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Jun 4 14 tweets 4 min read


1/ Folks! @timnitGebru finally told the truth. She does not care about atrocities and rapes against Ethiopians who happened to be from the wrong ethnic group. 2/ Remember the girls that were kept as sex slaves and raped for days on end by TPLF soldiers in Shoa Robit? Timnit does not think their pain matters!
Apr 9 16 tweets 13 min read
#BloodyWinter: winter is coming to Ethiopia and it is going to be bloody

1/ In 2-3 months the rainy season will be upon Ethiopia. I am hoping against hope that I am wrong, but I am afraid it is going to be the bloodiest winter in our history! 2/ It appears, both #TPLF & its backers have given up their hope of bringing #TPLF back to power & have settled for an independent #Tigray to serve as their #HOA proxy to disrupt the region. The catch: An independent #Tigray can not be realized without #Welkait.
Mar 22 16 tweets 9 min read

#HR6600: Promising Blood, Tears and More Blood for Ethiopia

1/ Engineered by #DrEvil, powered by @PowerUSAID, introduced by @RepMalinowski and financed by the pro_TPLF diaspora, #HR6600 promises to inaugurate a decade of bloodshed, starvation and instability in the HoA. 2/ @StateDept supported TPLF up until the last moment with the hope TPLF will come back to power. With their dreams dashed, it seems they came to the conclusion that their best bet is to work with the GOE. The ambassador was replaced & @PowerUSAID's seems to have been sidelined.
Jan 26 10 tweets 4 min read

To War, or Not to Be: Why #TPLF will ALWAYS choose war

1/TPLF backed by formidable western allies failed to deliver Addis and apparently lost their unqualified support. With thousands sacrificed with nothing show in return, TPLF is stuck between a rock & a hard place. 2/ TPLF knows it can only survive if there is active conflict. Without war keeping the populace in a state of near constant fear and paranoia will be nigh impossible. This makes the prospect of ordinary Tigrayans showing their discontent, a very real possibility.
Jan 14 20 tweets 14 min read

1/ 5.5 million people died of COVID-19 under @DrTrdros's watch. The fall from grace of the @WHO under #TedrosTheTerrible might have caught many people by surprise but not many #Ethiopians.… 2/ Ethiopian health professionals gasped in disbelief when @DrTedros was elected to lead @WHO in May 2017. A man who grossly mismanaged three Cholera epidemics getting elected to manage the World Health Organization; what could possibly go wrong?🤔
Dec 27, 2021 7 tweets 4 min read
#HopingAgainstHope: Panafricanism and the fight for Southern Rhodesia [Zimbabwe]

1/ Between 1970-73, the UK & US vetoed 5 resolutions against white minority dictatorship in S. Rhodesia. The proceedings of the UNSC meeting are eerily reminiscent of our current situation. 2/ In 1972, OAU held a meeting in Addis opened by HIM Hailesselassie to strategize further with regard to the situation in S. Rhodesia & the role of the UN. In 1973, a UNSC resolution was tabled by Kenya & Guinea calling for action against the illegal white minority gov't of SR.
Dec 25, 2021 12 tweets 7 min read
#BlackPawns vs. #ProudBlacks

1/ Taking the conflict in N. Ethiopia as an opportunity, #African and #Ethiopian elites who despise #Ethiopia and #panafricanism have come out of the woodwork in droves. 2/ These are people who grew up convinced that it was a great miscarriage of justice that they were born black. Deep inside they keep thinking they should have been born white. The injustice of it all!
Dec 10, 2021 11 tweets 10 min read

#GaslightingEthiopia 101:
How to support #TPLFinc by undermining GOE using #TPLFcrimes

1/ In their report released on Dec 9, @hrw detailed atrocities perpetrated by #TPLF in #Chennai and #Kobo, between Aug 31 and Sept 9. The findings of the report are chilling and makes you shudder thinking of what must have happened in areas held by #TPLF for several months.
Nov 29, 2021 12 tweets 5 min read

#TwitterWill and a call for action

Given what has been happening to pro-Ethiopian and pro-Eritrean voices on @Twitter, I have decided to write my #TwitterWill while I am still around. 1/ Compared with how things were on twitter a year back, we are at a much better place. We are scrutinizing every sentence of every article and tweet and every from of every video. The whole twitter is full of Ethiopian and Eritrean eyes and people are feeling the heat!
Nov 26, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
Mirror mirror on the wall. ..

1/ This letter is not addressed to Ethiopians. Eleni is clearly more distressed about the prospect of losing her job than the prospect of being tried for treason. That's the reason for her emphasizing that she attended the meeting in her 'personal capacity.' IMO this is equivalent to Bill Clinton claiming his affair with Monica Lewinsky was in his personal capacity!
Nov 21, 2021 10 tweets 5 min read

1, After thoroughly debunking Nima's #FakeHumeraMassacre I made these👇 outrageous predictions in a thread I tweeted on Sept 13 & 28.

