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Feb 21 4 tweets 2 min read
Skye Prince put out an alert on her Facebook page that these were the Med-Beds available to the public and that you should book an appointment immediately. 🤣 Image The prop/picture cryopod was from the 2016 movie "Passengers".
Feb 2 5 tweets 3 min read
Dom Lucre: The Downfall

People, do you need me to say anything?

Have I shown you enough as to how this game is played?

Do you remember the pictures with Dom Lucre and Roger Stone?

This is how the military industrial complex works.

They get behind and support certain platforms they think they can use to silence smaller accounts.

This is how they are able to get these shows.

I do not follow none of these channels. Guess what?

All of them followed mine's.

What does that tell you?

Dom Lucre recently unfollowed me. (For obvious reasons)

M. Flynn is trying to gather all of the "Social Media Influencers" in the MAGA movement to control the info flow.

Do not be surprised when Dom Lucre will be tasked at attacking this channel when the word is given. He chose his team.

@AJhsheilaImage Roger Stone was on Jeffrey Epstein.

Roger Stone was apart of the Jan 6th set-up.

Roger Stone is directly connected to Keith Renier.

Do you see what we are dealing with now?

Once you start mingling with this circle it's basically over for you. Image
Jan 28 5 tweets 2 min read
Kari Lake remember when you attended the Drag- themed baby shower?

Do you remember when you invited a Drag Queen to perform for your birthday while children were present?

Do you remember you were kicked out of a Drag Queen bar because you were too intoxicated?

Do you remember when you started ignoring calls from your Drag Queen friend Barbra Seville once you switched over to "The Maga Movement" so you could hide that you are actually a liberal?Image Another Drag Queen picture. 🤭 Image
Jan 21 4 tweets 3 min read
🚨The Under Current: Now Mainstream News

"The Current Wartime President Trump is our Retribution for High Treason and Democide by corrupt rogue government element, WHO — This is the total Obliteration of the globalist Deep State" End qoute.…
Image How many times have you all been told EO 13912 made Donald Trump a Wartime president?

"All Humans reading this disclosure should be prepared for an unprecedented shock period. It is crucial to trust our military, as they are now the Guardians tasked with restoring law and order and protecting our respective Constitutions. The aftermath of this Democide will bring about a completely new way of life, for which words fail to adequately describe the magnitude. However, the film produced and released on October 19th, in collaboration with Dr. Astrid Stückelberger, a loyal compatriot and friend from Switzerland, has become one of the fastest-growing Documentary shorts in terms of view count. Since its release, it has garnered over 500 million views, a testament to its impact". End quote.

People this is from mainstream news. Did you know CNBC also published this on their website?
Jan 19 4 tweets 5 min read
Michael Flynn "Digital Soldiers" was him creating a protective layer around himself.

Why do you think these are the 1st people to come to his aid the moment something to damaging gets out?

The Digital Soldiers was a counter psyop to Q'. Why do you think he no longer wants anything to do with them?

Why do you think he no longer supports "The Plan" in regards to the US Military taking down all the secret human trafficking tunnels?

Why do you think he is not trying to get down to the bottom of who assisted Joe Biden stealing 2020 election?

Why do you think he has nothing negative to say about Michael Aquino who is a Pedophile who raped and killed children when this is in court affidavits?

People are under the impression that I am writing this info as a potential protest for Michael Flynn not to he apart of Donald Trump's administration.

When will they ever learn? If it's a "Sting Operation" wouldn't it be smart for Michael Flynn to continue the crimes while under the impression that the Deep State is still in power?

Remember that Wes V vs EPA case? Did you no the 3 letter alphabet agencies no longer can dictate any policies in government? You know what this means? Michael Flynn & Ivan Raiklin no longer has protection. From FBI or CIA.

Which is why everything they are doing is no longer working.

M. Flynn Worked With Foreign Cyberweapons Group That Sold Spyware.

* Pegasus Spyware helped governments spy on opponents and journalists.

* ‘Surveilling reporters is designed to intimidate not only those journalists but their sources, which should be of concern to everyone.’

