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Oct 4 10 tweets 2 min read
1/10 Thread on some of my key Covid talking points/messages as we head deeper into the fall and ultimately winter for the US (in no particular order)… 2/10 We’re still losing around 400 Americans per day from Covid. And yes they’re dying from Covid, ignore the “with Covid” BS nonsense from the Covid deniers
Oct 4 4 tweets 2 min read
My concern about the malaria vaccine is an increasing level of distrust as cited in this article. My premise: some or most of the distrust now derives from US antivaccine activism and aggression as highlighted in the two articles I append to this tweet… My recent 2022 article in @NatRevImmunol @NaturePortfolio
Oct 3 5 tweets 1 min read
1/3 From my perspective, the @NFL concussion issue comes down to some simple formulas in physics: momentum = mass X velocity, while kinetic energy is 1/2 mass X velocity squared. 2/3 if you look back when the NFL began you had guys who were maybe 5’9” and weighted 160-170 lbs and ran with some speed but now you have a 6’7” 300 lbs defensive lineman conditioned to run at even faster speeds
Oct 3 4 tweets 2 min read
1/2 Two thirds of U.S. adults don't plan on getting COVID boosters soon - FYI I hope to have the opportunity to work with federal and state governments to fix this. I recently got my bivalent booster and believe it’s absolutely essential. The reason…… 2/2…with mRNA, declining protection vs hospitalization over time since your last booster. Once you are more than 4-5 months out protection declines significantly, and not just for infection but for hospitalization as well. In attached tweet(s) will present some data
Oct 2 5 tweets 2 min read
Millions? Many thanks for this info, please let me know when the check arrives. In the meantime here’s my financial tally:

