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14 Jan
So, I stumbled upon this movement one day by chance.
Do my surprise, I was amazed there were other people that had the same beliefs as I.

I suddenly didn't feel quite so unstable anymore and within a few days I dove in full force and have stayed that way daily...
I've had the pleasure of interacting with ppl from all over the world.

I've had many sleepless nights after learning of the real horrors in our Country and around the world.

Today as I watched the circus unfold in the people's house it became crystal clear....
Just how bad our country and our democracy is fractured. In my opinion it is almost beyond repair. The Presidency used to be a position that demanded respect, rightfully so.

The things these ppl said about President Trump sickened me but that's not all....
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13 Jan
I'm just a small account that lost over 1000 people I followed and most of them followed me. Of course they were the ones that interacted with me most. I've spent about 12 hours each day, since before the election here just like most others. I had made it up to..
3400 followers and was quite content with that amount. Honestly I really didn't need more as I seemed to be busy enough with the interaction. For the last 2 days there is no interaction whatsoever. I searched out most of the reborn and followed them faithfully even though...
They never followed back the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and sometimes more. For the small guys it basically is a death sentence. We are lost now. I signed up on gab as a backup and I've been lucky enough to get 3 followers. I've tried to interact with the reborn and never get a response.
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26 Dec 20
I never thought about how sad it would be to spend Christmas alone. No preparing, cooking or shopping. No laughter, warm hugs or endless banter. My friends and family left a long time ago. They believe i am certifiably crazy or in the early stages of dementia. 🥴.....
After awhile they almost had me believing I was slowly becoming unhinged 🙄 Well, I kept telling myself "So what if they don't come around for Christmas", secretly thinking, surely the wouldn't let me spend Christmas alone. Maybe I should prepare something. 🥧🍪🥧🍪🥧🍪...
I became energized with anticipation, the baking was underway. 2 apple pies, 1 pumpkin pie and of course dozens of festively decorated Christmas cookies🌲⛄
Christmas Eve was here. I was excited as I proudly looked at the creations I prepared for them. 😊....
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14 Sep 20
I've been a big supporter of the narrative that JFK jr. is alive. Not following blindly mind you, I've done extensive research. I wonder why all of the sudden I find myself being attacked for it. The most recent attack accused me of "Idolizing" Him.
I "idolize" no earthly Man. I do however, have my own personal reason for the unwavering belief, the hope that He is still with us on this earth. I've decided to tell you why. 1963, the day our President, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated. I was 3 years old...
My mother would always make a very big deal out of any day the President was going to be on television. She would dress me in my best dress, cook a special breakfast and invite friends over that didn't have a TV. In those days, the Leader of the free world was respected.
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