Did you know 100k was paid to M. Flynn before he became D. Trump National Security Advisor by the patent company of Israeli cyberintelligence company NSO Group which owns Pegasus Software?

So ask yourself why is everyone who claim to he working for your freedom all have ties back to Bibi Netanyahu who was behind 9/11?

Andrew Breibart

Steve Bannon

Michael Flynn

All these men work for Zionist. We already know Steve Bannon was caught stealing money for the Border Wall.

Adrian J Wells also has info on M. Flynn. Why do you think the human trafficking victims are silenced by all "The Digital Soldiers"? Why do you think the SRA survivors are not mentioned by any of the people you think are trying to get down to the bottom of Pizza Gate? (LC). And you alm think these people are doing all those fantastic projects to expose the players in the Deep State. How when you are getting all that information from me?

Do you all remember when Michael Flynn was a guest of honor at a dinner hosted by a former MI6 Spy Master Richard Dearlove? Who did I tell you was the most advanced Intelligence agency? Britain Intelligence right? Where did they train Allister Crowley? At Vauxhall London right? Guess who else M. Flynn was pictured with at that party? The head of British Intelligence Christopher Andrew.

All the people you seen come out against me all are in the Flynn network.

Lara Logan

Liz Crokin

Kaity Passe (@Realdefender45)

Bishop Larry Gaiters

Phil Godlewski

Guess what? All these people have me blocked.

Is that a big f*cking coincidence or what?Image Well would you look at this.

Richard Dearlove

Christopher Andrew

Michael Flynn

You all wanted the receipts right? Image
Jan 18 5 tweets 3 min read
Phil Godlewski- He is not legit (But his court papers are)

Qoute: A Pedophile?

"QAnon leader Phil Godlewski accidentally outed himself as an alleged child predator after filing a defamation lawsuit against a local paper that exposed old court records to public scrutiny, according to a report from The Daily Beast. Despite Godlewski and QAnon’s obsessive fixation with pedophile cabals running the government, it seems in this case the call is coming from inside the house." End qoute.…Image Phil is everyone lying? 🤣…
Jan 15 4 tweets 4 min read
Do you all want to know where all that talk about Donald Trump taking up the SOTH position came from? Ivan Raiklin.

He is the one that sends the talking points the to the "Plastic Pay-triots". This is why most of them are so smug.

Raiklin & Flynn have ties to Project Veritas.

Did you all know I. Raiklin was working directly with Maxine Waters? I have those messages.

Did you know Kathy Barnett worked with Michael Flynn?

She is the one who sent or organized the buses to attack the US Capitol. People were harmed because of her.

Jeremy Oliver works with M. Flynn.

Doug Mastriano works with M. Flynn.

James O'Keefe also works with M. Flynn.

You all do not know what you are dealing with. These psyops are designed to go after low hanging fruit to give the conservative an illusion that Project Veritas is getting the scoop and getting to the bottom of things.

Well if that is true why are you finding out about Kathy Barnett & Ivan Raiklin role in all of this from me?

There is one other person that is exposing all of this and he would agree to everything I am telling you. Look up Everett Stern.

More on this later.Image This is Ivan Raiklin coming up with a grand scheme for Donald Trump who he never consulted with. The nerve. The Audacity.

Ivan Raiklin- The Scheme

The following is a theory from Ivan Raiklin on How Trump Could Become Speaker of the House and Impeach Biden:

The Steps Would Include:
1. Full exoneration.

2. Exposing everyone who conducted illegal activity against Trump

3. Reinstatement of Trump which would require, at minimum: Arizona Mark Finchem , Michigan Christina Caramo, and Pennsylvania Doug Mastriano decertifying their 2020 electors via their respective Secretaries of State appointed by Governors.

The Impeachment Managers:
Matt Gaetz
Joe Kent
Paul Gosar

How It Would Work:

1. When Speaker Trump is elected on January 3, 2023, he gets immediate immunity from the Department of Justice, FBI, raids, lawsuits, etc.

