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12 Sep
Should you insult your customers?

It sounds crazy, but...

I was recently thinking about the benefits and disadvantages of talking down to your customers.

It's a pretty risky proposition to insult your customers to persuade them to buy your products.

But sometimes it works.
In general, when it comes to selling, empathy wins.

Close your prospect by treating them like a good friend.

It helps a lot if you're selling something that will solve their pain.

But sometimes talking down to


"You're an idiot if you don't buy this."

"How many times are you going to fail? Aren't you sick of being a loser?"

Surprisingly, I've seen this tactic work very effectively.

Other times, I've seen it antagonize the prospect.

What drives the different outcomes?
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12 Sep
**How to Obtain Authentic UGC to Scale your Ecom Brand**

There's no doubt that user generated content (UGC) is the type of ad creative that is converting well these days.

But getting it can be tough.

Here's how to do it.

First of all, why UGC?

UGC is a major driver of sales, especially via Facebook ads.

It provides social proof, demonstrates the benefits and features of your products, and looks less like an ad.

But obtaining authentic UGC requires some work...

Good UGC that converts into sales requires:

Authentic, thumb-stopping content from creators who knows how to speak to your audience who can effectively communicate how much they love your products.

So now let's discuss how to find this content.
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12 Sep
It's true...

The fastest way to make a ton of money quickly is with a high ticket funnel.

In this thread, I will show you how to launch one:

First, here's why high ticket offers work better:

The ROI on $5,000 to $10,000+ offers is superior for scalability


1k leads, pay $1 per lead, $50 offer, 10% CR (super high) = $4k profit


1k leads, pay $1 per lead, $10k offer, 0.2% CR = $19k profit
It's clear.

The math shows high ticket funnels are much easier to scale with ads.

Setting up this funnel is simple:

1. YouTube ad
2. Registration page for 20 min VSL
3. Sales page to book call
4. 20 to 30 min phone call to sell $5k+ coaching/consulting offer

Let's discuss:
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21 Aug
My simple approach to FB ads:

1. Less is more: less audience targeting, less exclusions, etc.

2. Focus on testing different ad creatives as rapidly as possible

3. Understand and analyze your data to determine which part of your sales funnel needs to be optimized.
I have targeted the entire world and had profitable campaigns as early as 2017.

Just focus on an offer that has mass appeal.

Play in large, competitive markets.
The plain truth is that acquiring customers with FB ads is becoming more and more expensive.

And the trend is only going to continue.

That’s why your focus should be on increasing your customer lifetime value.
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8 Aug
**How to Consistently Make $500 to $3,000 a Month with a Simple Website**

In this thread, I will show you how to:

1) Create a profitable website
2) That requires 2 to 4 hours a week of work
3) With minimal upfront costs
4) And without technical skills

Let's dig in 👇
(1) Many of my followers are starting their journey to create an online stream of income but have limited budgets.

That's why I've put together this how-to guide to start earning online income in the easiest way possible

Warning: It requires a little work...but it's worth it.
(2) Here's the overall strategy:

a) Find a profitable offer that will generate sales
b) Build a website to direct visitors to your offer
c) Bring in traffic without paying for ads

Seems simple enough, right?

But in practice, it requires a little more knowledge...
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22 Jul
Viral tweets are like trending ecom products

I've seen the tweet below at least 30 times in the past 6 months, and it gets tons of engagement every time

Similar story with trending products (see list in next tweet)

Plenty of juice to be squeezed out of them over and over again
This nail polish holder is always a great product to sell during the holidays. A great gift idea, it goes viral every November and December:

I've seen this shower head multiple times in the past four years, and it's always printing cash for someone.

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31 May
**How to Create and Sell a Course and Make $1,000,000 in Profit**

It’s true

Selling a course is the easiest way to make a million dollars in a year

In fact, it's a great way to make passive income!

I’m going to break down exactly how to create a course and sell it profitably
(1) First of all, you might ask: why should I make a course?

Because it’s easy. And you don’t need an idea that changes the world

Just take what you already know and sell it

Plus you don’t have to worry about fulfillment or inventory issues

No brainer, right?
(2) The next question you'll ask is: what should the course be about?

Rule: If people want to learn something, you can make a course about it

Are you good at flying drones?

Can you teach someone how to launch their first podcast?

If there's a market, you can make a course
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2 May
**How to Dropship Successfully Without all the Hassles and Beat your Competition**

“Winning” dropshipping products come and go

You’ll see stores launch and die out within months

But how do you escape the churn and burn and roller coaster of highs and lows?

Here’s how to do it
Step 1: Identify products selling well already

Use spy tools or curate your FB/IG feed so that it shows you ads for trending products

The goal is to choose a proven offer and then beat your competition with better marketing

Now let’s discuss the marketing side of things
Step 2: Create barriers to entry

The biggest problem with dropshipping is that everyone is on a level playing field

Since it is easy to start and anyone can do it, it is difficult to differentiate yourself

That’s why you need to create a barrier to entry

How do you do this?
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26 Apr
**How to Close High Ticket ($5k+) Sales Calls with a Nearly 100% Success Rate**

A couple years ago, over the span of 2 months, my team and I closed 79 out of 80 prospects for $5k-$10k coaching services.