2/ True to form, it is looking very likely that as predicted the TPLF-TMH-Nima hub has been working on producing a sequel. The stage is already set and the wheels are in motion. Nima/Berhe or someone from @CNN or another outlet will be directing the show.
Nov 15, 2021 7 tweets 4 min read

#NoMore Power for Power: a few thoughts on @politico's article on Samantha Power via @politico 1. The lady is an opportunist! She never took responsibility for Libya and chose to avoid the spotlight when things went south in Afghanistan. For @PowerUSAID, the much vaunted phrase #DoNoHarm applies only for one person. Herself!
Nov 12, 2021 13 tweets 5 min read

#NoMore: read our lips

1/Admiral Stavridisj, the man who led the NATO Alliance from 2009 to 2013 as Supreme Allied Commander with responsibility for Afghanistan, Libya, the Balkans, Syria is calling for apparent US intervention in #Ethiopia. 2/ It appears the Admiral took the wrong lessons from this list of abject failures of US interventionalism. The Syrian crisis led to the resurgence of ISIS, Libya became a slave market and Afghanistan is in the hands of the Taliban. Impressive!
Nov 10, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
1/This was a fascinating watch, as the interview went on @BeckyCNN got more and more incesnsed (a lot of eye rolling, face making and shouting) while @BilleneSeyoum kept hammering her points home with typical #Ethiopian dignity and a hint of bemusement. Ice cold! 2/ Becky's defense of CNN's investigative journalism was pathetic. May be she hasn't read Nimas report in full. Remember the forensic dentist?

What about @bethlehemfel going around liking @Gredas tweets? Is that part of @CNN reporting "carefully and methodically" @BeckyCNN? Image
Nov 8, 2021 17 tweets 6 min read

#TheRosenthalMethod: how to tame an inconvenient truth through inaccuracies, errors and omissions

There are so many inaccuracies, errors and omissions in your oped that I have to go at it paragraph by paragraph. 1/ It all starts with the first sentence of the first paragraph! “Frequent, violent” regime changes in “recent decades” in Ethiopia?! The last regime change in Ethiopia was in 1991! 30 years ago! Setting the ground for the usual "African"narrative?!
Nov 3, 2021 10 tweets 7 min read
#TheBoyWhoCriedWolf Zecharias quotes a number of articles in an attempt to refute the Bekele-Bachelete report. Let's take a look at this remarkable pieces of long distance journalism. Shall we?!
Nov 1, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
Virginia D-day

1/ Twenty seven years of tyranny and subjugation. We wept and prayed and fought!

When we got a shot at freedom and democracy, we grabbed it with two hands!

We went to the streets and we marched to the voting booth! 2/ Yet, even in this day and age, the will of the people counts for nothing! Especially if you are poor and black and African!

The liberals, who preach racial equality at home are no different from their white predecessors who came to enslave us or to 'save' us.
Oct 30, 2021 9 tweets 5 min read
.@timnitGebru Rebuttal
[re-purposing my arguments form the Rand-Corp thread]

1/ @timnitGebru, the fatal flaw at the very heart of your reasoning is your decision to equate information from MSM with truth with regard to the conflict in N. Ethiopia, which begs the question: How does one know the news articles and reports from HR groups are not disinformation?
If your arbiters of absolute truth are these media outlets and this was at the time of the Iraqi war, you would have concluded that Iraq possessed WMDs!
Oct 27, 2021 13 tweets 8 min read

1/ On Nov 2 Virginians will vote in the Gubernatorial Election. On Nov 4 #Ethiopians all over the world will hold a day of remembrance for the hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers massacred by the TPLF in the dead of night on Nov 4, 2020. 2/ Belatedly, both sides are scrambling to appeal to Ethiopians. #Ethiopians will not be swayed by vacous video messages or bland statements. Ethiopians demand change in US FP towards Ethiopia! Ethiopians demand action! So far the Biden admin has been found wanting!
Oct 26, 2021 11 tweets 5 min read

This article written by a certainMoriah Assefa & published by @EthiopiaInsight aka @wdavison10 is an attempt at analysis that falls even below the abysmal standard set by many pseudo intellectuals in the pro-#TPLF camp. 1/ The writer dismisses every claim ever made about the geopolitical nature of the USGs stance regarding Ethiopia by branding them as conspiratorial, pseudo intellectual and propaganda.
Oct 23, 2021 7 tweets 5 min read
#FakeBombardment in the making?

1/ The attempt by Professor Moriarty to portray a couple of haystacks as targets of air bombardment was laughable and cringeworthy. However, I think it is a prequel to a more sinister #TPLF plan! 2/ We #Ethiopians know two things about TPLF. They are very predictable and very dogged! As the air bomanradement continues and the capacity of the #TPLF keeps getting degraded, I suspect they will resort to Plan C, which is committing unspeakable atrocities in #Tigray.