2. Trump appoints his Sergeant at Arms.

3. His Sergeant at Arms releases all 14,000 hours of January 6, 2021 tape to get the real story out and all communications at the Capitol and does criminal referrals on ANTIFA and BLM members who have yet to be arrested, and reconsider all peaceful/nonviolent attendees.

4. Impeachment hoax nullification hearings begin. During those hearings across all 30 committees that Trump is now the Speaker of, there would be 24/7 uncensored televised broadcasting on all CSPANS 1, 2, and 3, to expose the mainstream media, Big Tech, and the last 3 administrations (Bush, Obama, Biden, and Deep State crew) of all their illegal activities, and how the fake impeachment hoax occurred, all the way back to Crossfire Hurricane.

5. Afterward, the House votes to nullify Trump Impeachment Hoax 1. And then the House votes to expel impeachment managers who were involved in Impeachment Hoax 1.

6. Nullify Impeachment Hoax 2. Get all players who were involved or expelled out of Congress.

7. Introduce Articles of impeachment against Biden, which would include, at least: (1 ) Crossfire Hurricane (2) Unmasking General Flynn (3) Afghanistan withdrawal

8. Garrett Ziegler testifies on the Hunter Biden laptop.

9. The 60 former Intelligence officers who claim the Hunter laptop was Russian disinformation would testify as witnesses. Give them 6 hours and if they don’t show up we’ll give them the Bannon treatment.

Do you see what you are up against? A mass psyop. Do you think This is something Donald Trump would want to be apart of?

No. But they tried to push this. Which wouldn't have mattered because we are under JAG/COG. We do not have a government. Aside from that go look at all the influencers who were rallying around putting D. Trump up for SOTH. Ivan Raiklin is behind all of it.
Jan 5 4 tweets 2 min read
Interdimensional Entities?

The Miami Mall Incident- Eye Witness

People listen as I have told you before all you have to do is listen to the military.

They are the ones who have to face these creatures.

There are thousands of video on the web where active duty and former military will tell you.

Go to Michael Salla channel on YouTube and listen to his interviews with JP.

The military has no reason to make this up. Forget listening to private citizens if what it takes are 1st hand experiences from those hired to do this.

JP covers various topics but he tells you what his missions were. And you will be hard pressed to find any holes in his stories as he has been very consistent with what his objective mission statement were/are.

He is even sick because of the interaction with certain entities and alien atmosphere that requires certain liquid to even enter certain areas. I told you all you are in the crazy part of this…
Jan 5 8 tweets 3 min read
People listen to me. We are in the crazy part of this operation.
Do you all really want to know why all those what look to be hundreds of those police cars were in Miami? I have one former associate of mines who called me who I didn't hear from in 10 years on a private number. Police Scanners



Phone Recordings

All of this is being confiscated.

They are as I type this scrubbing the web of all the people on social media trying to upload what they saw.

You all will not belive this. But I will not lie about something of this nature.

I will try to find a video 1st before I tell you. Because they are busy making sure this does not get out.

People heard everything on the scanners. It was wild.

This is what I am trying to get my hands on so you can hear it for yourself.
Dec 26, 2023 11 tweets 4 min read
The Cabal Are Finished: No Where To Run







ALL BEACHES AND RIVERS ARE ALL SHUT DOWN IN EUROPE! People listen to me. You are going to get cover stories. Remember none of this is supposed to look like a military coup. Do you understand?…
Dec 24, 2023 12 tweets 4 min read
Damanhur's Underground Marvel: Where Ancient Myths and Modern Spirituality Converge

The Temple of Damanhur- This place beneath a suburban house in Northern Italy lies a massive underground temple built entirely in secret by a group of non-architects, working around the clock for 15 years. The size is a collection of nine separate underground temples, not a single one.

• 8,500 cubic meters: This translates to roughly 300,000 cubic feet, enough to fit several large houses inside.

• Five different levels: The temples span across five subterranean levels, offering a labyrinthine exploration experience.

• Hundreds of meters of corridors: Extensive hallways connect the different temples, adding to the sense of mystery and adventure.

