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Practically all news on enemy countries in the western MSM is fake news. I bring you another view. Fluent in Chinese, English, French and Italian.
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Jan 28 7 tweets 12 min read
The deep tragedy of Britain's Hinkley C nuclear project. Financial Times announces the project will be delayed by several years (2031 against the initial 2017) and the cost will balloon to £46 billion against the original £18 billion.

Forget the Dr K incident and focus on the more newsworthy tragedy of UK's nuclear fiasco.

If the British really want to build top notch nuclear power stations with the most advanced technology and the best safety standards in a viable, cost-effective way, they need to turn to the Sino-French consortium EDF-CGN. It's this consortium that has successfully built and operated the third-generation EPR, the most technologically advanced nuclear reactor in the world.

Do you know why the French nuclear company EDF has formed an alliance with the Chinese nuclear company CGN? It's because the nuclear plants that China and EDF have built together have been incredibly successful. Such a level of combined commercial and operational success has never been achieved in the world, not even in France. The French taught China how to build nuclear power plants, and the Chinese quickly learned and innovated.

The first nuclear power plant built in China with French assistance was the Daya Bay nuclear power plant. Completed in the 1990s, this collaboration between China and EDF marked a significant milestone in nuclear technology transfer. The plant was completed within budget (USD 8-10 billion) and on time (8-10 years). In addition, the construction costs were recovered within 4-5 years. After that, the plant ran on pure profit. Nuclear plants like this became cash cows for China.

The success of Daya Bay paved the way for further cooperation and laid the foundation for subsequent joint nuclear projects between the two nations. Recognising the highly profitable nature of such nuclear plants, the French wanted a stake in the projects rather than just providing a vendor credit line. France now has a 30% stake in the Guangdong Taishan nuclear power plant.

The third-generation EPR (European Pressurised Reactor) power plant, built in China by the China-France joint venture, is best represented by the Taishan nuclear power plant. Taishan houses two EPR reactors and has achieved the distinction of being the only successfully operating EPR 3.0 plant in the world.

This project represents the culmination of joint efforts, with France providing the EPR technology and China demonstrating its ability to successfully implement and operate this advanced nuclear technology. The Taishan nuclear power plant became operational in 2018, marking a significant achievement in the global nuclear energy landscape and highlighting the successful synergy between Chinese innovation and French expertise.

France has not been so lucky with its two other nuclear projects using third-generation EPR technology.

The other two third-generation EPR nuclear power plant projects France’s EDF has been building is the Flamanville nuclear power plant in France and the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant in Finland.

1. The Flamanville project has faced several challenges, including construction delays and cost overruns. Originally scheduled to be operational in 2012, the completion date has been postponed several times, and the plant is not yet fully operational today. Technical issues and concerns about the reactor's safety systems added to the complexity of the project.

2. **Olkiluoto nuclear power plant (Finland):** The Olkiluoto project experienced similar challenges, with significant delays and cost overruns. Originally scheduled for completion in 2009, the construction schedule was extended due to various problems, including difficulties in ensuring the structural integrity of the reactor vessel. Delays in the project led to disputes between the parties involved and increased scrutiny of the EPR technology.Image Both projects experienced longer construction times and financial setbacks, raising questions about the feasibility and efficiency of EPR 3.0 technology in practice. These difficulties contributed to a reassessment of nuclear projects and safety standards worldwide.

France was on the point of abandoning its EPR 3.0 adventures. However, after seeing the success of the Chinese prototype, France decided to continue with these projects.

France has reached the painful conclusion that building nuclear power plants is a complex business. The only way to make a EPR 3.0 nuclear project successful is y teaming up with China.

People don't understand that today China's industrial capacity is that of all the industrialised countries combined, not only in quantity but also in quality. When China faces a problem, it can call on its expertise in a vast number of areas. One can see that China's space projects have an extremely low failure rate compared to those launched by the US/UK/Japan. Such achievements are downplayed. China's comprehensive expertise in complex high-tech projects is also reflected in nuclear power plants.

Western knowledge of China is still at the stage where China beats the West because of its cheap labour, if not downright slave labour. They can't imagine that China is beating them because of better technology, better management and better manufacturing know how.

Moreover, for ten years after Japan's Fukushima nuclear accident, France was hesitant about continuing with nuclear power. During that time, China made rapid progress and achieved breakthroughs and innovations, especially in nuclear safety. Meanwhile, France's nuclear technology stagnated due to lack of investment.
Partnering with China is a necessity, as China now has know-how in many areas where France is lagging behind.

In view of these dynamics, if the British government wants to build nuclear power stations, it would be in the national interest to give the EDF-CGN consortium a free hand to allow the partnership to reproduce their success in China.
Jan 12 10 tweets 18 min read
Understanding America's irrational [fatal] love affair with Israel 

Israel now is more of a burden than an asset to the US. But the US can't get rid of it. 

A most peculiar scenario has unfolded in geopolitics. The ongoing conflict in the Middle East, involving Israel and the US, has diverted the US from its strategic focus on China and Russia. A ceasefire would be to the utmost advantage of the US, but the US remains steadfastly opposed to it.

A prolonged war in the Middle East involving the US would greatly benefit Russia and China, yet these two nations are adamantly advocating for a ceasefire.

