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15 Jul
Forthcoming Supreme Court hearing surrounding an autistic male would seem to apply to men who have pornified sexuality: 'there is a question about his capacity to understand that a sexual partner must consent to a sexual act, and continue to consent throughout'.
'He has a history of “behaving in a sexually inappropriate manner towards women” and he “lacks the insight or ability to communicate appropriately with women to whom he is attracted”.
'whilst he has never been charged with (let alone convicted of) any criminal offence, there is a concern that his behaviour, if unrestrained, may result in his exposure to the criminal justice system and risk to potentially vulnerable females'.
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14 Jul
Reading through @CEASEorgUK's 'Expose Big Porn Report' which is hard hitting and fantastic. I suggest that UK feminists give it a read and contact their MPs.
'Porn sites received more website traffic in 2020 than
Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Zoom, Pinterest, and
LinkedIn combined. During the pandemic, Ofcom
reported that Pornhub had a bigger audience than the
BBC', @CEASEorgUK Report, p.4
'Free porn' sites, such as Pornhub, profit from gathering, storing and selling user's data for advertising and other analysis. It is incentivised to keep expanding the user base so it obtains more data.
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14 Jul
'The levels of exclusion experienced by disabled people in Wales during the pandemic led many to report confusion, helplessness, abandonment, isolation, fear and frustration, according to a ground-breaking, disabled-led report' disabilitynewsservice.com/pandemic-exclu…
'The report also highlights how official statistics showed that 68 per cent of COVID-related deaths were of disabled people, even higher than the 58 per cent figure in England.

But the report says there was “nothing inevitable about this statistic”
Personally, all disability support fell away. Receptionist at doctor's surgery screamed & shouted at me, humiliated me because I had my carer with me for an appointment, after that it was a mixed bag on whether disabled rights would be upheld.
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10 Jul
1. As outrage continues over the abduction, rape & murder of Sarah Everard, France has just declared the Marquis de Sade's '120 days of Sodom' a national treasure. This text is about the abduction, gang rapes, tortures and murders of incest victims & young boys.
3. Catharine MacKinnon has argued ‘Fantasy expresses ideology, [it]is not exempt from it’. Porn from Sade's text to the modern internet offerings express the ideology of women hatred and eroticise male violence & domination. It is no surprise Couzens had a porn addiction.
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6 Jul
Listening in to a 'restorative justice in the classroom' course: not allowed to blame or accuse, not allowed to use 'you', not allowed to judge behaviour. Well, this will work well with the epidemic of sexual harassment & assault in the classroom won't it. 'No judgement no blame'
In a more general sense how will children & young people ever learn to take responsibility for their behaviour if the action is never committed by anyone? If the agent is removed. Like headlines of 'woman dies' rather than man murders woman.

Bullying: 'no judgement no blame'?
This focus on not making the perpetrator(s) feel bad, I think it's important to feel bad if you have hurt another. These natural feelings are how we learn and change our behaviour?
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6 Jul
Sometimes it gets really hard saying the shit no one else wants to say. My disability means I cannot lie but I do wonder what it would be like to be the 'nice', or 'true trans' women. That path is easier but my integrity is intact.
The ostracisation is immense, particularly from our 'own side', when one doesn't toe the 'some men are women' line. You are dead to them. But I can't abuse other women like that.
I've been ghosted and dropped like I shit on their front lawn because I dared to look at the evidence of a trans identified male, what he himself had said. It really hurt.
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10 Jun
'An Oxfam staff training document says “privileged white women” are supporting the root causes of sexual violence by wanting "bad men" imprisoned'.
'However, the charity was warned on Wednesday night that the document, compiled by its LGBT network and seen by The Telegraph, could breach equality laws as it suggests reporting rape is "contemptible".
So Oxfam responds to men in its charity raping vulnerable women by blaming women reporting rape and other women setting boundaries and saying this unacceptable.
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