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Nov 30 10 tweets 2 min read
Another dog walk. Got talking to an old pal.
Him: You're not still banging on about Covid are you?
Me: Well yes because it's being brushed under the carpet & just ignoring it puts everyone at continued risk.
Him: It's over. Live your life.
Me: My daughter is very vulnerable.
1/🧵 Him: How do you know it will be anything more than just a cold for her. She's vaccinated isn't she?
Me: She is but she has many conditions that we are struggling to even get looked at. Another problem on top could be very serious.
Him: Why are you struggling to get seen.
Nov 28 7 tweets 4 min read
Appeal for help (UK only):
I need everyone to know about the benefits of air filtration indoors.
📉 risk of winter viruses.
📉 particulate pollution.
📉 allergens.
DIY filter #corsirosenthalbox is simple, quiet & effective.
I will GIVE AWAY a few sets.
Conditions apply...
🧵 The conditions are, you must:
✅ Be prepared to help raise awareness.
🐦 Tweet images or video of the build.
✅ Have a significant audience or social standing.
✅ Donate the unit to a school or warm hub.
🐦 Tweet about where it's going & why.

Here's a story of one recipient:
Nov 24 18 tweets 4 min read
Social exclusion & societal worthlessness musings:
As C19 1st hit, everyone was lamenting the loss of things they once enjoyed. Feeling a threat, most were happy to accept some short term loss of lifestyle.
For vulnerable folk, this sense of loss remains with no end in sight.
1🧵 Most people have taken back what they can to urgently return to normal at the expense of those who can have nothing back at all. They are unaware of how this short-term reward to themselves will be our long term undoing.
There is no actual plan other than to ignore it.
Nov 6 24 tweets 6 min read
I'm concerned as we head into winter that most people are unaware/insufficiently informed of how Covid is transmitted, the dangers it poses or how to protect themselves.
Here are some things everyone should know.
A basic overview for you, your friends or family members.
🧵/1 In the absence of any proper public health messaging, here are 4 categories of things folk ought to know about Covid but often don't.
a) how it is most often transmitted
b) how to protect yourself
c) the dangers of infection & reinfection
d) how to prepare