The US has lost control over Israel. Israel just does what it likes, no longer adhering to US directives. 

The question arises: why does Israel continue to display such aggressive behavior when the whole world has stood up against it? From Israel's perspective, their actions can be understood. Israel seeks to exploit Hamas attacks as a justification to permanently eliminate the threat (resistance) in Gaza and annex Gaza to gain control over its valuable territory, as well as its oil and gas resources. 

If Netanyahu succeeds in achieving these goals, he will be hailed as a national hero in Israel, rather than someone who botched up the security promise to the Jewish people on October 7th. Throughout history, Israeli prime ministers who are renowned terrorists have been revered as national heroes by the Israeli population.

It is worth noting that the founding fathers of America were also involved in the massacre of Native Americans and slavery. Nevertheless, these figures go down history as national heroes. 

Furthermore, Zionists control the global MSM media. Through relentless propaganda, public memory and mainstream narratives can be manipulated. In a few decades, Israel's atrocities against the Palestinians in Gaza may be forgotten or remembered as war on terrorism. 

To borrow a Chinese proverb, "commit a sin today, but receive merit for eternity." Western countries have often employed this tactic of “killing and looting now and apologizing in the future”, to make peace with their infamous colonial past. 

Israel's actions can be understood from their unique perspective as a criminal syndicate. However, the behavior of the United States is perplexing. Why would they engage in a self-destructive deal that seems destined to fail?

The United States desires peace in the Middle East to free up its hands to deal fatal blows to China and Russia. Israel's reckless actions disrupt the stability in the region and derail the US from the course of its global strategy to preserve its hegemony. Currently, China and Russia are the main adversaries of the United States. The US has already exerted maximum pressure on Russia in Ukraine and squeezed China's economy. By applying further pressure, the US may hope to achieve desired results. Unfortunately, just when things seem to be progressing in a desired direction for the US, an unwanted crisis erupts in the Middle East.

Who benefits from this situation? Zelensky is desperate, while Russia and China can breathe a sigh of relief. This scenario seems almost too good to be true for China and Russia. The US appears helpless in preventing developments that favor China and Russia. They lack control over Israel.Image For years the US has tried to provoke China into a war with a US proxy be it India, Philippines. Taiwan, South Korea or Japan… Nobody has taken the bait. It seems like whatever the fate US tries to foist upon China is visited upon the US itself, be it the Covid-19 pandemic, global isolation, or proxy wars.

In summary, the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict is not what the United States desires. However, due to Israel's unique status, the US cannot make the most rational decision. What would be a more rational choice?

Let's consider the example of Taiwan. The United States handles the Taiwan issue with rationality. If Taiwanese politicians make any moves towards independence without US permission, the United States can easily intervene. On the other hand, whenever the US needs to inflame the Taiwan issue, they can send a congressman or a house speaker, and Taiwan cannot refuse.

The US has absolute control over Taiwan to make the latter serve the US interests. Geopolitically, Taiwan is strategically more important than Israel. So why is the United States mindlessly supporting Israel even against It's own interest?

Understanding this topic may help us comprehend why Israel acts so recklessly in the Middle East.

Before delving into the reasons, let's first examine the extent of support the United States provides to Israel.

Let's begin with political support. The United States has utilized its veto power in the United Nations on behalf of Israel more than any other country. Out of the 81 times the United States has exercised its veto power, 46 of those instances were in favor of Israel. In comparison, China has only exercised its veto power 18 times since joining the United Nations.

Furthermore, the United States has exerted pressure on nations to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, but Israel remains exempt from this agreement. Consequently, Israel is one of the nine countries in possession of nuclear weapons. Additionally, the United States has not compelled Israel to sign the Chemical and Biological Weapons Convention, which raises questions about the double standards applied.

To illustrate the magnitude of this issue, let's consider the case of Iraq in 2003. The United States launched a war against Iraq based on suspicions of possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMD), ultimately destroying the entire country. However, Israel, which actually possesses WMD, has not faced similar consequences.

Now, let's shift our focus to the economic aspect. Israel receives the highest amount of aid from the United States compared to any other country worldwide.

Economically, Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. aid globally, with a staggering $160 billion in official aid provided, despite Israel's own wealth. Israel boasts a relatively high per capita GDP of $52,000 for a developed country. To put this into perspective, South Korea, which received significant aid from the U.S. during the Korean War and beyond, had a per capita GDP of only $32,000 last year. However, the overall aid received by South Korea was merely 10% of the amount given to Israel.

Additionally, Israel benefits from substantial private donations from the U.S.

In the United States, donating money to Zionist organizations in Israel is considered a charitable act and is eligible for tax deductions. Further, the U.S. does not impose any restrictions on how Israel utilizes these funds, whether it is for charitable purposes or for demolishing Palestinian homes in order to set up Jewish settlements.
Jan 7 5 tweets 9 min read
Hezbollah shares many similarities with the Maoist-Leninist People's Liberation Army.

Consider these two photos.

On one side, you see the complex tunnel system of the Lebanese group, Hezbollah. On the other side, you see the tunnels of North Korea.

