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Q is always wrong thread here.
15 Jun 20
225. QDrop 3775 has Q declare "The great awakening" and then nothing happens. Seems like Q likes to fire up the troops by shouting empty slogans now and again. Image
226. QDrop 3784 gives us a chart of events that promises that the "Slow drip" of Q is about to become a "Flood". We get neither a drip nor a flood. Image
227. QDrop 3792 has Q hyping the Yellow Vest movement as part of the Great Awakening. The weekend protests continue apace with nothing changing. France and the world remain asleep. Image
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4 May 20
THE POKER AND POLITICS REVIEW OF "FALL OF THE CABAL" It's time for the redpilling to begin! #fallofthecabal #QAnon #Bartcop #ShirleyManson #PatriotHQ
1. We open by being told this documentary is super awesome and double plus amazing and if it doesn't redpill me I'm pretty much a lost cause.
2. We are then instructed to "Do our own research" so we can verify the truth of the video's claims. I'm sure this video will hold up under scrutiny and they are only saying this to strengthen their case.
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22 Apr 20
The Q Review For You 4/22/20: QAnon Centrism,. QAnon Is Just A Vibe Bro.
1. There is a subsection of QAnon apologists that i like to call QAnon Centrists. The goal of the QAnon Centrist is simple. To make you look like an unreasonable jerk for working to debunk the insanity of QAnon.
2. Their goal is to pretend that all of Q's writings and all of QAnon's beliefs are firmed anchored in the 'level 1' of QAnon. That being the "Drain the swamp, fight corruption, save children from monsters like Epstein." level.
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15 Apr 20
THE POKER AND POLITICS REVIEW OF "OUT OF SHADOWS": Time to get redpilled (I'll be doing this thread in 20 minute bites so as not to go mad)
1. We open with the standard "How do you know anything is real?" And goes into the whole 'If everyone was lying to you, how would you ever know?'
2. We're 52 seconds in and the video has already shot irony in the head by linking to the famous "Sinclair News Anchors parroting a script" Deadspin clip. Sinclair is aggressively Pro-Trump. Saying that Sinclair's lies show the libs are lying is galaxy brain level madness.
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9 Mar 20
The Q-Review For You 3/9/2020: QAnon Isn't Hope, QAnon Is Misery.
1. While not dunking on Trolls and telling us that pain is coming and nothing can stop it and blah blah blah, Joe M gave us this slice of reality about the nature of being a follower of Q.
2. This is the real redpill (or maybe blackpill) of QAnon, that to get any deeper than a surface level understanding of what Q talks about and what QAnon believes in is to turn your world into a nightmare. You end up becoming angry and depressed at the evil that surrounds you.
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1 Oct 19
Understanding QANON: The Plan To Save The World. Who it was made for, why it appeals to them, and how it's all a bunch of lies. #QAnon #Bartcop #ShirleyManson
1. The first thing I want to talk about is the two audiences this video is made for. The first group is followers of the Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy theory. Before Q it was the Grand Unifying Conspiracy Theory that people who believed in such things believed in.
2. Even now you'll find anti-Q Illuminati peddlers out there and even people that are Q Adjacent working this angle. QAnon is a re-telling of the same story they told. Symbolism, Satanism, cannibals, both stories hit the same notes. Q just adds Super Hero Donald Trump.
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18 Sep 19
The Q Review For You 9/18/19: The World These People Live In Is Literally Hell.
1. Carrie (AKA The Wife Of QCop) has said she'll stop believing in The Plan when Trump leaves office. Till then she's here to both believe and push the agenda of The Plan. The includes making up a giant conspiracy theory that proves Reading Rainbow is evil. (HT to @NewAgeGrifts)
2. We begin with her claiming Obama hanging out on Martha's Vineyard is evil. She makes the baseless claim that Obama is "Seen quite often with a band aid on his left middle finger." cause she knows people want to hear about how Obama's evil and bad and will never fact check her.
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29 Aug 19
191. QDrop 3505 was posted after an episode of Hannity (that Q told their followers to watch) that had Trump say Barr would give the DECLAS to Nunes. Q is telling people what he heard from the TV.
192. 192. QDrop 3515 continues to claim that Obama having "Renegade" as his secret service codename was proof of some Luciferian evil.
193. QDrop 3517 goes into Birtherism cause that's a real thing that a Super Secret Spy would be pushing and not some right wing shill trying to rile up the rubes.
