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27 Sep
Some of you may remember a nonsense convo where a guy was lecturing me on how the Wonder Woman movie wasn’t feminist last week. We rewatched it in my house so here’s a thread on how the movie is super feminist /1
There’s no suggestion that men are necessary at all. Diana is from a society that is egalitarian and racially diverse. They have a queen but there are also senators and the political structure is clearly not authoritarian /2
Hippolyta lectures the young Diana that war isn’t something one should want but is a last resort. Despite the warrior nature of their society war isn’t glorified /3
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20 Sep
There’s a lot of voter suppression all over the country that we need to address. But we have data & we know which laws are harming the most marginalized people. Repealing VoterID laws MUST be a top priority for an inclusive democracy /1
Voter suppression can look like deliberate racist targeting (felon disenfranchisement, crosscheck) or outdated bureaucratic processes (NY’s voter purges, absentee voting) or non inclusive policy (accessibility, DV protections). All of these fights are important /2
I say VoterID laws must be a top priority because they disenfranchise BIPOC, women, gender non conforming people, anyone who can’t drive! IMO they are an unconstitutional obstacle to accessing a fundamental right /3
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19 Sep
I’m getting some questions about how to mourn in a way respectful to Jewish custom.
- Jews say “May her memory be a blessing” or as many are saying of RBG “May her memory be a revolution”
- We leave rocks not flowers as rocks don’t die
- We bring each other a lot of food
Really just please be mindful of commemorations that speak of Christ or salvation or Heaven.
Also very important addition! Donate to charity in her name
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19 Sep
If Lisa Murkowski keeps RBG’s seat open I will personally fundraise for her. It will be the only time in my life I have (or expect to) fundraise for a republican. She deserves it after her vote on Kavanaugh
FFS. I know the difference between election and inauguration. I know how SCOTUS appointments work. I know how political calculus works. That any of you think I need this explained to me is bizarre
And my tweet said IF the seat stays open. So I’m not giving her anything unless Biden gets to appoint RBGs replacement
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18 Sep
I’m making an apple honey challah today for Rosh Hashanah and I’ve never made challah before. Stay tuned...
Omg adding honey to an enriched dough is sooooo sticky
I’m starting to think this recipe is totally bonkers...
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14 Sep
Yesterday I had non Jews in my mentions telling me it was disrespectful to holocaust victims to compare Trump and Hitler. Today we learn ICE committed mass sterilizations. These are genocidal crimes against humanity. #NeverAgain means never again
Most Jews I know feel their generational trauma acutely right now. Learning from the holocaust to fight trump and coming fascism is not disrespectful. It’s the only way to honor our ancestors
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9 Sep
For #ScholarStrike I’m going to shared threads I’ve previously written on racial justice and history. Check here through out the day
Here is a reading list thread to understand Critical Race Theory
A thread on issues of racism and nativism in populist movements #ScholarStrike
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6 Sep
The Brett family started a virtual bookstore called @BooksSeawitch! And Tchotchke learned to play chess
I also taught myself how to make saltwater taffy
Also cream puffs and popovers ImageImage
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5 Sep
A lot of people are talking abt ethical concerns w/ draft dodging & if it’s ok to lie to get out of the draft. I don’t care about Trump in this context but I was raised by 60s radicals & surrounded by men who had gotten out of the draft somehow. A thread /1
First both my grandfathers and multiple great uncles served in WWII. One grandfather was an officer who liberated a camp and escorted a nazi as a POW. After the Pentagon papers even he saw the Vietnam war as an unjust action /2
My mother did draft counseling as a political and humanitarian action to help young men and protest the war. However she never stood against the men who did serve and had pen pals to support soldiers /3
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3 Sep
For most of human history pregnancy & child birth were the leading cause of death among women. It’s still the 6th most common cause for women bet 20-34 in the US

97% of women who get a 1st trimester abortion have 0 complications. Wanna guess the stat for pregnancy?
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2 Sep
I wrote this piece about why fat shaming (and ableism against) nazis and Trump serves the interests of white supremacy for @jdforward. Turning Pocahontas into an ableist dunk on Trump is even more explicitly harmful forward.com/opinion/452400…
Multiple Native Americans have explained why we shouldn’t be calling people Pocahontas truthdig.com/articles/stop-…
.@jfkeeler wrote about why we shouldn’t use Pocahontas as a slur yesmagazine.org/democracy/2017…
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26 Aug
Yes union organizing relies on Marxism. That doesn’t mean suffragists who aligned with unions were Marxist. Additionally suffragists could be racist without trying to explicitly exclude Black women from the 19th amendment.