The world was taken aback when it was discovered that these two military installations, located thousands of miles apart, shared a striking resemblance in terms of design, construction techniques, choice of materials, and technical aspects. Israeli military experts later concluded that the tunnels of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and the 30-odd tunnels built by Hamas in the Gaza Strip were nearly identical to those built by North Korea. This similarity is attributed to the military guidance provided by North Korea to Hezbollah.

In the next photo, you see Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah. When you combine this image with the symbols of the Hizb ut-Tahrir and the western label of "terrorist organization," one might assume he's a spiritual leader, a chief, a caliph, or even an ayatollah.

However, he is not. He calls himself the General Secretary of the Party like President Xi Jinping and has admitted to being deeply influenced by Maoist works.

Hezbollah is not just a military force but also an organization with a structure reminiscent of a distinctly Leninist party, peaking with the Shura Council, which includes seven permanent members, including the General Secretary, like China's Politburo. Their salute is a red army salute.

Hezbollah is one of the ruling parties in Lebanon, with 13 seats in Parliament and a role in the Cabinet.

Like the Chinese PLA, they have been diligently focused on ideological indoctrination, placing instructors and political commissars in guerrilla units, integrating imams into the battallion and placing the recruiting branch in the mosques; they have also insisted on following the mass line, opening orphanages, schools, cultural centers, clinics, and construction firms; they have helped the poor during the construction of their base areas, providing farmers with seeds and fertilizers at low prices or even free of charge, and providing financial assistance to families affected by economic difficulties.

Their ultimate goal is to eliminate imperialism and colonialism, and in particular the removal of the Zionist regime and the US presence in the Middle East.

Despite being a religious military group in the Middle East, they have adopted a unique approach to war, obviously inspired by Mao Zedong's guerilla art of war.

In addition, they have mastered Mao Zedong's "integration of Marxism with the local circumstances", not by strictly adhering to it, but by blending it with their own realities to wage a "people's war with the unique characteristics of Lebanon".

Many people might be unaware that, unlike many resistance groups in the region, Hezbollah rarely targets non-military units, refrains from suicide attacks, and doesn't engage in civilian abductions. They stand out as one of the most sophisticated and civilized resistance forces in this part of the Middle East.

The transformation of Hezbollah's fighting force is a direct result of their advanced party building and military management concepts.

Today, Hezbollah is Israel's most feared armed force and the first local militia to reclaim significant territory back from Israel through war since the onset of the first Middle East conflict.

Furthermore, Hezbollah has seldom surrendered in any of his conflicts, thus maintaining a high level of morale.

In biology, there's a concept known as convergent evolution, which suggests similar ecological species in different regions will produce similar evolutionary choices. Hezbollah's path to success is reminiscent of this, mirroring the approach Mao took. The paths are similar and they will all lead to the same outcome: eventual victory.Image
The Lebanese Jihad's approach now appears to be quite politically mature, a methodology that could be considered the liberation theology of the Middle East region.

Many people, when they hear the name of this organization, think that it is a low-level guerrilla force, a group of rough men who shout Allahu Akbar and start to act recklessly. In reality, they are highly politically conscious, grass-roots oriented, disciplined and obedient, and thoroughly coordinated and united in their actions.

Hezbollah adhering to the teachings of Khamenei is almost a disguise, beneath this religious exterior, it is a highly advanced, modernized, and mature political organization.

It has a clear and progressive political platform, a strict organizational and political structure, and it recognizes that power comes from the people's support.

Hezbollah maintains a "red and black book" on the pro-Israel pseudo-army in southern Lebanon, and those who haven't harmed civilians will be exonerated when the day of reckoning comes.

The daily operations of the Party are focused on three main areas: the coalition front, armed struggle, and the development of the Party.

The level of sophistication of Hamas is akin to a Middle Eastern version of the Boxer Rebellion. But the level of sophistication of Hezbollah is equivalent to Mao Zedong's Red army.

One of the most notable aspects of Hezbollah's corporate culture is their understanding of their political roots, not in terms of being tough and brotherly, but in terms of taking the mass line and empowering the people in the areas they control.

Hezbollah receives substantial financial and material aid each year from its supporters, Iran and Syria. Instead of channeling all these resources into the military, they invest most of them in infrastructure and livelihoods, such as building a power station, a healthcare system, schools, and aiding the disabled.

Currently, Hezbollah operates at least four hospitals, 12 clinics, 12 schools, and several agricultural centers.

Hezbollah provides technical assistance and training to farmers, and also operates an environmental department and a social assistance agency. Their efforts are reminiscent of Mao Zedong's in-depth analysis of the Chinese population in the last century. They meticulously study the Lebanese population at all levels to understand their needs and aspirations. This allows them to effectively tailor their resources to address societal pain points.

Their unique governance style is uncommon in the Middle East. Areas under Hezbollah's control in Lebanon are recognized for their superior infrastructure, excellent education and healthcare systems, efficient government, and minimal corruption. In short, it's the Middle Easten version of Red Army bases established by Mao Zedong in China before 1949.

Hezbollah would only need a five-pointed red star to blend in with the Red Army of Mao Zedong.

In their pursuit of the mass line, they also maintain a keen focus on the elitism within their organization. Unlike other Middle Eastern militant groups, Hezbollah does not seek to increase its membership to expand its influence or gain wider support. They have adopted a Leninist political model, with their affiliates acting as vanguards with Islamic undertones. This structure has resulted in exceptional organization and a high degree of combat readiness.