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22 Aug 19
The Q Review For You 8/22/19: We'll Always Have The Illuminati.
1. Donald Trump has stepped into the White House as a modern day JFK. Not in any sense of reality but in the sense that he's seen as this outsider against the corrupt forces that secretly rule our world. Alex Jones was hyping him as the good guy in the war Vs the Illuminati.
2. Q stepped in and told us that Trump was a good guy, but he was a butt kicking superhero who was crushing the Deep State night and day. Patriots in Control! Trump 1,000 Deep State -6!
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30 Jun 19
The Q Review For You 6/29/30: If I Was Redpilled Q Would Enrage Me.
1. I had a QAnon follower give me a good rundown of their evidence for the Global Satanic Pedophile Ring. I got spirit cooking and Marina Abramovic along with some Podesta art, the Vanderbilt pool, and a Comet Ping Pong Killroom.
2. I thanked them for honestly trying to show me stuff instead of the standard "Do your own research" response to my questions. I then informed them that much of it is debunked and weird art isn't a crime.
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6 Jun 19
72, QDrop 2063 claims that DARPA is where Google came from which is not even wrong. Google will somehow be tied to the Deep State via Gmail this whole house of cards will come crashing down. The house of cards yet stands.
73. QDrop 2072 tells us that "Human trafficking arrests are surging". There is no evidence to support this claim.
74. QDrop 2075 claims Facebook is Lifelog cause everything is Deep State. This is one of endless conspiracy theories that Q has stolen and grafted into QAnon. At some point Q will get around to letting us know the truth about the moon landing.
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4 Jun 19
Q IS ALWAYS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING: A list of QDrops that have failed or been debunked. (Updated whenever) #QAnon #Bartcop #ExitThroughTheGriftShop #ShirleyManson
1. QDrops 1 and 2 start off with Hillary's passport being flagged if she tries to flee the country (She has since left the country many times) and that she was detained by Q (And nobody knew about it) and then released, as one does with Satanic Baby Eaters Who Commit Treason.
2. QDrop 15 says thatPodesta and Huma are going to be arrested in early November 2017. This doesn't happen. QDrop 16 declares that on Friday & Saturday Trump will make good on MAGA. I fail to remember America's greatness being restored that day.
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10 May 19
The Q Review For You 5/9/19: Kill Only The Guilty (Note: We'll Decide Who Is Guilty)
1. I've had QAnon supporters get mad at me for saying they are a violent cult. They explain that they don't want to go around killing all nimbly bimbly as it were. They only want to those who have committed crimes punishable by death to face justice for their crimes.
2. So that means Obama, Hillary, Bill, The Bushes, Comey, Lynch, and all the other folks they endlessly bring up will have to hang. They don't want to kill all these people but justice demands it.
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16 Feb 19
The Q Review For You 2/15/19: Message Discipline and the Right Wing Puke Funnel and how Q can't use the latter cause he doesn't have the former.
1. Q put in a lot of work today for a lot of nonsense. We begin with dumb fearmongering over a possible False Flag event that could happen and QAnon members are told to be on guard. So if anything big happens it's all a lie.
2. An Anti-Lynching bill that had been pushed hard by Kamala Harris and Cory Booker got signed into law. Q acts like this is a good thing for some reason even when evil Deep State Satanists were fighting for this.
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21 Jan 19
The Q Review For You 1/20/19: Playing defense.
1. As QAnon seems to become a right wing Cult of Trump and keep the grift going towards a Trump 2020 campaign, the big question is, what becomes of the whole "Q" section of the story? The 60,000 sealed indictments, the pedo rings. The Satanism?
2. Well I'm sure that the folks who believe will just keep believing those things, the goal isn't so much to have these things happen, merely to hope they'll happen. It's like the End Of Days and Jesus coming back to earth. Keep that stuff off in the distance.
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14 Jan 19
The Q Review For You 1/13/19: 8 Straight AFC Title Games For the Pats!
1. Q made a couple posts today. Deeply lazy stuff as is usual for Q now-a-days. The first post is an inspired bunch of lazy. "Dems trying to stop Trump. Dems won't stop Trump. We're gonna win!"
2. He asks the question of how you remove somebody from the House or Senate and I say to myself "Praying Medic answered this question." so I switch over to Praying Medic's Twitter and...He answered the question.
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