How did we achieve this astonishing success rate?

Here’s the breakdown:
First of all, let me be clear.

All sales calls were scheduled with existing customers who had already purchased info products ranging from $47 to $497.

This already made them a warm audience that was receptive to high ticket coaching.

And that’s one of the key secrets...
Step 1 : Buyer commits by purchasing a lower ticket offer.

Step 2 is the critical stage:

3 weeks after purchase, we would reach out to check in and see if they needed more help

Many accepted a call immediately (because buying a course simply isn’t enough)

So far so good.
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19 Mar
**Scale Your Business with Proper Angle Generation and YouTube Ads**

Despite the tsunami of YT ads by gurus for pre-built Shopify stores and finding more leads, most do not know how to run them properly.

Let’s discuss their mistakes and how to scale an offer with YouTube ads.
First of all, scaling works best for mass market offers.

The easiest way to scale on YT or any platform is to create an offer that will appeal to nearly everyone.

Now all of these gurus are playing in the right niche.

But their approach appeals to a limited type of customer.
Biz opp offers appeal to people looking to make a little extra cash.

They generally don’t really care how they get there (agency, affiliate, or otherwise)

When a guru shouts about leads and agencies, he is not speaking directly to this broad audience.

They don't care.
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11 Mar
High leverage moves only.

Figure out the 20% that's driving 80% of your sales.

Don't waste time optimizing elements that don't move the needle.

It's easy to get lost with all the moving parts to a business.

Here's what you need to focus on when you're getting started: 👇
First, you must commit to:

One offer, one funnel, and one traffic source.

Do a little research and figure out where your types of offers are selling the best. Is it FB, YT, or something else?

Figure it out, and then stick to it for the long-term.
Second, analyze your offer. If you can't even get a sale (profitable or not), then you have a lot of work to do.

Test pricing, bundles, etc. Redesign your offer if you need to.

Make sure people actually want your product.
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5 Mar
Here are all my key threads on advice for online business.

Covers the following:

1) Paid ads, including FB and Google
2) Organic traffic
3) Copywriting
4) Funnel and upsell strategy
5) Other direct response tactics
6) Branding
7) And much more for e-commerce and info products
How to combine branding with direct response tactics:

The strategy to create a profitable business that is guaranteed to be successful:

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21 Jan
Lead gen and free reports don’t get talked about enough around here.

Personally not a big fan of the financial niche, but it requires skill to break down complex ideas.

Check out this simple lead gen ad on FB here:…

Some unorganized thoughts below 👇
1. It’s a simple video made on Fiverr pitching a free tool to help dividend investors

2. The landing page makes a bold promise in the headline. Makes you want to enter your email.

3. The landing page is clean and simple. Nothing crazy. Hyper focused on getting your email.
4. Once the email is collected, you’re provided the free calendar. But wait, there’s more! Who doesn’t want 4 or 5 more checks per month??

5. With the bold promise out of the way, we move into social proof. A few choice quotes.
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19 Jan
Two senior bankers I once worked with couldn’t have been more different in their approach to finding new business.

The first banker would not approach a company to pitch to unless:

1) He had prior experience in the industry
2) Had a connection to the board or management
Leading up to a meeting, he would agonize over every word and number in the presentation, leading to late nights for my co-workers and me.

He would memorize the page numbers on which the most important graphs and tables were.

Amazing attention to doubt.
The other senior banker, however, rarely reviewed a presentation for the company more than once.

It was not uncommon to find glaring mistakes.


During meetings to pitch new business, he would pass out copies of the presentation to the members of the company

And then...
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17 Oct 20
A few thoughts as I prepare for the November/December rush:

1. If your landing page isn’t converting well enough, don’t be afraid to become more aggressive with direct response copy.

You can always tone it down later once you figure out what works and to stay compliant
2. Don’t be afraid to create long landing pages with large amounts of texts and graphics.

If you are speaking to the customer’s desires, they will keep consuming your content and will keep scrolling
3. Related to the first two points, when I increase the length of my copy, the average time on my site increased dramatically and the bounce rate decreased
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7 Aug 20
How to research and select a profitable business to create:

1. Pick an offer that is selling well using tools like adspy or adbeat.
2. Create a sales funnel with better marketing that will have a higher AOV and LTV.
3. Use the same traffic source you found your offer on.
Ok, that’s the framework, but it’s generic. Let’s drill down into this now with a specific example.

I’ll show you a wildly successful business and a moderately successful one that copied the larger business’s angle, offer, and ad strategy.
The following offer was receiving millions of visits a month as recently as early last year.

Must have made tens of millions in sales.
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