To illustrate the strength of a communist cell, consider an incident from the past where a Beijing train was trapped in a flood. A temporary party cell was established, comprising a dozen veterans, engineers, and car service party members. Despite being stuck for 67 hours, tens of thousands of passenger received adequate supplies of water, food, and medical care in an orderly manner. Panic and chaos were avoided. The party cell demonstrated exceptional leadership, pooled resources together effectively, and ensured the collective well-being of the passengers.Image
Dec 22, 2023 4 tweets 3 min read
Chinese ships unperturbed on the Red Sea

Even though the Chinese shipping company COSCO has suspended its Red Sea route, on December 19th, the container ship Milky Way belonging to COSCO was seen sailing through the Red Sea towards the Suez Canal in safety. The Houthi official has stated that China not being part of the western allies of Israel providing the latter with moral and material support, abetting Israel's genocide of Palestinians, Chinese ships will not be affected.

So COSCO's Red Sea maritime trade route is most probably resumed.

Btw, this news caused a huge sensation in China because in history this commercial cargo ship Yinhe (its Chinese name) was sequestered by the US in 1993 for 24 days on the sea. US accused the ship of delivering chemical weapons materials to Iran. Of course the US inspection didn't find anything.

Later the US refused to apologize but blamed China for spreading false intelligence in order to make the US look bad. So US turned itself into the victim!! For more details, see the Wikipedia entry of the incident. Rumor goes that COSCO is charging the same price as other shipping companies, ie, with a huge surge taking account of the detour.

You bet COSCO will have more business, same price with no detour but with delivery time shortened by two weeks.

The US pro-genocide pro-Israel coalition forces can play the anti-pirate game by themselves. China is not joining.
Dec 5, 2023 8 tweets 12 min read
Israel's dirty war on Gaza -
Predictions of what will happen in the next 20 days and beyond

Israel has resumed its genocidal airstrikes with the pretext that Hamas broke the cease fire treaty. The truth is it's Israel who resumed bombings in the North and South of Gaza before the end of truce.

However this new phase of war will not last long. About 7-15 days, 20 days at most, and then the two sides will have to negotiate again. Israel can't continue beyond 20 days.

The initiative of the cease fire negotiations entirely lay within the hands of Israel. We all know Israelis were hell bent on annihilating Gaza. If Israel can carry on the genocide and completely drive the Palestinians out of Gaza in one shot, Israel wouldn't have stopped. If Israel had done so, there was no other reason than the fact that they could not carry on anymore. Israel simply ran out of money and ammunitions.

The moment Israel is able to resume the airstrikes, it immediately restarted bombing Gaza anywhere and everywhere. As during Israel's first war in 1948 with the Arab countries, the 48 hour truce worked wonders and served as the decisive factor to overturn the situation and allowed Israel to win the war.

Within a few days, Israel has managed to raise funds and ammunitions mass arrived from the US. Israel most probably has come up with new strategies of street combat with Hamas. Israel feels strong and powerful again.

However the fund Israel has raised still can't last long enough. And given the rate at which Israel consumes its stock of bombs and sees its tanks destroyed by Hamas, the newly arrived ammunition and military equipments won't last for more than a few weeks. Remember Israel has dropped in a few weeks more bombs than what the US released in Afghanistan in one year. The world hasn't seen this level of intensity of war since WWII.

Israel is not Russia. It isn't prepared and doesn't have the resources to engage in a drawn out war.

Israel's warchest destined to the Gaza war is composed of two funds. One fund was US$7.8 billion provided by the Treasury Department. The other was US$6 billion borrowed from loan sharks at the interest rate of 6.5% on the market, which is approximately 200 points higher than that of U.S. Treasury bonds.

Israel’s domestic issuance accounts for more than 80% of the total because it faces a “less popular” overseas market. According to Bloomberg, the premium of insuring Israeli sovereign bonds against default has doubled since the Hamas attack on October 7.

To date, the US$6 billion bonds are not entirely sold. Assuming this money is available to Israel, all in all, Israel disposes of $13.8 billion to eliminate Gaza.

According to Israel's calculation, the war costs $246 million per day.

How long can this money last?

56 days.

How many days had the war lasted before the ceasefire?

46 days.

The conclusion is Israel would call for a cease fire when it had exhausted its money supply and ammunitions.

So, how much money can Israel have raised during the cease fire?

Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich revised the budget for the remainder of year 2023, spending is increased by US$9.3 billion which will be mainly borrowed from the market.

The Israeli government also uses a U.S.-registered entity affiliated with the Treasury Department to sell more than $1 billion in bonds each month. In addition, it has borrowed overseas through privately negotiated deals, raising a total of $5.4 billion since the conflict began (part of the $6 billion deals to be raised from loan sharks mentioned above).

It's estimated that currently the Israeli government disposes of US$5 billion for the war.
Nov 1, 2023 4 tweets 4 min read
The Invention of Jewish People

Do you know that the Palestinians are the real descendants of the ancient semite tribe living on the land of Palestine? These are the real ethnic semites who later converted to Islam.

