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Moline➡️UMKC 6-Year BA/MD➡️NHV. Internal Med. PGY3 at Yale|Chief Resident 2022-2023| Aspiring academic internist. She/Her
Jan 1 9 tweets 3 min read
Truthfully, I’m feeling more bitter than sweet entering this new year, especially when I compare it to how much hope I had entering 2021. I rounded out my last two weeks of the year on the general medicine wards, taking care of both COVID and non-COVID patients. My experiences: -Escalating care for COVID patients but ALSO:
-Taking care of an unstable post arrest patient for 1.5 hours on the floor because there were no immediate ICU beds
-Self doing Q1H checks on patients not stable enough for the floor because there were no immediate ICU/SDU beds