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27 Oct
Everyone agrees it's *very* dangerous -- and *very* bad for democracy -- to have GOP electeds screaming "fraud!" every time they lose an election, then trying to install Stop the Steal types to *run* the next round of elections.

But how can we impose *consequences*? My take: 1/9
* Pass laws -- at the federal and state levels -- making it a crime for an officeholder or political candidate to say that an upcoming or just-completed election was fraudulent, *unless* a court finds it really was fraudulent. Trials would be super-expedited; penalties, 5-10 yrs.
This, of course, would run into 1st Amendment issues right away. But the Constitution is not a suicide pact, and the threat is grave.

Also: y'know how gov't employees don't have unrestricted free speech in all circumstances (& can't perform certain political activities AT ALL)?
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25 Oct
I generally stay out of The Discourse™, but a bunch of antifascist accounts have been big mad at my friend Amanda today, on the grounds that she was infiltrating fascist movements *in the wrong way.*

I've read the critiques.

There is a 0% chance they'd say this about a man.



And what are the giveaways? The critiques are both vague *and* unsupported by facts. One account, e.g., claimed that REAL infiltrators coordinate with researchers -- which Amanda did; I can personally attest to that -- and local antifascists (she did that too!).
So... it's weird to make those claims, especially without trying to find out the truth! It's...

It's almost as if they're looking at a woman getting lots of publicity for doing the same kind of work *they* do, and going: "What? What? How DARE *she* be more visible than *me?*"
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25 Oct

We're joining slightly late. Day 2 coverage is below, including Jim Caviezel's *very* militant speech.

So, the current speaker is angry about "woke supremacy."

"This is war," he says, "an existential war."

At one point he made fun of the idea that "silence is violence" before IMMEDIATELY transitioning to:

so how can we fight "woke supremacy?" Folks, we have to stop being silent. It lets the bad guys win.

The speaker's demographic groups will not surprise you.
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24 Oct

Coverage of this morning’s speakers is below.

Lunch has ended and the MC is back on stage, presumably to introduce the next speaker.
Now speaking is Gen. Thomas MacInenery (Ret), who — like Flynn — has taken a sharply fascist & conspiracist turn.

The topic of his speech: “Are we in the start of World War III or Cold War II?”
His main points:

COVID-19 is Chinese biological warfare (false)
China hacked the 2020 election (false)
“We have a totalitarian government” (extremely false)
He suggests that after “OBiden” took over, we stabbed Afghanistan in the back on purpose to let the Taliban take over
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24 Oct

Sorry, I mean the "For God & Country Patriot Doubledown," brought to you by QAnon John.

I missed the first hour or so due to RL stuff, but it turns out that's fine-- they have a preacher giving a sermon rn.

We've reached the altar call.

Presumably it won't be long before speakers come on.
Pastor is off the stage. A hype video is playing. Really SHOULDN'T be long now.
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23 Oct

Morning thread below, although I joined it late -- I caught only part of Ron Watkins' speech.

Anyway, this hunky chunky boi is playing the Star-Spangled Banner on electric geeee-tar, so let's roll!

Graphic design is their passion over at the QAnon conference -- though to be fair, this is a still from a video. Image
More visual material from what, according to Wendy Rogers, can't POSSIBLY be a QAnon conference.

What even IS QAnon? Image
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23 Oct
Just hopped on board the livestream for the Patriot Doubledown (i.e. the QAnon conference) in Las Vegas.

Ron Watkins is on stage, talking abou... aaaaaaaand it froze.

Still, follow this thread for a livetweet!

P.S. It's back and he's -- aaaand it froze.
OK, he was talking about how his Democratic opponent (REMINDER: he has not yet won the primary, of course) is trying to "take away your guns" with red-flag laws.

So far, so standard. But then he commits an unforced error: he tries to offer OTHER POLICIES to protect women.
Here his suggestions are amateurish and ill-considered, but more than that, *Republicans don't care* about protecting -- especially -- indigenous women, who were largely the focus of his answer.

That does not get them to the polls.

OK, Q&A time!
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21 Oct
Holy shit, someone in Blade Runner 2049 referred to ״ten days of darkness.”

It came out October 6, 2017, so… maybe that’s where Q got the idea!

It’s not PROOF, but we know Q liked movies and this was a big, rapturously received release around the time Q started. 🤷‍♂️
It’s my headcanon, anyway. I wouldn’t put it in a book or anything (at least not as a HIGHLY LIKELY idea), but it’s satisfying,
Also, Early Q famously wrote critical dates with a period between the numbers (11.3, 11.4 — these were the dates on which the earliest arrests were supposed to happen).