According to the book "The Invention of the Jewish People" by Professor Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv university, the Ashkenazi Jews living in Israel now are not ethnic semites but descendants from the Khazar Kindom of Caucasus of Turkic origin massively converted to Judaism in the 7th-9th century.

The mass expulsion of Jews from the land of Palestine by Romans was a myth.

Read more:

Sand began his work by looking for research studies about forcible exile of Jews from the area now bordered by modern Israel, and its surrounding regions. He was astonished that he could find no such literature, he says, given that the expulsion of Jews from the region is viewed as a constitutive event in Jewish history. The conclusion he came to from his subsequent investigation is that the expulsion simply did not happen, that no one exiled the Jewish people from the region, and that the Jewish diaspora is essentially a modern invention. He accounts for the appearance of millions of Jews around the Mediterranean and elsewhere as something that came about primarily through the religious conversion of local people, saying that Judaism, contrary to popular opinion, was very much a "converting religion" in former times. He holds that mass conversions were first brought about by the Hasmoneans under the influence of Hellenism, and continued until Christianity rose to dominance in the fourth century CE.

Jewish origins

Sand argues that it is likely that the ancestry of most contemporary Jews stems mainly from outside the Land of Israel and that a "nation-race" of Jews with a common origin never existed, and that just as most Christians and Muslims are the progeny of converted people, not of the first Christians and Muslims, Jews are also descended from converts. According to Sand, Judaism was originally, like its two cousins, a proselytising religion, and mass conversions to Judaism occurred among the Khazars in the Caucasus, Berber tribes in North Africa, and in the Himyarite Kingdom of the Arabian Peninsula.

According to Sand, the original Jews living in Israel, contrary to popular belief, were not exiled by the Romans following the Bar Kokhba revolt. The Romans permitted most Jews to remain in the country. Rather, the story of the exile was a myth promoted by early Christians to recruit Jews to the new faith. They portrayed that event as a divine punishment imposed on the Jews for having rejected the Christian gospel. Sand writes that "Christians wanted later generations of Jews to believe that their ancestors had been exiled as a punishment from God." Following the Arab conquest of Palestine in the 7th century, many local Jews converted to Islam and were assimilated among the Arab conquerors. Sand concludes that these converts are the ancestors of the contemporary Palestinians.

Jewish peoplehood

Sand's explanation of the birth of the "myth" of a Jewish people as a group with a common, ethnic origin has been summarized as follows: "at a certain stage in the 19th century intellectuals of Jewish origin in Germany, influenced by the folk character of German nationalism, took upon themselves the task of inventing a people "retrospectively," out of a thirst to create a modern Jewish people. From historian Heinrich Graetz on, Jewish historians began to draw the history of Judaism as the history of a nation that had been a kingdom, became a wandering people and ultimately turned around and went back to its birthplace."

Image In this, Sand writes, they were similar to other nationalist movements in Europe at the time that sought the reassurance of a Golden Age in their past to prove they have existed as a separate people since the beginnings of history. Jewish people found theirs in what he calls "the mythical Kingdom of David". Before this invention, he says, Jews thought of themselves as Jews because they shared a common religion, not a common ethnic background.

Return from exile, Zionism

Sand believes that the idea of Jews being obliged to return from exile to the Promised Land was alien to Judaism before the birth of Zionism, and that the holy places were seen as places to long for, not to be lived in. On the contrary, for 2,000 years Jews stayed away from Jerusalem because their religion forbade them from returning until the Messiah came. According to Sand, the ancestry of Central and Eastern European Jews stems heavily from mediæval Turkic Khazars who were converted to Judaism, a theory which was popularized in a book written by Arthur Koestler in 1976.
Oct 21, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
Israeli IDF drove a bulldozer right into an American protestor in Gaza in 2003

Everyone has seen the famous video of the tankman of Tiananmen Square of 1989, standing in front of the advancing military tanks. Everyone assumed that the tanks ran over him and killed him thanks to CNN's hinting by showing only part of the footage. The reality is that friends came and they walked away.

Do you know that this type of massacre actually happened in Gaza? Israeli military actually drove a bulldozer straight into an American protester, the frontal blade cutting up her body up and killed her?

On 16 March 2003, 23 year old Rachel Corrie was in the Gaza town of Rafah standing in front of the Palestinian family home of Dr. Samir Nasrallah. The Israeli soldier who was habitually demolishing a Palestinian home drove the bulldozer right into her and murdered her instantaneously in broad daylight.

Later Israeli government said that Palestinian terrorists were hiding in the house. Terrorists buried explosives in the rubbles. And Rachel brought it onto herself.

You know it by now. Israel's relentless "Palestinian terrorist" propaganda is designed to justify all of their heinous crimes.

Rachel's mother tried to obtain justice for her daughter and filed a law suit with Israeli court. One can imagine the outcome. The law suit was rejected. The Israeli soldier was doing nothing wrong. He didn't see Rachel. He was carrying out his duty of eliminating terrorism.

Compare the treatment of the two incidents by western media and you know what a dark world we live in.

Such wanton murders take place everyday in Palestine with impunity, all with the pretext of suppressing "terrorism".