Sojourner Truth was included in the early suffrage movement. The 1913 March included Black women but tried to force them to march in the back (Ida B Wells refused). Racism isn’t a simple binary. Suffragists were racist AND they argued all women should get the vote
Women like Rebecca Felton might be an exception to this. Additionally there were white suffragists who would have been fine excluding Black women from the vote. However since Black men were already included in the franchise that wasn’t really a discussion
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26 Aug
Mary Wollstonecraft published A Vindication if the Rights of Women in 1792
The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan was as written in 1405 and is considered by Simone de Beauvoir as the first writing to denounce misogyny
Moderata Fonte wrote On The Merit of Women (published posthumously in 1600) which criticized the treatment of women by men while celebrating women’s virtues and intelligence
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24 Aug
.@mayatcontreras wrote for a piece @damemagazine & made a graphic abt voting in 2020. This should be done by the #BidenHarris campaign & @DNC bec it is TONS of work & needs updating as states pass new laws but in the meantime Maya is doing the work damemagazine.com/2020/08/12/eve… Image
We are facing massive #VoterSuppression this election & we need to ensure we're doing everything we can to overcome it. Request your absentee ballots early if you're voting by mail, become a poll worker if you can, ensure you have proper documentation if you need it in your state
Remember that #VoteByMail is important but not sufficient. We still need in person voting for many disabled voters, DV victims who cant vote in front of an abuser, native voters w/o acceptable addresses for USPS to mail a ballot
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23 Aug
If we can talk about about how the suffrage movement was racist (which we 100% should) and the Black Panthers were sexist we’re also going to talk about how white male leftist movements were exclusionary af. Stop giving white men a pass as products of their time
So many White men come into my mentions pissed about the way I discuss populism and the progressive movement. There were literal white supremacists and KKK members in these movements. We’re not erasing that because you like some of the economic messages
We’re also not going to ignore Jackson’s genocidal acts against Native Americans or Wilson’s screening of Birth of a Nation because they “did some good things” too. I had someone claim Nixon was an anti racist president for passing the EPA. The bar is so low
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12 Aug
No one is "legally" a race in the United States in 2020. Race is an issue solely for issues of discrimination or statistical demographic study. @KamalaHarris personally identifies as Black and Indian. This matters to representation not legality. A damn thread /1
If one was deemed legally Black they could be enslaved until 1865. They could be subject to miscegenation laws until 1967. They were subject to de jure segregation and voter suppression until 1965 (defacto continues). They were subject to restrictive covenants until 1948 /2
If one was deemed legally Asian or Indian they couldn't naturalize until 1952. They were subject to miscegenation laws until 1967. They were subject to restrictive covenants until 1948 /3
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10 Aug
As many of you know my scholarly work is on criminal courtrooms, citizenship, and racial/ethnic discrimination. I was researching a few extra cases to make a point in my dissertation about denaturalization and Jewish immigrants and stumbled across a case that is making me cry /1
In 1918, a group of Jewish anarchists calling themselves Frayhayt (freedom) distributed pamphlets encouraging workers not to register for the draft. They were arrested under the Espionage Act of 1917 for supposedly distributing materials against the war effort /2
Jacob Abrams, Hyman Lachowsky, Samuel Lipman, and Mollie Steimer were four Jewish anarchist immigrants convicted of violating the Espionage Act for distributing leaflets. Their conviction was upheld by SCOTUS in Abrams v US (1919) /3
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10 Aug
Here's my usual plug for period equity and supporting companies like @mylolatweet @period_aisle @I_Support_Girls @GoAuntFlow @TheDivaCup and @sustain. I wrote this for @hey_alma at the start of COVID
Access to affordable/free menstrual products is an economic, education, incarceration issue. Girls across the world miss out on education for lack of access to menstrual products. Prisons never have enough for their population. Its also an issue for homeless people #PeriodEquity
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25 Jul
Critical race theory is actually a particular grouping of scholarship and methodology. It’s not just an ethnic studies idpol boogeyman
Alright y'all time for a Critical Race Theory reading list. Here's a good Critical Race Theory introduction by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefanic indiebound.org/book/978147980…
White by Law by Ian Haney Lopez is a fantastic discussion of whiteness and naturalization law indiebound.org/book/978081473…
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15 Jul
It's #TaxDay! Did you know U.S. tax code perpetuates racial & gender bias by rewarding particular family, household, & business structures? Read more in my piece for @womensmediacntr w/ quotes from @ajurowkleiman @amy_matsui on the @nwlc reports womensmediacenter.com/news-features/…
Joint filing for married couples...provides a "marriage bonus" for “single-earner or unequal-earner couples" rewarding households w/ a primary wage earner & a partner staying home to care for children, which the report calls “an increasingly outdated household structure" #TaxDay
The mortgage interest deduction “subsidizes home ownership, thereby rewarding wealthier individuals and disadvantaging women, people of color, and other marginalized groups.” This deduction is primarily claimed by families earning over $100,000 #taxes
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12 Jul
This thread is being passed around again and dismissed as "liberal bullshit" by certain mansplaining leftists (ahem Jeet Heer) so I thought I would provide a few more historiographical examples to expand on the exclusionary problematic aspects of populism /1
My original thread cites Richard Hofstadter's view on the racism and nativism of American populism. According to Jeet Heer Hofstadter has been discredited but "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" was reissued in 2008 w/ a forward by Sean Wilentz penguinrandomhouse.com/books/81401/th…
Wilentz is the 2006 Bancroft Prize winning author of "The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln." Wilentz also has criticisms for American populism arguing it initially was agrarian dissent to Reconstruction & included nativism & antisemitism prospect.org/features/popul…
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