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6 Aug
Daisy Coleman, who survived rape at 14 and being left in sub-zero temperatures overnight, has died by suicide. bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-…
Her rape was part of Audrie & Daisy, a 2016 documentary film about three cases of rape of teenage American girls, in 2011 and 2012. After the rapes, the girls and their families were subjected to abuse and online harassment.
Working article link here
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4 Aug
I'm interested in how ideologies spread & get established, who pushes them, what do they have in common, why will people die for certain ideas. No regimes came in overnight. I'm not interested in offence when the materials haven't been read or the actual arguments considered.
So lets talk about some generalities. These totalitarian/authoritarian regimes don't come saying 'we will take your rights, kill your fellow citizens', they approach talking about justice, a kind of social Utopia, solving problems. They start with smiles, not black boots.
They harness the energy, and lack of critical thought/experience, of student groups - the Tabils, the Khmer Rouge, the Nazis, the Communists in Russia, Isis. This is often male, again and again we see the idea of a 'traditional role' and then oppression of women being promoted.
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26 Jul
1. That Netflix promotes medicalising children who don't conform to sex-role stereotypes, conversion therapy ('trans' the gay away) is no surprise. In recent years it has been criticised for promoting:
-Child pornography : newsweek.com/netflix-desire…
2. Paedophilia/ child pornography again:
3. Sex Trafficking: thewrap.com/netflix-baby-p…
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16 Jul
'PIE was not a secret organisation which worked underground and consisted of a small number of men... At its height it had hundreds of members and the organisation worked closely with government and NGO officials. Its members included Peter Righton, the Director of Education..
at the National Institute of Social Work'.
'During the late 1970s, PIE was not simply tolerated as part of the authorities’ proper commitment to freedom of speech & freedom of association but was accepted as a legitimate voice of an oppressed sexual minority by respected & well-established civil society organisations
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19 Jun
JFC. Mermaids demanding to speak to children privately and that children have a secret email account. This is a grooming tactic used by predators.
This has already led to the sexual exploitation of a child:
My thread from 2018 on Mermaids' troubling connections:
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13 Jun
1. When I was a girl I was sold a lie, I was told the women's movement had achieved rights and equality for us, it was essentially done. I was told that through education I could achieve anything, be free to be me. Yet, I noticed the world didn't fit this story #IStandWithJKR
2. that it was dangerous to go out at night on my own as a girl but the boys could go and do as they pleased. That if I kissed boys I would be condemned where as they would be praised by their mates. That girls should be careful how they dressed so #IStandWithJKR
3. as not to be thought easy, but that porn & topless photos were empowering. That what happened to boys was anyone else's fault but their own but what happened to girl's was always a girl's fault. Then I thought, a-ha I have found the loop-hole, I got more educated &
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11 Jun
22. Are Transactivists Negging Feminism and the LGB?
'The desired effect is to get women to include males who identify as females based on sexist stereotypes inside the feminist movement or women’s parties. To refute allegations of transphobia' uncommongroundmedia.com/are-transactiv…
Not an essay but a thread: Mermaids Troubling connections:
Thread. Original Pride vs Queer Theory Pride
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7 Jun
It is safe to say #IStandWithJKRowling. When males are arguing that women's oppression is natural and innate (gender), that women are not allowed boundaries - physical & philosophical - that same sex attraction is bigotry which requires unlearning we must take a stand.
We must take a stand against the loss of a generation of lesbian and gay young people, those being told they were born wrong because they don't conform to sexist stereotypes. Culture is wrong, not gender non-conforming children #IStandWithJKRowling
I cannot sit idly by while I see lesbians told they must engage with penis or face social shaming & exclusion, it is corrective rape dressed as 'progress'. #IStandWithJKRowling
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5 Jun
Women are looking at the manipulation tactics of the trans rights movement and how micro abusive behaviour has gone macro. Thread:
1. Forced Teaming
3. 'Negging'.
5. Pronouns are Rohypnol
6. MRA, Incel, TRA crossover.
#GenderWooWoo #trans #WomensRights
Why are ideologies antithetical to each other being presented as natural allies?
'We need to disavow ourselves of the idea that “transgenderism” is anything but a men’s rights activist (MRA) agenda using tools of manipulation to present themselves as victims' - @bjportraits
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