Read this article for details:

Oct 14, 2023 6 tweets 9 min read
Israel: Satan lost in a killing spree whom nobody can stop

Ethnic cleansing and massacres of civilians are the sort of thing that the US and its allies have done a lot of.

But since the Second World War, all countries, even if they want to do it, do it surreptitiously, because they all know that this is something that is extremely immoral, anti-human and challenges the bottom line of human civilization.

In 1968, the US army carried out a massacre in the village of My Lai in Vietnam, killing 504 unarmed women and children, after which the mastermind of the incident, Lieutenant William Kelly, was found guilty by a US military court and sentenced to life imprisonment, although he was released few years later.

In 2016, WikiLeaks released several videos showing with hard evidence the massacre of unarmed Afghan civilians by U.S. forces.

The U.S. became furious at this, shrugged off the incriminating evidence, and set a trap to arrest Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

When the US attacked the Yugoslavia and frantically bombed Belgrade in 1999, the first thing they did was to cut off the Internet and electricity, so that the world would not know the truth about the massacre.

Mass murdering is something which the US frequently indulges in secretly, but definitely wouldn't dare to boast about.

No matter how much of an asshole, how anti-human, US knows that the slaughter of civilians is an extremely disgraceful, shameful thing. trespassing the bottom line of human civilization. It's an evil, intolerable behavior.

It can be said that for any normal country, this is the basic and general consensus.

However, there is only one exception.

It is Israel.

Israel is a country that advocates violence to the extreme, and in their view, the slaughter of civilians is not only not something to be ashamed of, but rather an honor.

Israel is the founding father of modern terrorism.

This country, which can be said to have been born in iniquity because its origins are the Zionists, started with terrorist attacks. Let's cite two of the more representative ones, one being the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on July 22, 1946, which killed 92 people and injured 58 others, all the victims being civilians.

The other was the attack on April 10, 1948, by some 200 Zionists on the village of Deir Yassin, outside Jerusalem, which killed more than 250 people, mostly women and children.

In the aftermath of this, the perpetrators of these two terrorist attacks not only went unpunished, but became national heroes among the Jewish people and were worshipped by all!

Israel glorifies killing of civilians.

Since then, the Jews have been on a rampage of terrorist attacks, slaughtering civilians in a frenzy.

In 1982, Israel orchestrated the Beirut tragedy that shocked the world, killing more than 1,700 to 3,000 civilians, the scene was horrific, countless people were scalped, many boys were castrated, and many women were raped .......

Subsequently, the UN General Assembly characterized the event as ethnic cleansing. To punish the murderers, and let's say that although the US-Western bloc favored Israel, no country dared to vote against it given the overwhelming evidence of the horror.

The UN found Israel's Defense Minister Sharon guilty of the Beirut tragedy and condemned Sharon severely.

Sharon was baffled and said, "Who are you to condemn me, is it wrong to kill civilians? What did I do wrong?"

Israel's Prime Minister Begin, saw no wrong in Sharon and defended him to the hilt. The more Israelis learnt of the macabre details of the tragedy, the more they admired Sharon. Israel as a whole exalted Sharon into a supreme national hero.

In the end, because of the strong international public pressure, Sharon had to resign, but because of his "great deeds" of massacring civilians, he was then elected by the whole nation as the Prime Minister of Israel!

What else can we say about this country?

To put it mildly, Nazi Germany slaughtered 6 million Jews (according to the Jews) when it was in power. But Israel 's killing sprees will extend to 60 million civilians if Israel is allowed to continue its way!

Besides, Germany repented sincerely, but Israel is still glorifying its killings.

When you have examined Israel's past behavior, you realize there's nothing surprising in their atrocities today.

Now Israel is revelling in its indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, as Israel's Defense Minister Galant has publicly declared:

"We have canceled all the rules of war. Our soldiers will not be held accountable for anything and there will be no military tribunals."

Do you know what that means?

This Israeli declaration happened in the history of mankind 300 years ago. It tells the soldiers before a siege that once you've captured the city, you can leave your swords unsealed for three days, and you can kill, loot, and rape as much as you want .......

This kind of behavior has been condemned by all in public since mankind achieved some civilization!

But Israel openly encourages its soldiers to massacre Palestinian, openly regresses to a barbaric age in front of the whole world!

As we said, the U.S. massacres civilians but does it secretly.

But Israel massacres civilians openly.

Not only do they do it openly, but they are afraid that others will not know about it.
They publicize it so much that the whole world now knows about their "great achievement" of reckless mass murder.

We see the heavily populated Gaza turning into piles of rubbles.

We see a man sitting like a stone on the rubble next to his son's teddy bear;

We see that father holding his son's body as a last embrace in the hospital;

We see the Palestinian picking his daughter's body out of the rubble, ranting with rage about revenge;

And Israel smiles and asks the world: "do you see what a bully I am, do you see me doing a good job of killing? "


There is no shame at all, OK? Israel rejoices in the killing and is proud of it.

Defense Minister Galant said triumphantly: "We are imposing a total blockade on Gaza. No electricity, no food, no water, no gas, completely siege"

"We are attacking Gaza on an unprecedented scale, there is no such thing as precision now. We are releasing thousands of bombs at the same time", said Tishler, the Israeli Air Force Chief of Staff with swagger.