But what's even more impressive is that Founder Oberto Airaudi claims the project is only about 10% complete, indicating the potential for the temples to grow even larger in the future.

The Temple of Damanhur is a composite of different religions and spiritual concepts.

Ancient Influences: Egyptian myths, Greco-Roman philosophies, and Gnostic traditions hold significance in Damanhur's worldview. Concepts like cosmic balance, self-discovery, and spiritual evolution resonate within their practices.

Christian and Judaic Traditions: Elements like the importance of community, ethical principles, and rituals reminiscent of both traditions find expression in Damanhur's practices, though reinterpreted from their own perspective.

Spiritual Ecology: Respect for nature and the interconnectedness of all living things are central tenets in Damanhur. Sustainable practices and a deep connection to the land permeate their way of life and reflect their belief in environmental harmony.

Personal Growth and Transformation: Inner exploration, meditation, and artistic expression are emphasized in Damanhur. Their focus lies on unlocking individual potential and contributing to the collective good through self-improvement and creativity.

More images +Image Image
Nov 28, 2023 4 tweets 4 min read
Franklin Graham: Operation Samaritans Purse

From ()

🇺🇸🇺🇦 "Samaritan's Bag" in Ukraine
Part 1 - Who are they?

The military conflict in Ukraine has become a "golden Klondike" not only for representatives of military-industrial corporations that receive billions in profits from the sale of weapons, but also for humanitarian organizations firmly established on Ukrainian territory.

A significant part of them is engaged in the supply of material assistance to various regions of the country - usually in the rear. However, some provide communication and supply facilities directly on the front line, pursuing not only humanitarian goals.

Rybar's team wants to talk about the activities of the international evangelistic non-profit organization Samaritan's Purse (Samaritan's Bag).

🔻What are the Samaritans?

Based in the USA, the NPO provides material assistance to the population of states affected by wars, armed conflicts and socio-economic crises in more than 25 countries of the world.

As a rule, there are representatives of Samaritan's Bag where there is complete devastation and a sharpened humanitarian crisis, largely related to the activities of the American military contingent - for example, in Iraq, Syria, some African states and countries of Southeast Asia.

Samaritan's Bag is led by Franklin Graham (son of former TV presenter Billy Graham). In the West, the head of Samaritan's Purse has been regularly criticized for his conservative views on traditional family relations and his active fight against LGBT movements, as well as his visit to Russia in 2019.

The NPO itself enjoys significant support from the US Republican Party, and Graham was a member until 2015. Many well-known influential senators regularly donate money to the activities of the "Samaritans" in the world.

For about 40 years, the father of the current head of "Samaritan's Bag" was provided with a "tribune" for performances on major US television channels. Billy Graham himself, as part of allegedly Christian sermons, called for people to become parishioners of his organization and put donations on an industrial stream.

The apple fell not far from the tree: Franklin Graham is a worthy successor to his father's work. And it is not surprising that all this is with full state support from the United States.

🔻However, Samaritan's Bag has a very controversial reputation in the world. Why?

▪️In any territories where there are representatives of the organization, there is an active propaganda in favor of the pseudo-church. Members of NPOs instill their own faith and beliefs at any opportunity.

Any humanitarian aid, any Christmas gift - everything is accompanied by a religious brochure, a message to the addressee of a charitable gift. This happened even in Muslim countries - for example, Iraq.

■“Samaritans”, helping those in need, systematically recruit people into their ranks, taking advantage of the special susceptibility to suggestion of affected and morally depressed people. Gradually promoting intolerance towards other religions, they expose their pseudo-faith as the only true one.

■ Particular emphasis is placed on attracting children and adolescents to religion in crisis areas of the world. The leadership of Samaritan's Purse organizes humanitarian camps and settlements for refugees, providing them with everything they need and looking for potential candidates among the victims.

🔻The conflict in Ukraine fits well into the overall concept of the organization:

➖This is an opportunity to involve a huge number of people with unstable mentality into their ranks: We are talking about both undercover recruitment and joining a sect.

