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Professor at NYU. Previously at Princeton University, the Institute for Advanced Study, King's College Cambridge.
17 Oct
This is a big deal. It was previously thought that the Mercers switched support from Cruz to Trump in May 2016, bringing Mercer's Cambridge Analytica with them. In fact CA worked for Cruz while contracted to Trump, then gave Trump all Cruz's data 1/
So Cruz's campaign contributors were unknowingly paying for Trump's data. AND the whole idea that CA switched sides is a smokescreen. They were with Trump all along. Think about the timeline. 2/
Trump was already Russia's guy. Manafort and Kilimnik (Russian intelligence agent) were already discussing whether Manafort could join the Trump team in September 2015. Ran it by Sam Patten, long-time associate of Kilimnik who worked for SCL in 2014 on US election beta-run Image
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24 May
Something I want to say about America. All great powers in history have been aggressive, expansionist, racist, hierarchical, and behaved towards people, internally and externally, with psychopathic cruelty. The USA started out with higher ideals. 1/13
It gradually evolved into a country that embraced (both in its public discourse and its laws) the ideals of equality before the law, free speech, and basic human rights, long before those ideals had actually been realized. 2/13
But so many people here did the work. The Americans who fought to defeat fascism in Europe, the civil rights movement, the feminist movement, the trades unionists... the incalculable sacrifices of ordinary people trying to realize those ideals. 3/13
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