In that moment, Israelis all thought they were heroes.

A year ago, after the Bucha tragedy, the United States said it was Russia's doing, and Russia angrily denied it, saying that it was launching a thorough investigation to find out the truth.
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The background leading up to the desperate Hamas Operation/
Israel's final solution for the Palestinians.

There is a bug in modern international law, that is, intentionally causing people in other countries to starve to death does not constitute a violation of human rights, nor does it constitute massacre.

This creepy anti-humanity BUG was developed by Israel with great pains.

Do you know that the inventor of modern terrorism is Israel? It's not without reason that we associate Mossad with assassinations and terror attacks. It's in their DNA.

In the 10 years before Israel was created, from 1937 to 1947, Israel launched at least 50 major terrorist attacks, blowing up 814 civilian aircrafts, two trains, one ship, and razing 385 Arab villages to the ground. Note that the above are only "major" terrorist attacks.

Between 1947 and 1949, Israel attacked major Palestinian cities, destroying some 530 villages and killing some 15,000 Palestinians in a series of mass atrocities, including dozens of massacres.

On April 9, 1948, Zionist forces carried out one of the most notorious massacres of the war in the village of Deir Yassin, on the western outskirts of Jerusalem, where more than 110 men, women, and children were killed by the Zionist militia of the Irgun and Stern Gang.

During this period, 750.000 Palestinians were driven from their homes and became refugees in their own ancestral land.

Refugees have the right under international law to return to their displaced homes and to recover their property. So Israel's current occupation of Israel is illegal.

If you feel that these cold numbers are meaningless, let's look at more detailed descriptions and look at some "small terrorist attacks" that are "insignificant".

On December 11, 1947, Israeli terrorists threw bombs into a bus full of Arabs from a truck, killing six Arab civilians on the spot and injuring more than 30 people.

This kind of terrorist act was carried out on a daily basis by Israeli terrorists at that time, "insignificant" trivial incidents randomly picked out from historical records. Bombing Arab buses was as casual as eating and drinking. Only bombing planes, trains and ships can be called "Big Terrorist Attack". Israel is the father of modern terrorism. Later, all terrorists were inspired by examples set by Israelis.

With this forceful means of expressing "protest", Israel's demand for statehood was finally met by the United Nations, and the Israel state was successfully established in 1948. It was assumed that Israelis would stop such terrorist attacks once they are given a state.

Before the founding of the Israel state, 14 passenger planes were bombed, but those were all planes parked at the airport, so not much of a challenge for the Israelis.

The first terrorist attack in human history to hijack a civilian airliner was invented by Israel. In December 1954, Israeli terrorists hijacked a civilian airliner in Syria and this form of terrorism was born. However due to the systematic suppression of unsavoury terrorist acts carried out by Israel, these acts are now associated with Islamists. It's very likely that Mossad organized the "brilliant" 911 in cooperation with CIA.

Only after strong condemnation from the international community and having won several Middle East wars with the support of the United States and having gained numerous advantages (US military aid, hundreds of billions of USD worth's compensation from Germany) did Israel begin to become more "respectable" and endeavored to cultivate its image. Israel's genetic impulse to engage in terrorist attacks was temporarily put on hold for a while. After all, Israel has become a strong power from a once weak ethnic group. The PR cost for terrorist attacks was too high. (Thread will be continued)

Video: Gaza after Israeli bombings
In order to quell the terrorist attacks launched by Israel in the Middle East, the United Nations announced the partition plan for Palestine and Israel, allowing Palestine and Israel to establish separate states.

According to the 1947 United Nations resolution, the Israelis, who constitute the minority, were allocated 57% of the most fertile, the most strategic part (coast etc) of the land in Palestine. Whereas the Palestinians, who constitute the majority, were allocated 43% of the poorest part of the land of Palestine. One can only say that the Israeli lobby combined with Israeli terrorism was powerful and effective.

This land distribution plan was already very unfair, but the Israelis were not satisfied. Over the years, they have invaded almost the whole Palestine step by step through encroachment. As you can see on the maps of Israeli expansion between 1946-2000, it's spreading like a virus. Now almost the entire Palestinian area has turned white, like the White Lung disease, the organ being completely infected by a virus.
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Everything I predicted in 2020, almost exactly three years ago has come true. I expected Huawei/China to become self reliant in the domain of high-end chips within ten years, but apparently it has taken China less time. The Huawei Mate pro60 is the beginning, the tip of the iceberg of a bigger trend.

China has embarked on a new route of chip making. Thanks to sanctions, China will explore new routes of development in all high tech sectors rendering US/western current technologies obsolete. This has happened in solar panel industry, in the chip industry and will likely to happen in all areas.

The chip size is impossible to become infinitely smaller. The Moore's Law will sooner or later encounter the bottleneck.

China is using the advanced packaging technology to stack the two 14nm chips. Once perfected, this new way of chip making may produce more powerful chips with lower costs. The market potential is huge. Qualcomm, Apple and TSMC are literally being strangled to death by the American hands.

BTW, chip making is essentially a game played by ethnic Chinese among themselves though they maybe dispersed geographically. If you remove all the chip related patents accomplished by ethnic Chinese, take away all the ethnic Chinese scientists and engineers from Qualcomm, TSMC, Intel, Apple, NVIDIA, AMD, then there's no US chip industry. Chip technology has flowed literally from Chinese minds.