➖ Almost everything can be "written off" in combat.

➖In the public field, it is also an opportunity to correct an ambiguous reputation, allegedly helping Ukraine.

➖Huge financial injections will further promote the "Samaritan" movement in the world.

Part 2 will be posted.

My Take

Image 1. Aggressive proselytizing and conversion efforts are unethical, especially targeting desperate people needing aid or children. Aid should not be contingent on adopting religious ideology.

2. Intolerance towards other faiths goes against principles of religious freedom and respect. Promoting one view as "the only truth" is problematic.

3. Lack of transparency around donations and aid distribution is typical of corrupt organizations. Public financial records could help clarify if funds truly reach those in need.

4. Any group welcoming opportunities provided by war and human suffering is guided by ambition and are seeking gains for nefarious purposes that serve a hidden agenda.

5. Claims of recruitment, extortion of followers, and other cult-like practices should be investigated by authorities if substantiated.

We all know people were always complaining about the pricing of the boxes. We all know Lin Wood called out how children were targeted by 1st supplying them with these boxes then sexually abusing them. We never hear what comes of these children once in the care of these organizations. This practice is common with most NPOs. Where they exploit the vulnerable areas of concern where people are misplaced and children are abandoned and are carted off somewhere never to be seen again. Are you still going to be donating to this organization? Are you going to look into where these funds actually end up? Will you start to question Franklin Graham for his role in many questionable activities?
Nov 21, 2023 4 tweets 3 min read
ISO-20022: Anti Money Laundering System

Do you want to know why politicians were caught money laundering in Ukraine that were US congressmen?

Do you want to know why they are calling a cease fire in Gaza?

Do you want to know why Israel now wants to consider peace talks?

The ISO 20022 system can be used to notify authorities of frozen assets. The system includes a field called "Sanctioned Entity Identifier" (SEI) that can be used to identify individuals or entities that are subject to sanctions.

When a payment message is sent, the SEI field is included in the message. If the SEI field matches an entry on a sanctions list, the payment message is flagged and may be blocked or frozen.

This is the real reason they stopped sending money to Ukraine. I told you all you are watching a live "Sting Operation". I keep showing you evidence time and time again.

In addition to the SEI field, the ISO 20022 system also includes a number of other fields that can be used to identify sanctioned entities and assets. These fields include the beneficiary name, account number, and address. By using these fields, screening systems can identify and block payments that are being made to or from sanctioned entities.

Remember, X' was supposed to implement a social ISO into this platform for celebrities who were under sanctions for human trafficking bit they removed it. This is why they were complaining about paying for the Blue Check. You were not going to be verified unless you could prove you were not under any sanctions.
Image Remember that list of political figures who were listed as one of the dozens of people who were caught making money from the Ukraine war? Guess how they were caught?

Now do you see how important this is for the world? This is going to make our government transparent. No more ill gotten funds off the back of the American people.
Nov 11, 2023 5 tweets 3 min read
The P*do Symbolism- Everywhere

Hiding In Plain Sight

This fashion line is called ERL Hearts. The designer name is Eli Russell Linnetz. He directed the video for Kanye West "Famous". Whenever you have celebrities like Kim Kardashian promoting your products you know underneath the glitz & glam something else is afoot. When Balenciaga was outed for their connection to P*dophilia what did Kim Kardashian do?

Eli, also was embraced by another fashion line called "Comme des Garçons". This is a French name. Do you want to know what the English version translates to? "Like Boys".

It doesn't stop there. Did you know that the name Comme des Garçons was inspired by a song “Tous les garçons et les filles” (1962). Guess what that means in English? "All The Boys And Girls". Just a coincidence right?

Did you know Eli, designed the set for Lady Gaga Las Vegas Residency for "Enigma"? The same person who was on Jeffrey Epstein Island. Listen, once you break in Hollywood you will be connected directly/indirectly to all types of symbolism. Unbeknownst to you are acknowledged by you. The former is your innocent years. It's only so long before they introduce you to what really goes on. Which is why people who are compromised are pushed on the public. Whether it's music, fashion, or acting. You belong to "The Deep State".

