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10 Apr
Substack, like 2 weeks ago: what? how dare anyone suggest that we’re a haven for a bunch of people who’d like to wipe trans people off the face of the earth

If he said that about literally any other group of people, everyone would lose their minds over it. But 🤷🏻‍♀️
Anyway, I read it. It’s a poorly written, factually-deficient, anecdote-driven, list of utterly absurd that’s honestly not worth engaging with on a point by point basis. It’s just as wrong as can be. He talks about trans people like he’s talking about a pest problem. It’s gross.
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10 Apr
One thing that’s a bit frustrating about Chait’s piece here is that he really doesn’t seem to grasp how long all of this has been happening. Probably because he’s been too busy clutching pearls about campus speech for the past several years. I mean...
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10 Apr
Everything okay over there? Image
Then in the replies to the new word bot, there’s a context bot and a bibliography bot. Truly great stuff. I love it. ImageImage
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10 Apr
I forgot about how weird the John Walker-as-Cap era of comics were ImageImage
And then when Steve Rogers had to fight Reagan... who had been turned into a snake ImageImageImage
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9 Apr
In 2019, I debated making a quiz asking whether something was from a Tucker Carlson monologue or the Christchurch mosque shooter's manifesto because they had some major similarities. If anything, Carlson's only gotten more blatant since then.…
I didn't make it because I didn't want to give *the actual mass-murderer's manifesto* more attention than it already had, but it's just depressing that this is the message that seems to appeal to so many people.
Guys like J.D. Vance will say that Carlson challenges the powers that be and is a populist or whatever, but that's not even true. What, exactly, is he "challenging" by pushing the same tired nativist talking points that have existed for centuries around the world?
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9 Apr
Big ol’ “fuck you” to all the people who sat there going “it’s just sports!” (or just as bad, are sitting there in silence as all this is happening)
Seriously, all of you people who’ve been sitting there silently who can’t bring themselves to even tweet support for trans people and opposition to these laws (the absolute bare minimum)... I see you and I’m not going to forget who left trans people hanging out to dry.
I’m so angry about all this shit. Lots of “progressives” who haven’t spoken up. Shame on you.
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9 Apr
Took my brain too long to realize this wasn’t about the musician
Makes for a great excuse to post this video again, though
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9 Apr
No one: ...

Absolutely no one: ...

My YouTube recommendation feed:
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7 Apr
Once again, Matt Walsh is obsessing over children’s genitals.
(Also, no, puberty blockers are not “chemical castration,” they are reversible and meant to provide trans teens with time to make sure they’re able to make an informed decision *before* doing anything with irreversible effects.)
American Academy of Pediatrics…
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7 Apr
States are essentially trying to legislate trans people out of existence by passing laws making it legal to discriminate against trans people in housing/public accommodations/health care, straight-up banning certain health care treatments, banning trans kids from playing sports.
The goal is to make it socially unacceptable to just exist. Their hope is that people will simply "choose" not to be trans (which, believe me, I've tried that, and it just doesn't work), that they'll stay closeted, or that they'll just stop existing.
I'm so sick of it all.
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7 Apr
People really thought that the anti-trans activists were going to stop with trans people, didn't they? It was always going to expand like this.
The whole anti-trans movement harms anyone who doesn't fit neatly into boxes about what men or women are "supposed" to look like. For instance, it's turned random people into bathroom vigilantes…
But just to REALLY highlight what the long game is...

Here's what the Family Research Council lists in a publicly-available document:

They see it as part of a decline that stemmed from women's rights and gay rights, both of which they'd also like to roll back.
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7 Apr
Another day, another horrific anti-trans bill being introduced that no one will give a shit about because they don't care about trans people.…
"Oh, it's just about sports!"

"lol, jk, we also want to make it illegal for people under 18 to access medical care."

"oh, did I say 18? I meant 21."

And soon

"21? 25 sounds better."

"25? Well, who's to say anyone should be able to transition..."
All the while, just passing bills that make it legal for ER doctors to cite their "conscience" when they decide to let a trans person bleed out from a gunshot wound or a car accident or whatever.
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