Blade Runner 2049 features “6.10.21” as a key plot point.

Again, far from conclusive—but intriguing!
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20 Oct
LAST TIME I will nag you: okay, now they’ve actually figured out how to get the damn thing running. So we’re getting right into the meat of how they found GhostEzra, Telegram’s most followed pro-Hitler voice.
“We eventually had a full picture of his life, just with a hole in the middle where his name was.”

“It’s like finding a needle in a haystack… and then you need another one.”

Yeah, it’s true. But they still “had it down to about an 8-mile location in Florida” fairly quickly. 😍
GhostEzra has TWO Lexuses???? Damn. Further evidence that these people are the “lumpenbourgeoisie”, not struggling proles
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19 Oct
Free media attention is THE ONLY way Ron Watkins has even a ghost of a chance.

Please don’t provide it. He’s entered the race, which is newsworthy, but now that he’s in, *knock it off.*

If voters in his district know *only* Ron’s name come the primary, he’ll probably win.
“But Origins,” you say, “experts quoted in the article says he has no chance.”

Counterpoint: I have personal knowledge of a woman who’s a local officeholder and absolute DISASTER — regularly in the news for shit like “drunkenly disrupted a neighbor child’s 5th birthday party.”
Like, so badly the cops had to be called.

So, sensing some *pretty obvious* weakness, three serious candidates ran against her.

She won with 70% of the vote.
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18 Oct
I think it's fair to say that November 3rd -- the date of Q's first real deadline, when Podesta was supposed to be indicted and Trump was supposed to send the "storm is upon us" tweet -- is also the day that QAnon really EXPLODED on /pol/.

For instance:…
The thread I linked to is Calm Before the Storm #21. It racked up over 400 comments from over 100 distinct users in juuuust a bit over one hour.

There were a BUNCH of threads like this. Many of the users had invested enough in Q's prophecies to feel the sting of their failure... Image
But others were already engaging in mental gymnastics: OK, yes, Trump had already "departed" in the sense that Air Force One had left Washington for its trip to Asia.

BUT there was a stop in Hawaii. So clearly the tweet would go out before leaving HAWAII: Image
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15 Oct
It’s *amazing* how much prepper talk involves guns, gold, and goods & how little involves questions like:

“what’s the *most* hygienic, least water-contaminating place to poop if the sewer system breaks down?”


“How will I get medication for my loved ones w/no supply chain?”
Access to meds would be an especially acute problem after society collapsed; virtually everyone w/conditions that are lethal if untreated would die (often horribly, in front of their families).

That’s diabetes and cancer and a whole host of other conditions. But there’s more!
Lack of clean drinking water would also be a HUGE killer.

Between that and the collapse of medical care, you’d have a lot of people — especially children and infants — dying in agony from waterborne illnesses, which typically kill their victims via diarrhea-induced dehydration.
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15 Oct
In light of Ron Watkins' announcement that he's running for Congress, there are a LOT of folks -- including analysts I like and respect -- saying he's Q.

I'm not so sure! Ron as *sole author* of the Q drops -- even from January 2018 forward -- seems almost impossible.

Why? 1/6
The photos above are a comparison of times we *know* Q was behind a keyboard -- because they were interacting with other users in 8chan or 8kun threads -- and Ron's tweets (he was EXTREMELY online, though who among us isn't?).

The big gaps are *probably* when each author sleeps.
Ron appears to be sleeping during the late morning to mid-afternoon, Pacific time.

Q appears to be sleeping midnight-ish to 8-ish, Pacific time.

And Q is often active during Ron's (most likely) sleep schedule.

So this strongly suggests Ron and Q are different people, BUT...
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12 Oct
One thing to bear in mind as you read this article: a writ of mandamus *is* a real thing, but is very rarely granted.

But in the world of fringe legal theories, the writ of mandamus is almost a magical totem and judges are EAGER to grant one.

This leads me to a **PREDICTION**:
once the “writ of mandamus” campaign fails, Tore will shift to a “quo warranto” campaign —

That being a legal thing that’s even LESS-successful IRL but even MORE beloved in fringe legal circles than a writ of mandamus.
Quo warranto is a demand that an officeholder prove they do legitimately hold the office they appear to occupy.

If you’re the sort of person who denies the validity of the last election, OF COURSE you’re gonna be drawn to that shit like a moth is drawn to flame.
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11 Oct
One of Q's early claims was that John McCain was faking his medical problems, for Reasons™: "What if John M's surgery was fake? Why would this occur?" wrote Q in drop 18, during their first thread that *really* caught on.