Pet Peeve- I hate how fashion writers try to make these designs sound deep and entrenched relative to the background and hardship of the creator with statements like... when you think of ERL Heart it's like the scene is one you can probably picture. "A row of detached gablefront houses, the gaps between them punctuated by palms and filled in by flawless cerulean sky". And sh*t like that. End quote.

Bobby Shmurda Image
Nov 6, 2023 5 tweets 5 min read
NESARA/GESARA: The Conundrum

Can we please take the Magic & Unicorns out of this and look at this in a practical way?

When you look at number 1 on the list below do you all remember at the beginning of ladt year when Bank of America the nation’s 2nd largest bank by assets would no longer be charging any nonsufficient funds (NSF) fees. And that by May of that year By May, it would reduce overdraft fees to $10 from $35 and completely eliminate overdraft protection transfer fees, among others.

Wait say what now? A bank eliminating fees? A bank eliminating revenue? And not just any bank, a Tier 1 Financial giant like BofA?

Do you know how significant this was? Bit you didn't hear this from the news. Why? Because the Rothschilds own the media. Doesn't this qualify as debt forgiveness?

Wait didn't I just upload a post explaining the IRS building being closed in Washington and that the EPA case will eventually lead to all of IRS buildings shutting down? And that all of the tax processing will be transfered over to the US Treasury.

Remember the bill that was being discussed by Republicans on the 17% flat tax rate? And that food and medicine will not be taxed. Only non essential items.

Remember the post about the 2nd Declaration Of Independence? Remember that the 1871 Corp Act was dissolved and that we were going back under Common Law?

Remember the Peace Talks tour D. Trump went on that Bibi Netanyahu didn't want anything to do with?

Remember the Economic & Monetary Reforms that Iraq had to implement in order to not only be Article 8 Compliant but to have the restrictions removed on their currency?

Remember the BRICS Nations saying that they will not allow any country to be apart if that platform until they are able to dump the fiat dollar and support their own currency.

When you look at number 9 on this chart what have you come to know about election interference and the watermarks on the ballots? Who has been charged with election interference?

When you look at number 13 about the Federal Reserve being removed. Didn't we already discuss how it was nationalized and taken away from the Rothschilds? People I am showing you this because you have Bern under NESARA/GESARA for years now. You know what will solidify it and make it come out in the open for the world to experience? The reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar on the Forex Market.

You have over 100 countries sitting on IQD that are waiting on Iraq to release the new rate so these countries can liquidate their economic recovery plans. Because all of them are going to be under "The New Republic". Why do you think I keep saying that N & G is not coming. It's already here?

Look at number 10. What are countries around the world doing with precious metals? Didn't Iraq come out and state officially that their budget is equivalent to 70 tins of gold? Didn't I tell you all this is what Basel 3 is for?

Use your commonsense people. They do not need to announce anything. Did the Federal Reserve announce that they would take over the entire banking system? No. They passed it during Christmas Eve while everyone was sleeping and you woke up the next day to slavery.

This is a process that has been in the works for 20+ years. Stop following Phil Godlewski. He takes info from other people and passes it off as "Secret Intel Sources".

Wait until Iraq establishes their new rate on the trade markets.
Image NESARA/GESARA is literally 2nd Declaration Of Independence that was signed back in 2020. I showed you all this.

You will never hear NESARA/GESARA referenced as that name by any government or banking officials. Why? Because it's just an acronym for what they are doing in regards to the new system under Basel 3. Under SOFR. Under ISO-20022. Under Protocol 20.

How? Because the gold standard will be the basis to everything. Remember it's not about what the system is called. It's about how it behaves. So when you look at all 20 of those points study everything I have told you about.

National Economic Security And Reformation Act is for countries.

Global Economic Security And Reformation Act is for The BRICS Nations which is essentially the same thing.