1. Cable news appearances on CNN MSNBC NPR everyday for 3 years helping the American 🇺🇸 people keep safe: $0

2. Our Covid vaccines for Global health:$ 0 Wait, there’s more:

3. Honoraria for grand round lectures either by zoom or in person: about $3,000 maybe a little more or less

4. My single author books with academic presses: around $10,000

So total maybe around $13,000 for thousands of hours of pandemic help for the world..
Oct 1 5 tweets 2 min read
In Boston this weekend speaking at an event this evening. Took the time to see where I used to live on Anderson St (Beacon Hill) in late 1980s across the street from @MassGeneralNews @mghfc where I was a resident/house officer. Funny story, sort of… One less attractive aspect of Beacon Hill was its rodent population and Ann had and still does a morbid fear of them. So I’m on call in the MassGeneral ICU when the nurse tells me (pre cellphone) “your wife called and there’s a mouse in the bathtub trying to run up the sides”
Oct 1 4 tweets 1 min read
For me that’s the mystery: he was handed the tools through a Yale/Harvard education to become a conservative and yet do big things. No one forced him to capitulate to the mediocre and the hate. He chose a careless path of destruction, when no one asked him… Meanwhile he and his people (and Fox News and the far right press) still go after me, accusing me of all things Covid, and more meshugana with each passing day. Who knows, maybe the hurricane will be a reset, bring him to his senses. Alexander Pope once said Hope springs eternal
Sep 28 5 tweets 3 min read
Thinking about my healthcare colleagues in West Florida and wishing the very best for them this evening and tomorrow. I'm scheduled to speak at @JohnsHopkins @AllChildrens in St. Petersburg/Tampa later in October Being here on the Gulf Coast there’s “double indemnity” from catastrophic weather events. A commitment to staff hospitals/emergency centers, while looking after your family to ensure they are evacuating or out of harm’s way. Stress upon stress + the exhaustion of 3 pandemic years
Sep 27 7 tweets 3 min read
Many thanks ⁦@kwelkernbc⁩ for hosting me on ⁦@MeetThePress⁩ ⁦@NBCNewsNow⁩ discussing the risks of COVID19, influenza, polio due to low vaccine uptake and rising antivaccine activism and aggression. Touching on the reasons for accelerating antivaccine activities: I began going up against antivaccine groups in the 2000s over their phony claims that vaccines cause autism, which allowed them to monetize the internet by selling fake autism cures, nutrition supplements, and books on Amazon….
Sep 27 4 tweets 3 min read
1/3 I’m in Wash DC meeting this evening @IndianEmbassyUS to further international vaccine diplomacy between the USA 🇺🇸 and India 🇮🇳 together our @TexasChildrens vaccine center @BCM_TropMed and @biological_e developed CORBEVAX so far administered to 75 million adolescents in India 2/3 now we hope to expand our global collaboration through @WHO prequalification and global uptake of our patent-free CORBEVAX, in addition to BA.5 and other variant specific boosters and eventually our universal coronavirus vaccine, because other coronaviruses looming
Sep 25 5 tweets 3 min read
1/4 Early this week I will be in Wash DC exploring next steps in Texas-USA 🇺🇸 India 🇮🇳 vaccine diplomacy, more specifically how joint vaccine development between our labs @TexasChildrens and @biological_e leading to CORBEVAX can be expanded globally… 2/4 the problem is this: true vaccine development as I’ve written about it builds on joint scientific cooperation to create new life-saving vaccines as Dr Sabin did with his Soviet counterparts during the Cold War
Sep 25 6 tweets 3 min read
Many thanks @ACOGDXI and the Ob/Gyns for hosting me in San Antonio this Saturday PM as we compared notes on the escalating challenges our community of pediatricians face, in our case from an empowered, well-funded, aggressive and grossly misguided antivaccine lobby here in Texas. I first wrote about this in @PLOS @PLOSMedicine in 2016, but now it’s even worse…
Sep 23 4 tweets 1 min read
If you think about it the tenure ban in Texas can only work to make it harder for our Texas universities to recruit the best…say you are a new PhD graduate or postdoc in economics, political science, biology, math, at UMichigan, UCLA, Univ Chicago…… Why would you accept a faculty position at UT, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, when you could be offered a tenure track position at Nebraska, UC Davis, Univ Wash? This move wipes out our comparative advantage. It’s just common sense. Let’s stop the ideology,instead work towards excellence
Sep 19 6 tweets 2 min read
Bad enough that the Florida Governor goes after me on Fox News, but now his Comms people also consistently attack me. I mean yes I’ve been to FL, took my kids to Disney World when they were little, but that’s about the extent of my connection? Just trying to save lives, Mr. Lamb The @dailykos reporter on what happened last year when the FL Governor attacked me……
Sep 18 4 tweets 2 min read
The only coordinated media campaigns are from the far right, antivax, anti-GMO websites monetizing the internet, promoting fake Covid origins conspiracies. The science is clear and details a process of virus spillover from bats to cause SARS MERS Covid (+ 4th 5th CoVs to follow) Until we stop the conspiracy/GOF nonsense, and make serious efforts to unravel the origins of coronaviruses through careful interdisciplinary fieldwork in Asia, Middle East, and elsewhere, identify strategies to slow zoonotic transmission, we are destined for future CoV pandemics
Sep 16 6 tweets 4 min read
Fascism Is Spreading — a Sign of Civilizational Collapse. I’ve been writing/speaking how this pivot to authoritarian regimes includes attacks on science and scientists. Rise in antivaccine activism/aggression, phony Covid origins conspiracies, all linked… By attacking science and scientists, the authoritarian regimes are going by a playbook launched in the early-mid 20th Century. I wrote about this last year in @PLOS @PLOSBiology…
Sep 14 4 tweets 2 min read
If you have not been to the original National Academy of Sciences ⁦@theNASciences⁩ ⁦@theNASEM⁩ it’s really worth seeing Image
Sep 14 4 tweets 2 min read
I’m so sorry to hear of your #longCovid struggles. So later this week, I’m hoping my interview/discussion with @brianbeutler will air on his @CrookedMedia podcast. I go into what we know and don’t know. More the latter unfortunately, but we’re learning new things all the time… Some background papers on longCovid…
Sep 13 8 tweets 3 min read
Many thanks to @jaketapper for hosting me live in studio today @TheLeadCNN I’m here in Wash DC for the 50th anniversary of the @usisraelbsf Binational Science Foundation, meeting at @theNASciences tomorrow Image Regarding the new Covid combined booster I gave 3 reasons for getting this now 1) protection vs hospitalizations declined 4 -5 months after your last mRNA booster, 2) BA.5 is with us now still taking 400-500 American 🇺🇸 lives daily, 3) gives you “2 shots on goal” for this winter
Sep 9 4 tweets 5 min read
Polio in NY wastewater? Both predicted and predictable, here’s what I wrote in the @nytimes more than 5 years ago… And I just wrote in @Nature @NatRevImmunol why things are about to get worse…
Sep 7 5 tweets 2 min read
Many thanks ⁦@LindseyReiser⁩ for hosting me, a discussing a few things at the start of the school year. First we still need to do more to protect our students, staff, and teachers.. Image …for me, top priority is to improve our vaccination coverage. We now know boosting is the key in terms of hospitalization or not. Yet only 1/3 of adults in US are booster, only 8% under 18, and just 4% here in Texas. So the message is to boost now Image