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17 Jul
"I think whatever tools are at our disposal then that's what @CNN is doing...Between you and I, the media created this monster(@realDonaldTrump)” - CNN Floor Director Hiram Gonzalez #ExposeCNN
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14 Jun

Part I
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5 Feb
The tweet Twitter has locked @JamesOKeefeIII for was sent on Jan 22 and was a retraction request to @washingtonpost reporter @daveweigel who had INACCURATELY reported on our #Expose2020 Sanders investigation. He said subjects of our investigations were "volunteers", not true.
To prove the inaccuracy, our Tweet linked to page found on the Federal Election Commission website showing the “volunteer” was in fact a paid staffer of the Sanders campaign. @daveweigel, a @washingtonpost reporter retracted his factually incorrect story.
In fact, Jurek is a paid campaign staffer. And his radical comments were news

KYLE JUREK, SANDERS CAMPAIGN FIELD ORGANIZER: If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or it goes to a second round at the DNC Convention. F*cking Milwaukee will burn.

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21 Aug 19
Employee leaks from Google have shown political bias. @HillaryClinton ignores the facts and then attacks one of her own supporters who is an expert in big tech & election manipulation!

HRC is forgetting -- it's not just research that shows bias . . .
It's also MULTIPLE insiders & employees @Google going on the record to share their stories.

These insiders have also LEAKED documents, internal emails, and video that show political censorship.
More insiders will come forward and soon their voices will be impossible for politicos like HRC to ignore.

If you're on the inside of big tech -- share your story with Veritas NOW. Contact us securely: #HillaryClinton #GoogleExposed
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14 Aug 19
📄⚡️Here's another interesting @Google document for you on Algorithmic Discrimination. . . .
Algorithmic Discrimination is related to ML Fairness which Google exec Jen Gennai spoke about with our journalists.…
@Google This document appears to highlight Algorithmic Discrimination and ways Google could use control methods to solve for fairness.
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14 Aug 19
NEW: Google "Machine Learning Fairness" Whistleblower Goes Public, says: "burden lifted off of my soul," Leaks Hundreds of Internal Documents - WATCH -->…
One of the documents includes “news black list site for google now.”

Targeted sites include . . .

And many more:…

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11 Jul 19
WATCH: President Trump Thanks Project Veritas Tech Investigations at White House Social Media Summit…
"When you see the Google executives… there he is, stand up please! How good… what a great job. Somebody said he's controversial. He's not controversial, he's truthful. He's truthful. That was a great job. That was one of many. Thank you very much."
"I've watched some of these scenes that have been taped and got through talented people by the way, that have gotten to the public where you see the hatred about our party about our people about our voice. And you see, that's the collusion."
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26 Jun 19
1. @YouTube bans @Pinterest investigation
2. @Twitter suspends Veritas for Pinterest story
3. @reddit bans Project Veritas
4. @YouTube bans @Google investigation
5. @Vimeo removes Project Veritas account

** You 😬

Sorry . . . . there's a lot going on. You get the point 😂🤷‍♀️
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25 Jun 19
.@YouTube is LOSING their censorship battle. How do we know? Dozens of #BigTech insiders have come to Project Veritas in the last 24 hours.
YouTube's censorship of our Google investigation is having the opposite effect. It's inspiring more people in Silicon Valley to come forward!
MORE insiders can contact Project Veritas here: As @Eric_Cochran says, "The tech companies can't fight us all."
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