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22 Jul
Whether it is pandemic, deluge in Konkan and Mumbai region, drought in Marathawada Region, are the repercussions of climate change. What is the use of asset building, investment in infrastructure, if the deterioration of climate is the outcome, in the end? No one care about
sustainable lifestyle. No one think to diverse the economic activities behind Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad in Maharashtra. The cities already lapsed their capacities to accommodate the people. How could we blame the government only, if we don't get hype by their unsustainable
policies. Only a few NGOs on environment shouts at their capacities against the unsustainable policies of governments. if I get a home at affordable price in course of Mula, Mithi, Nag river, why could I leave an opportunity to buy it? I will see what will happens later. If we
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