This claim resonated with a few anons, but... *why?*
One thing to remember is that 4chan's /pol/ board was both rabidly pro-Trump and wildly conspiratorial.

Trump's enemies were its enemies, and Trump's antipathy towards McCain is well documented. Also, McCain had recently been the critical vote to scuttle Obamacare repeal...
So anons were *extra*-mad at him.

When you add in the VERY conspiracy-friendly nature of 4/pol/, you start getting into... how shall I put it... the natural consequences of thinking everything's a false flag:

your brain falls the fuck outta your head bc you're so credulous.
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11 Oct
The latest QAA mentioned this — that generating social media content *is* part of the goal for a lot of the school-board harassers.

“It’s a lot like posting,” they said in what I thought was a joke.

And yet…
They also (correctly, IMO) talked about the pleasure inherent in being able to vent one’s spleen on a captive audience & get applause for even the most lunatic lines.

We focus mostly on the intimidation side of why these people go to scream at schoolboards — that they…
very much *want* their desires enacted and they’re willing to intimidate officials to make it happen; that it advances their authoritarian worldview to, if they lose elections, simply strongarm the victors into doing what they want ANYWAY; etc etc.
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29 Sep

After a prominent Southern Baptist lost his position for *very* cruel treatment of sex-abuse survivors, his supporters formed the “Conservative Baptist Network” & are busily obstructing efforts at investigation & reform. 1/5
The amazing thing is: the investigation they’re stalling isn’t into Paige Patterson — the good ol’ boy whose defenders formed the CBN.

It’s a much more general, broad-scope investigation that’s supposed to yield info
& recommendations re: why abuse survivors are ill-treated.
Hint: it’s patriarchy — the welfare & reputations of male sex abusers (especially if they have status within the denomination, say as pastors) is, again and again, shown to be more important than the health and safety of their victims.

But that would be a “woke” conclusion…
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28 Sep
BEHOLD, A NEW LOST DROP -- our 14th! This one was discovered by @kunstderfuge1.

And THIS one strongly suggests Q was using Tor! How? More on that in a moment, but first: what's the lost drop, and what is Tor?

As for the lost drop, it's the first post in the image below. 1/8
Let's take a moment to establish context. This post was made right when 8kun was taking its first baby steps towards MAYBE sorta being online again, after a 3-month absence. (If you don't know the story, feel free to ask for details.)

Very few people could access it.
So the canonical drop -- #3571 -- was Q's first post after the downtime.

How do we know they're by the same person? First, because /BAS_Test/1 and /2 seem pretty thematically consistent! Almost like Q just forgot to enter their tripcode the first time around. But second...
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28 Sep
Once upon a time someone asked me: before aggregators -- heck, before Q started using a tripcode -- how did anons keep track of Q's claims?

They did it by bodging together, slowly and laboriously, images that they THOUGHT contained all of Q's posts, and then iterating on it.
Interestingly enough, these images don't really match the canonical Q drops! They tend to leave a bunch of stuff out, either because early anons didn't know about them or because early anons thought they weren't by Q. Mostly the former.
These, for instance -- the second iteration of that chart -- start on 10/31/17, whereas NOW we would look at an aggregator site and go: "Oh, there were canonical drops on 10/28/17 and 10/29." (There were also lost drops on the 29th and 30th, but of course those aren't canonical.)
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27 Sep
Anons knew Q's plot had holes.

There are 15(!) responses to this 11/2/17 post asking: if the storm happens, "what's stopping lefties from saying he fabricated evidence and basically performed a military coup on Congress to install himself as dictator?"…
One REALLY interesting thing about this post, btw, is that it goes on to predict something like the Frazzledrip "video":

"I mean, I feel like you could show a lot of HRC voters video evidence of her butchering a child and they still wouldn't believe it."
Frazzledrip, for those who HAVEN'T poisoned their brains, is a mythical "video" supposedly circulating (but which no one ever has a copy of, of course) showing Hillary, well, butchering a child.

And sure, the video doesn't exist, but Q followers WANT it to...
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19 Sep
Fred IS prominently thanked, and with good reason.

In fact, let me thank him extra: thanks, Fred!

P.S. If you're using dChan, especially our frequency-of-a-search-term-over-time tool, you should read the About section bc there's Stuff You Should Know™.
Some might say that the "frequency-of-a-search-term-over-time tool" is actually called the "time series visualizer," but I say to them: shut up and stop being correct, you jerks. >:(

Anyway, here it is if you wanna play around with it, kids.
By default it's set to display how frequently the term is used per 1,000 posts in our dataset.

You CAN switch to a different view, where it measures the absolute frequency of a term, but there are almost no circumstances in which you SHOULD.
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