People are looking at this as if it was going to be a flip of a switch if mainstream liberal news was going to announce this to the world while the Rothschilds were still in power in 2001.
Oct 31, 2023 5 tweets 1 min read
On the day the Israel Balfour Declaration expires China Alibaba Baidu removes the state from their maps.

And you still think this is a rumor? 🤣… Where is the Proof?

Where is the Sauce?

Where is the source?

Prolotario, why do you not ever provide a link?

People, it pays to follow this account. Stop listening to naysayers who didn't have anything for you until they started following me with their 2 cents in the comment section.
Oct 19, 2023 4 tweets 5 min read
Sydney Powell: The Election Fraud Case

Looks like "The Kraken" has been released. Unfortunately it's...

• 6 Counts Of Conspiracy

• 6 Years of Probation

• 6,000 dollar fine.

Interesting set of numbers there. Not to mention the Donald Trump in 2020 cutting her off from representing him. Just as he did Rudy Giuliani. Why? Well none of the two were working to rectify anything other than charging D. Trump an exorbitant amount of fees for their services which was not producing anything of value. Were they Torjan Horses? Because D. Trump offered no explanation to the press about why she was removed.

Jenna Ellis

Sydney Powell

Rudy Giuliani

All no longer work for D. Trump. What have we come to fund out about these individuals? R. Giuliani was connected to Isreal Intelligence during 9/11. And sabotaged investigations into site regarding the steel. But that besides the point. Did you notice both J. Ellis & S. Powell both admitted that they intentionally mislead the court on the election fraud of 2020? Do you think it's because they are both moles who were put there to create this illusion that D. Trump is trying to overturn an election that was fair?

"Jenna Ellis, a lawyer who represented President Donald J. Trump after his loss in the 2020 election, admitted in a sworn statement released on Wednesday that she had knowingly misrepresented the facts in several of her public claims that widespread voting fraud led to Mr. Trump’s defeat." End quote.

I think so. Why do you think he has distanced himself from all 3 of them? Remember we are no longer under "The 1871 Corp Act". D. Trump is not trying to re-establish the Maritime (Law of The Sea) that was meant for "Rules of The Sea". Which is was the 2020 election was based on. This Corp Act has been dissolved because of its bankruptcy. Washington DC was under The District of Columbia.

DC, is a Foreign Entity and it is allowed to exist only under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of any Constitution (US or USA). So what does this mean? All of these lawyers who formerly represented D. Trump work for The B.A.R.-(British Accredited Registry). Therfore they are direct enemies of "The New Republic" that will be based on Common Law.

Guess what Sydney Powell pleaded guilty to?

"Only one other Georgia defendant is mentioned by name in Thursday’s plea documents: Misty Hampton, who was the Coffee County elections supervisor during the 2020 election cycle. Powell admits to entering into a criminal conspiracy with Hampton and would be required to testify against her if she goes to trial. Hampton has pleaded not guilty to seven felonies." End quote.

Ask yourself how goofy these people are when documentation that is in books, files, films, court records, voting software, etc. Proves 2020 was stolen? We all know Joe Biden did not get 80+ million votes. But yet you have these two goofball pleading guilty to something that these "Maritime Law Courts" were complicit in especially in these Liberal cities. Michigan admitted that they certified a fraudulent election and didn't have enough votes.

These two were put in by "The Deep State" to make D. Trump look as if he was challenging a Fair & Transparent election process by hiring lawyers he thought was going to help him overturn something that was illegal under the "1871 Corp Act" that has been using rigged voting machines to elect former presidents like Barrack Obama who used foreign aid in his campaign from someone who worked for the CCP that Pras, Leonardo Decaprio, and Jamie Foxx were all connected to.

Do you all understand? D. Trump dumped all 3 of these people for a reason. Yet' you still have people hanging on to these corrupt individuals when the person they want back in office treats them like abandoned step children who live in the basement and has their food slid under the door that was leftovers from last week.

D. Trump activated the EO-13912 for a reason. Which made him what? A War-Time president indefinitely. Which means what? He is still CIC. Why would he want to return to a defunct and bankrupt Corp called the US?

People, leave Sydney Powell alone. She has nothing for you.