Sanctioning China on chip technology is like sanctioning Brazil on football technology. It's not because some Brazilian football players sold themselves to a club in another country that other Brazilians still living in Brazil will forget the art of playing football.

So the Americans need to think twice when they sanction Chinese people on a discipline Chinese people are particularly good at.
Next time you hear US propaganda that China is stealing technology from the US, think about Brazil stealing football technology from the US. The US simply doesn't have any football technology of its own.
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Yellen's sterile visit to China

This is how Yellen negotiated with China. She proposed to cancel the additional tariffs imposed during the Trump era, but required China to meet three conditions:

1. Buy $850 billion US treasury bonds

2. Withdrawal of China's counter-sanctions (export restrictions of the two rare metals indispensable for the making of high-end chips etc)

3. Pledge not to support Russia.

All these conditions are unilaterally advantaging the US. Tariff removal will to some extent advantage China. However given 90% of the cost of the
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There's not much doubt to the total debacle of the US by now.

"About a month of relative "quiet" remains. Then will come the third crisis, after the Covid and the Russian-Ukrainian war, which will bury the existing order".

The US banks will default one after another. The US government won't be able to save them this time, because itself will default. Yellen can push for the debt ceiling to be raised to more than US$ 50 trillion, but nobody will buy these debts. Without money, the US can't start another a war with China.
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China has refused the visit of Blinken, the US State Secretary. Western MSM allege that China does this out of fear that the FBI will release their investigation on the Chinese spy balloon. Unless Blinken promises to keep it a secret will China accept the visit. Image MSM are dumber everyday, making China out to be this frightened child worrying about the punishment of a misdemeanor.

China has no wish to see Blinken or take the repeated persistent calls from Biden. If the US wants the world to believe China is deeply scared about the FBI
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American version of the Arab Spring resulted in decade long war in Syria, and riots, terrorism, chaos and poverty in many Arab countries.

Chinese version of Arab Spring has turned the Arab world into a charmed place of peace and harmony. Image The Arab spring of Grande Detente is sweeping across the Arab world, catching the world in surprise. Who would have imagined the hitherto arch enemies, the Saudis and the Houthi rebels who have been madly bombing each other, could sit down to talk and reach a
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There's No need for China to use force to recover Taiwan. For decades, China mainland is the biggest market of Taiwan, some 70% of its economy is linked to exports to China who is de facto its motherland who feeds it. Taiwan goods can come into the Image Mainland freely thanks to the trade agreement ECFA which is extremely unilaterally favorable to Taiwan. However, there's no reciprocity. Almost all Mainland goods are sanctioned and shunned by Taiwan except for medicine.
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US senator talks as if US provoking the Ukraine war, heavily arming, training the Ukrainian neonazis to fight a proxy war against Russia is some sort of sacrifice America willing underwent to save Europe. Image He threatened for the US to withdraw from Ukraine as a revenge against Macron's neutral stance on Taiwan.

If US hadn't organized the coup in Ukraine in 2014, the Ukraine war wouldn't have taken place. It's time for Europe to rid itself of the US.
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US is banning oil exports to China. The US$ in the hands of China is fast becoming waste paper. Soon China won't be able to buy anything worth buying from the US (except for mRNA vaccine or other lethal Big Pharma medicine). Then don't complain about the trade deficit... China was forced to buy 200 billion USD's worth of food and energy from the US according to the trade agreement. Buying a crazy amount of food from the US according to the agreement, China was then accused of stockpiling half of the world's food output, pushing up the price.
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This Taiwan scholar is wondering why the US has started this Cold War against China. There's no territorial dispute or national security issue. China's economy is largely capitalist and competition is vibrant.… The country is intelligently governed with efficiency and long term vision.

The real reason of such hostility is because of China's increasing geopolitical influence around the world which is the natural consequence of China's development and its size.
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According to US' anti-China propaganda, China is human hell where people are persecuted, killed, disappeared. However US government has carried out an "Operation Fiction Writer" and discovered the heart wrenching stories of the Chinese asylum seekers are fake... So which is which? If the US believes its own propaganda, they should open the door to the hundreds of millions of miserable Chinese escaping totalitarianism.
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China's trade surplus reached US$877.6 billion for 2022, an increase of 30% of the already record high year of 2021. This is the biggest trade surplus ever achieved by one country in human history. Trade surplus with the US accounted for almost half at US$ 404 billion. Year from year, the US is increasingly dependent on China for basic consumer goods. The US/West has intended for Vietnam, India etc to take over the role of the world's factory from China and kick the latter from the global supply chain, but obviously it's easy said than done.
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Do you know that it's Tesla China's ex-CEO Tom Zhu, a Chinese, who is running Tesla Texas and moreover is appointed the CEO of Tesla Global?

"Musk has anointed Zhu as the CEO of Tesla Global, a new executive role in charge of sales and Gigafactories"… Expert comment:

“A friendly regulatory environment, a strong supply chain base and an efficient front-line execution team — these are three factors that are currently only available in China, so the key isn’t Shanghai or Texas. Look at BYD. Granted, Tom and his executive