30 Jul
[THREAD] On Matt Hancock

No not his lies:
on a protective ring
on PPE
on ventilators
on when lockdown started
insults to NHS staff or care hoe staff

No not his tone

But the state of:

"Build Back Better"

you couldn't even build a functioning test and trace app
Matt goes to the dim and distant past
Shame London

If only they all had had Jacob Rees Mogg's common sense…
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27 Jul
Now I do have to say I applaud Boris Johnson

He's been on a journey


“I say let people eat what they like. Why shouldn’t they push pies through the railings?”

I applaud any time a British Prime Minister takes an active interest in the health of the nation

Shame he couldn't do it instead of partying away in Mustique or Chequers as he was AWOL for the great success of covid

But hey its only >65,000 dead

Oh yes a reminder on a decade of Tory Britain

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24 Jul

Imagine selling this horseshit as positive

Your contempt for those you sell it to

And your lack of respect for yourself
our long history together is not going to win you any concessions. If we don’t do more business with you it’s because you either have the wrong product offering or your pricing is wrong.” Boom!”…
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