Leave Rudy Giuliani alone. He has nothing for you.

Leave Michael Flynn alone. He has nothing for you.

Leave Jim Jordan alone. He has nothing for you.

You all keep begging for an old system to come back that these people work for. Which is under the what again? The bankrupt Washington DC 1871 Corp Act that is designed to rob you. This is why I keep telling you all wait for the official return of "The Gold Standard". That's where the new America is. None of the people mentioned in this post will bring that to you.
Image • The US INC. Is not yourgovernment. It's a foreign government subcontractor.

• The USA, Inc., is not your government. It's a foreign government
subcontractor. And they are engaged in "war" for profit, illegally, on our
land and soil, threatening and killing people for profit.

• The UN CORP isn't your government, either, it's just another lawless corporation trying to confuse itself with the United Nations Organization.

The UN CORP was started in 1943 by the Nazi affiliated Vichy Government. It is and always was run by Nazis, who didn't just vanish after WWII, and were never limited to the German Nazi Party.

So much attention was focused on Hitler and the German Nazis that we "forgot" about the French Nazis and Swiss Nazis and Dutch Nazis and English Nazis....and yes, American Nazis like Prescott Bush.

That's why you see Nazi Swastikas and "SS" emblems on the helmets of
the elite Ukrainian forces. That's not Russian propaganda.

• And the World Economic Forum, the ( WEF ) "commercial sidearm" of
the UN CORP, is infested with Nazis and perverts and elitists worse than
Oct 19, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read

This is something "The Patriot Movement" does not want to cover. President Trump filed a lawsuit in Britain against former British spy Christopher Steele over the dirty Russia dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton.

Congressman Nunes had revealed in a FISA memo that he released over 5 years ago — the FISA warrants used to spy on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page was based “ENTIRELY” on information from the phony, Hillary-funded Steele dossier.

Can you imagine what was going through D. Trump head when he found this out?

Or did the fact of Ivanka Trump being in "Jeffrey Epstein Blackbook" along with Ivana Trump sent him over the edge? People listen to me Trump' knows he is surrounded by vipers. Being friends with C. Steele is basically being an accomplise to Hillary Clinton. Why do you think D. Trump posted "The Lone Wolf" on his TS account?

Why do you think him and Saudi Arabia Prince Bin Salman are good friends? Did you know Bin Salman family are the ones who tried to get him assassinated in Las Vegas? Guess who tipped him off and saved his life? Donald Trump.

Do you know what Bin Salman did once he made it back home? He executed his family for trying to kill him. Guess what? D. Trump is in the same situation.
Image Let's give her the benefit of the doubt. I mean it's not like Ivanka Trump had anything negative to say about Hillary Clinton right? It's not like she was besties with Chelsea Clinton right? It's not like she married Jared Kushner who was responsible for Mike Pence (The Pedo) for being VP right?
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"Look at our one and only world-renowned, beautifully enchanted, talented, and gifted Marilyn Monroe. No, wait... is that Rudy Giuliani?" Image Broadway



One thing you will never catch me in is a dress.
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Q' We Are Saving Israel For Last"

My Interpretation-

• Sleeper Cells

• Moles

• Spies

• Manchurian Candidate

Etc. Do you all remember when Patrick Buchanan said... Washington DC was Israeli Occupied Territory?

Who gave dual citizenship to US Politicians? B. Netanyahu. Image The Rothschild KM sets up Nazi Work Camps as a pretext to later manipulate the Allies into granting them their own private colony in Palestine, using land stolen from the Palestinians.

This was decades before the Khazarian head Bibi Netanyahu decided to cut off resources.
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The Rothschild KM Chieftains decide that it is time to use the US to complete their final take-down and occupation of the world by instituting a major False-Flag attack inside the US to blame on the Islamics whom they want US to wrongly attack on their behalf. Image The Rothschild KM decides to Mind-kontrol the American masses to make it much easier to manipulate them into approving their illegal, Unconstitutional unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars needed to make huge profits and gain more world power.

Israel rings a bell?